Sugar Silveira


Lord of Altera

Fullname: Sugar Cane Silveira
Titles: Duchess of Linistel
Nicknames: Goldilocks, Spice, Sweetheart
Status: Formistry Mage, Goatmom


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Lord of Altera

Her actual age is unknown.
{ Silvian } Lighthoof Caparii
Current Residence:
What's a birfday?
Marital status:
Social Status:
Multiple things.
Current Status | Thoughts:
Over the moon. | Excitement.
Date of Birth:
Whatever age she is, winters ago.
Date of Death:
None, it will come eventually.
170 lbs, this is mainly due to gaining weight.
Eye Colour:
Honey Amber
Skin Colour:
A light caramel tan. White dots adore the Caparii's skin on her shoulders and down her upper arms, collarbone, waistlines, and thighs.
Face Shape:
Thickly built- although her build tends to slow her down mainly because she prefers her body to bounce around as little as possible while she walks. She tends to put on a bit of weight on a regular basis.
Hair-Fur color/Style:
Strawberry Golden/Honey blonde and fur, hair is worn out with a few white strips. She does not have much fur to keep her warm, they're rather thin yet soft to touch and only appear on her legs with several white dots painting on them. Her hair has recently grown to her ankles due to lack of haircuts, it's kept in a long thick plait, embellished with all shades of purple flowers and ribbons.
She idles with a sense of free relaxation.
She's got a carved flower scar on the left of her waist [Reference]
Scar on her cheek (Left)
Random small scars all over her body
Bites mark placed on her right shoulder
A long scar marking across her palm and in between her index and middle finger (Right)
Four medium scar strokes on her upper right forearm
Tear ripped into her back by a jagged club.
Deep side scars from multiple stabbings on her right side.
Her left hand is scaring of severe burns along her hand and forearm. Fingers returned.
Scar on the right side of her lip from gauntlet punch.
A whip mark across her face from the right cheek to the ridge of her nose.
Scar up her left jawline from a dagger.
Identifying Marks:
Think of her as an identifying mark entirely. : )
A smooth, firm and sultry tone, yet with a sweet ring to mirror her personality. It holds a thick heavy Spanish dialect, after being a local from Mockingbay for several years and of Silvian descent. Singing at several sermons and prayers in her spare time, she's earned a place as a skilled singer and musician.
Reference: [ x ]
Sugar holds herself in a way a lady of nobility would, with a mix of fierce benevolence. She does not quiver to lack of courage, she will never come across uninviting and she would never bring herself down to a harlot's level, despite many painting her as one simply by appearance. Her clothing made from fine, expensive fabric and jewels and fit to suit what works for her type of racial body and structure.

Most regard Sugar as a rarity of kindness, despite that being an obvious cliche. She's often one to act upon her own conclusions, whether they fit with similar minds or not. The woman is a quirky individual, in ways of emotion and aspects in regards to strangers but generally has a content atmosphere around her.
Religious Inclination:
[ I've moved this to a doc for safekeeping, you'll just have to find out new updates IC. ]

Chaotic good | Neutral Good
Chaotic Good - A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he's kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.
Neutral Good - A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them.
[ source ]
+ - Done
/- In-progress
x - Failed
~ - Abandoned
Short term goals
{/} Communication.
Long-term goals
{/} Finish Linistel

.:| TRIVIA |:.
Color: Peridot and emerald green. Colors of sunrises/sunsets. She's taken a liking towards all shades of purple.
Flowers: Sunflowers.
Pastime: Moon gazing. She adores the way it lights up the darkness.
Food: Top quality food.
Drink: Wine, Red Wine especially.
Place: Linistel
Animal: Dogs.
Least Favorite...
Color: Voids.
Flowers: Likes all flowers
Pastime: It exists.
Food: Awful food
Drink: She's not very fond of apple juice
Place: Mockingbay.
Animal: Foreign Humans.
Mister Greeny the Frog. [ Deceased ]
A purebred black stallion - Midnight
A puppy gifted to her by Salem - Milo
Owned Homes:
A cottage on the outskirts of Mockingbay.
Linistel and Silveiran Lands - She owns them.
Engagement ring Tempy_
Golden and smooth, seemingly very simple at first glance, but after closer inspection you can make out very small and detailed engravings of leaves, branches intertwining- on the inside there'd also be an engraving with "Always".
A beautiful silver locket with flower engravings given by Thordil. [ x ] [ Jazzper ]
A stylish hairclip was given by Thordil. [ x ] [ Jazzper ]
Green or honey gold bead horn jewelry
Peridot earrings [ x ]
Peridot necklace [ x ]
Four golden arm bangles [ x ]
A ring from Essie
A beautiful silver ring gifted from Illthilior. [ x ][ x ] [ Tempy_ ]
A petite golden crown with lilac gems. [ Fate3 ]
General Wealth:
The wealth of nobility, she's come along way.
Prized Possessions:
Massive fryingpan
Her Doll.
Music Box gifted by her Grandson, Caramel. [ Song | Ref ]
A wooden spoon with a mustache [ x ]
Another Music Box, Caramel is too good to grandma. :heart:[ Song | Ref ]
Engagement ring.
Rose Quartz from Steven Universe
Toriel from Undertale ( ironically )

