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General Information:
Name: Richard Buschell
Other Names: Garen Varyn
Titles: Bastard, Falvaryn

Age: Early twenties.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Current Residence: Inns across the north. Richard travels with a childhood companion, attending to simple tasks for meager pay.
Relationship Status: Single.
Social Status: Richard is the bastard son of a fallen woman, banished to the wild to escape the murderous, vengeful wrath of a cruel uncle and forced to give birth alone. He is not known, and until his legitimization, he hopes to keep things this way.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 6'4
Weight: Richard is in good shape, with a long, burly look to his person.
Eye Color: A blue-ish grey, when in full sunlight.
Skin Color: Darker than the average northman, but paler than most southerners. Richard takes some pride in his ambiguity.
Shape of Face: Broad, with angular features.
Distinguishing Features: Asher stands tall and broad, with the typical Varyn build making up the young man's appearance.
Build of Body: A pelt or cloak often obscures a burly, broad torso.
Hair Color: A golden brown.
Hair Style: Richard's hair falls in rather curled, spurious strands and shape his bearded face well.
Complexion: Smooth in his young age.
Posture: Richard typically adapts a lax, 'improper' slouch or slant to his posture.
Scars: None of note.


Likes: Richard is not a particularly social individual, but rather enjoys the company of friends and allies. He finds happiness in camaraderie, perhaps a symptom of his completely isolated childhood.
Strengths: A tendency to get along with most individuals. Capable of handling himself in a fight. Rather sensitive to the issues of those who may even be strangers to him.
Weaknesses: Richard is impulsive, often going to extremel lengths to gain the friendship and trust of those he begins to admire.
Fears: Richard fears his own bloodline. True-blooded Varyns intimidate him, and he feels an immense pressure to live up to a standard created within his own head to prove worthy.
Education: Richard can read, was educated by his mother, but is far from academic.
Languages: Rede, Common.
General Attitude: Richard is not a stranger to joking with comrades, but is most often reserved, shy.
Religious Inclination: Richard does not ascribe any importance to religion.
General Intelligence: Richard is well versed in trades, a capable swordsman, and able to speak to most individuals on an even playing field. He does not claim to be a genius, but has learned what he has learned through hard work and without shortcuts.


Wardrobe: Richard carries all he owns with him, including a set of chain and his various cloaks.
Jewelry: He sports a few simple, metallic rings about his fingers.
Pets/Animals: N/a
Owned Homes: No home whatsoever.
General Wealth: Richard is not poor, but could not own a home or any sort of dwelling with his current worth.


Illnesses: n.a
Allergies: n.a
Injuries: n.a
Sleeping Habits: Richard is awake more often than he is asleep.
Energy Levels: Richard maintains a good attitude about exercise, and is not one to get fatigued often.
Eating Habits: Meat, bread, alcohol.
Exercise Habits: Richard lives a nomadic life, keeping busy and active through travel.
Unhealthy Habits: A propensity for liquor.
Drinking Habits: Mead, wine.

Birthplace: A lonely shack in the far reaches of the north, isolated to escape the vengeful wrath of Syr Varyn II.
Childhood: Horrible, but Richard does not see it that way. He hates Syr for the life he had, but appreciates the experiences that he considers to be formative.
Teen Years: Considerably more stable since Syr's death, with life in Varynhalle being rather cushy.
Adulthood: A nomadic adventure.

Peaceful or violent: Richard harbors an enjoyment for a playful fight, but is not one to pursue violence unless provoked.
Weaponry: Richard excells in hand-to-hand combat, but is competent with a blade. He cannot ride, nor aim a bow.
Combat Training: Sparring with siblings, training with James Varyn.

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