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[Council Cannidate] Valtae Menguar


Lord of Altera
Posters are pinned around the Landing in elegant but easy to read handwriting.

✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯

Many of you may know me as one of the healers at the White Willow Hospital which is a labor done for all without
the need to burden those with dire need but little coin. Shocking I know but it is true, the health and well-being of the community
has always been our goal regardless of ones trade, status or available funds. Some of the wonderful residents may even remember me
by name, Valtae Menguar.

When i first came to this city the first thing i witnessed at Jacks establishment before he had it remade was the Murder of Westmay whose assailants
were not caught and were free to commit more crimes as they pleased. Its' a story that sadly hasn't changed in the years since.
It's been a common complaint I've heard that the guard isn't up to the task or that things that would improve the lives of our most vulnerable
people are being avoided because the nobles want fancy things behind the inner walls of the city.

I think things can be better, but we cant do it alone in separate circles just waiting for someone else to do it for us.

°•. .•°

Like some of the other candidates I have ideas on how to make things better for everyone

Social programs

Perhaps this is a me thing but some punishments seem too harsh for the crimes committed. While justice and order is necessary
having to watch ones family be without even a loaf of bread from Fita to ease the pains of hunger. A family in the slums upon losing someone
fit enough for whatever work they can find to a cell for an unknown time might not discourage a household from further
theft but may encourage it to be craftier next time. If the need for basic necessities was
met with understanding and kindness like that shown by the various charities that have offices in town we may create a
bright and better future for our children and their children where they need not fear Grave robbers, starvation and rampant violence.

Trades, Training, and Growth

It is sometimes hard to find ones way if ones family has always been thusly in a trade or perhaps have little trade experience.
Seeing as we've a building already where all may go to learn it is my hope to include our tradesmen who wish
to participate to offer training and placements for all in the manner of some of the towns abroad who have produced excellent craftsmen who
are sought after the realm over to help build up and maintain a strong community of like minded people.

Guard Force and Protective Laws

The guards force works hard but often is under more stress than the common man sees on the surface and is a
challenge to correct. Just putting people behind bars for crimes isn't going to fix a broken system and protect
everyone from further harms under the current laws so the next council will have a lot of work ahead to
protect not just the nobles but also our vulnerable citizenry and tradesmen.

It will be a hard task but one I am confident I can help with if chosen to serve on the council.

°•. .•°

I hope we will have a strong council when the elections are over.

For all who wish to know more, pleasevfeel free to meet me at the White Willow.

Signed, Valtae Menguar

Valtae lotus.png
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