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Given Full Name:
Isabell Maideen Goodman
Other names: Isabell Aemy Eelys'ndral ( Father's name )

Aemy - Ay|em|y
Eelys'ndral - Ee|el|isin|drul
[ Bell (People close to her) | Isa (or Eesa) - (Mostly Victor) | Mama/Mum (Reid, Adelynn , Bliss and Joe) | Bellums (Cymic) | Bariek (Kam and Azgir) | Miss Issy (Linden) | Cupcake Face (Kharn) | Miss Isabell/Ma'am ( most people ) ]
Candy Lady
Late twenties/Early thirties - somewhere there.
Human [ Elven mut | NON-EARKZ!! Jazzper ]
6th day of Sunbright - 2203
Sexuality | Marital Status:
What fancies her | ...
Current Residence:
Social Status:
She exists.
Current Status | Thoughts:
Getting along | ...
5'2, little lady.
"That's very rude deary..."
Eye Colour:
Silvery blue
Skin Colour:
Porcelain white
Face Shape:
Between the shapes 'Round' and 'Diamond'
Petite and Average, though has taken on some weight due to the amount of sweets she eats.
Hair colour/Style:
Her hair has regrown immensely since her "haircut".
She holds herself tall yet seemingly relaxed posture with a hint of apparent elegance, even within her walking.
◈ An large old but odd burn/scar in the form of patterns of swirls and dots on her left leg, going from her ankle to her hip. REBURNT.
◈ Large scar going from the back of her left hand in between her thumb and index finger.
◈ Multiple cuts on thighs and wrists
◈ Several scratches and cuts on hands, barely visible
Identifying Marks:
◈ It's Bell, c'mon.
◈ She's a walking candy store.
◈ The fact that she is somwhat partically blind.
It is apparent there is a hint of firmness and is able to raise her voice loud if necessary. She speaks with the grace of a Lady though often rolling her 'R's. For speaking Earkzian quite often, she's found herself speaking with a more Russian dialect.
Reference: I'll get back to this.
Isabell appears to be a short, petite looking woman often wearing clothing mixed with the normal medieval dress styles with a hint of a few odd styles here and there.
Tattoos : [ x ] [ x ]

Has a cute oddity to her, though she views oddity as serious opinions or actions. Is usually quite neutral and easy going but sometimes has a bitchy-air about her.
◈ A bit competitive
◈ Feelings don't come correctly to her
◈ Bias is not something she bares.
Wouldn't you like to know.
A lot of things. Too many to list.
Values :
Life, Knowledge, Loyalty, Truth
Father's Staff [x], Loved ones
General Attitude:
Easy going. Somewhat whimsy. But her personality changes on occasion.
Is seen by others as:
That Candy Lady.
Religious Inclination :
◈ Loves the Shrine of Shalherana - Wants to reconnect for forgiveness
◈ Curious of the Grey Lady
S.. S.. Sallana..? No.
◈ Her son is fond of Theodra, achknowledged.
◈ ...Jishrim, is known.
True Neutral.

+ - Done

/- In-progress
x - Failed
~ - Abandoned
Short term goals :
Find someone who is blind, is partially blind or has experienced blindness [+]
Find somewhere to live and settle [++]
Sort out her living style [~] ...
Find someone to fix her piano [x]
Learn more instruments [/]
Practice baking [/]
Long-term goals :
Just wants to rest her feet [+]
Get her sight back [+]
Find a new place where she can call home. [+]
Practice or be taught how to read and write again [+]
Look for Fania Brus or anyone in House Brus [+]
Find herself. [x]
Memories. [~]
Color : "Mm.. A favorite? All.. are lovely.."
Flower/s : Mostly Lavender, Lilacs seem to have taken her fancy.
Pastime : Playing piano
Food : Bread ; Sweets and Honey
Drink : Coffee [ Wandering Ranger ]
Place : Saccharine Shrine
Animal : Foxes
Least Favorite...
Color : "Colors.. Cannot say I have a least favorite.."
Flower/s : Only ones that don't bloom. And they all bloom.
Pastime : WITH people she doesn't know.
Food : Bitterness
Drink : Alcohol.
Animal : Spiders and creepy crawlies can be a problem
Strengths :
◈ Playing instruments + Singing
◈ Extremely Flexible
Apparently, A fast learner
◈ Ambidextrous
◈ Making sweets!
Fears :
◈ She's has a lot of fears
Weaknesses :
◈ Limited sight
◈ Horrible memory
◈ She's .. Bell.
Hobbies :
◈ Knitting
◈ Baking/Cooking
◈ Playing music
◈ Candle making
◈ Free running
◈ Climbing/Parkour
◈ Animal care
Isabell is fluent in four languages, them being Common, Elven, Fae and Earkzian and a small vocabulary in Mokyra.
◈ Musician
◈ Tutor
◈ Shop Owner
Instruments :
◈ Flute [x]
◈ Piano [x]
◈ Pan flute [x]
◈ Harp [x]
◈ Ocarina [x]
◈ Violin [x]
◈ Lute [x]

Peaceful or Violent:
Worn Quarter Staff ; Long dagger ; A Beginners Bow ; She keeps sharp stones in her pockets [x] ; (Ritual) Dagger [x] These are all passed off to her children.
Combat Training:
Training and Skills :
◈ Horse Back Riding - [6/10]
{| x x x x x X x x x x |}
◈ Music - [10/10]
{| x x x x x x x x x X |}
◈ Knitting - [7/10]
{| x x x x x x X x x x |}
◈ Sneaking - [3/10]
{| x x x x x x x x x X |}
◈ Lying skills - [1/10]
{| X x x x x x x x x x |}
◈ Medical Experience - [?]
{| ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? |}
◈ Speed and balance - [8/10]
{| x x x x x x x X x x |}
◈ Cooking/Baking - [6/10]
{| x x x x x X x x x x |}

Injuries :
◈ Bruised and cut on head [Healed]
◈ Broken leg. Again. [Healed]
◈ Cuts and Brusies [Healed]
◈ Damaged foot [Healed]
◈ HUGE scar on left hand [Healed]
◈ Cut on right side of her head [Healed]
◈ 5 or 6 inch gash on head, extremely deep [Healed]
◈ Broken Arm [Healed]
◈ .. Memories? [44% Returned]
◈ ... Multiple cuts on thighs and wrists [Healed]
◈ Re-burnt scar on left leg [Healed]
◈ Fully burnt feet [Healed]
◈ Back whips [Healed]
◈ Rope cuts [Healed]
◈ Bruises [Healed]
Sleeping Habits:
It's better these days
Squeaky clean
Energy Levels:
High enough.
Eating Habits:
Rather healthy, though with the sweet makig, of course she would have to test some of it.
Exercise Habits:
Uses her training in slow motions- a bit like Tai Chi or Qigong ; Daily Exercises so she doesn't get too fat
Fairly good, not good with some names though. Has lost some of her memory again.
Unhealthy Habits:
Old Cat named Chipo - Fox named Jam [ x ] - A puppy named Coco [ x ]
Owned Homes:
Carried Inventory:
A Long dagger [x] Travel equipment, needs and emergencies, sweets.
A simple silver chain [x] and small silver earrings [x] ; Gold Flower earrings [x] and Flower hair pins with gold jewels hanging off them ; Handmedown Amethyst necklace [x] ; A ring made from bits of preserved vines/wood with a simple purple flower on it; A charm that has been made into a bracelet from bits of wood and lavender ; Simple gold wedding band ; Blue necklace [x] ; Purple bracelet [x] ; Bone necklace
General Wealth:
Saving is key
Cherished Possessions:
◈ Father's Staff
◈ Flower hair pins with gold jewels
◈ Wooden ring with a purple flower
◈ Harp
◈ Bone necklace
◈ A small portrait of her Father
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Lord of Altera

.:; Memories ;:.
[ Les do dis | Idea stolen from Aspen ]
"Sisters, then." - Fania
*Saw someone die for the first time* - Die Eberbau Event
"There is always someone worse off than you" - Kam
"You're too sweet to hurt the man who's hurting you" - James

"Your love is invalid." - Reid

Memory Loss
Click the [x] for musical relation.

✥ Loved
Reid [ x ]SpiritTheLightning
Grown up and moved out. She's proud of her son..
"Come find me if you need anything."

❧ Bliss [ x ] RagingLunacy
Her blood, her precious treasure. Isabell loves this angelic ball of energy.
".. My little girl, my blood. "

❧ Joe [ x ] The Wanderering Ranger
Jame's blood, her adoptive son. Dearly loved.

Strong Ties and Bonds
❧ Kam Kamaoe
Adoptive Mother, Role model. Enjoys her presence.

❧ Azgir Jazzper
Adoptive Father, strong yet silly. Sarcastic, great fun.

❧ Posey Cyven Catena
Her apparent niece, stubborn and hot-headed. Wonders how the parents put up with her.

❧ Fania Brus Jazzper
Strong and kind, Fania is Isabell's role model and like a big sister.

❧ Victor The Tottot
She looks to him as an Uncle-Brother figure, family in her case.

❧ Adelynn Asirel Luik
Reid's picked out a little sister himself, which is fine. Protect.

❧ Earthspawn kids
Loved siblings, but fussy little assholes.

Trustful companions
Good Friends
❧ Aragion [ x ] Friosis
.. Now that time has passed, Isabell misses him dearly. He honestly holds a special place in her heart and wishes him to see him once more.. However, she has no clue where he is. Believes him to be dead.
"I'm sorry.. "

❧ Teeke Teeke
Teeke is a long time friend since Calan. Wonders where she went.

❧ Acre Allium Uncray
A friend, he's out there somewhere.

❧ Kharn Sicarus Warwolf
Mouldy Cupcake. Asshole, woman lifting, race carrying, snowball throwing Prick.

❧ Diamond G. Azerwind mokwar

✥ Friendly with ✥
❧ Milah Jazzper
She's here.. there, somewhere.

❧ Thôrdil Bárúmur Jazzper

❧ Niallrys Lirakitty

❧ Cymic Cymic_

❧ Reynard TheDeester
He's fun company for a young lad and fortunately a name and face that actually stuck with her, how very odd.

✥ Acquainted ✥
❧ Ava Grey Joseph12Q

❧ Aspen Telfarn Treeboy

❧ Auxilius Drev Auxilius
Old fellow, yet pleasant. Where is he?

❧ James McGuffin The Tottot
Questionable. Grown distant.
❧ Illthilior Athrendu
Total asshole. But he has the right to be..
" I'm sorry.. "

✥ Unsure of/Wary of ✥
❧ Herself [ x ]
What is conflict?

❧ Ruckus ZeroOrgan

✥ Disliked ✥
A lot of people.

✥ Loathed ✥
❧ Emalyn P. Goodman
" Whore.. "

❧ Emalyn P. Goodman
With a side of pure fear.
❧ Rob Jazzper
Dark basement..
"... You're insane.. I'm not a bloody canvas."

✥ Forgotten ✥
Athtar, Cinaed Talreyn, Bluebell, Molly, Kieril, Raphael Payne, Samia, Drake Hawklight, Tryg, Syrillian, Ronn, Luciah Melody, Odette, Hemlock, Yrsr, Maple, Jeroxia, Gabe, Undead, Sauran, Althalos, May, Azariah, Wulfric, Carlos de Courtnay, Arianne - AND MANY MORE!


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