Strong minded - She does not let her mind go astray nor lets anyone distract her.
Extremely high pain tolerance.
Her sense of smell.
A massive appetite.
Quite a few.
Literally food
Stubborn - Apparently has a genuine stubbornness, according to many.
She is slow.
Moon gazing.
Doll making
Silvian { Dialect }
Lavoyarde [ Ayda ]
Rede [ Ayda ]
Carer | Doll Maker | Seamstress | Architect | Professional Chef | Duchess | Aspiring Alchemist
Lute - Favoured
Vihuela ( Hispanic Guitar )

Peaceful or Violent:
Her mood switches. Most commonly seen as peaceful, harmless.
She is a Formistry Mage.
A Glaive.
Her hooves, steel horseshoes
Massive Frying Pan kept in her kitchen
A purple umbrella is the best weapon, obviously
Three Daggers
-One embellished with elegant jewels built into the handle, the blade high-quality steel.
-Mundane and plain dagger
-Ornate with the etched blade of deer prancing.
Recurve Bow [ Lavilethorn ]
Combat Training:
She knows basic one-handed weapons
Little Hand to hand. Though it may be as far as she will ever go.
Skill List:
+ Crafts and Skills [ 4.6 / 10 ]
Medicine [ 4/10 ]
+ Knows how to clean and suture a wound, bandages.
+ Stopping bleeding.
+ Currently learning under Einthe and Lillium.
Poisons [ 7/10 ]
+ On-going.
+ Experimenting.
+ Known.
Potions [ 9/10 ]
+ 14/14 Potions
Discovered Dragon's Breath with Lillium
+ Experimenting
+ Knowledge and Capability in Alchemy is like cooking to her.
+ Handles with immense care.
Cooking [ 10/10 ]
+ Spends her time in the kitchen on her days off
+ Professional Chef.
Art of Dance [ 8/10 ]
+ An old profession, so to speak.
Painting and drawing [ 8/10 ]
+ She often paints or draws what she sees for memory.
+ Quite skilled in the area.
Toy making [ 10/10 ]
+ Professional Dollmaker.
Whittling/Sculpting [ 9/10 ]
+ Able to make little wooden or stone figures and structures.
+ Can make instruments, such as strings or wind instrument.
Music [ 10/10 ]
+ Music has always been a virtue to Sugar
+ Can play many strings and wind instrument
+ Skilled singer
+ Diplomacy [ 5 / 10 ]
Architect [ 8.5/10 ]
+ Trained, another one of her past professions.
Religion [ 5/10 ]
+ She knows the history. But she understands she can't openly speak. She will, however, educate those who need it.
+ Espionage [ 4.7 / 10 ]
Acrobatics [ 5/10 ]
+ Nadda.
Athletics [ 5/10 ]
+ Nadda.
Deception [ 5/10 ]
+ She's done it plenty of times.
Infiltration [ 6/10 ]
+ Is a 45% good girl.
Intimidation [ 8/10 ]
+ Diehard Independence.
+ A fierce loyalist and lover.
+ Aggressively positive.
+ Uninvitedly friendly.
+ Titty.
Persuasion [ 5/10 ]
+ In a way, she is clever enough to pick her targets carefully.
Stealth [ 1/10 ]
+ She has no use for stealth. She makes herself known.
+ Player Skills [ 5.2 / 10 ]
Charisma [ 7/10 ]
+ She has a charm, but not in the way you think.
+ May come across as sweetly flirtatious at times, unintentionally.
+ It's Sugar, c'mon.
Forbearance [ 9/10 ]
+ She is not afraid to have pain brought upon her.
+ Extremely high pain tolerance.
+ Generally patient when business occurs.
Dexterity [ 3/10 ]
+ She is slow.
+ This can either be a flaw or a perk.
Intelligence [ 6/10 ]
+ She's not an idiot, one can figure that out.
+ For Altera, she's lucky to be considered average.
Strength [ 4/10 ]
+ Able to lift certain items more easily than others. If lifted correctly.
Wisdom [ 7/10 ]
+ She is a people person.
+ Has a habit of knowing a person's behavior within a short time of interaction.
+ Protection [ 6 / 10 ]
Weaponry [ 3/10 ]
+ Daggers
+ Steel horse shoes on her hooves
+ Formistry Mage.
+ Weapon Skills [ 4 / 10 ]
Archery [ 6/10 ]
+ Proficient in Longbows, Shortbows, and Light Crossbows.
+ Relearning.
Dual Wield [ 3/10 ]
+ What's that?
One-Handed [ 5/10 ]
+ Can slap.
+ Can stab.
+ Knows basic knowledge of One-Handed weapons, does not mean experienced.
Shield [ 4/10 ]
+ Her titties are her shield. Metaphorically.
Two-Handed [ 2/10 ]
+ Nadda.

Severe anxiety and paranoia oh woopdeedo
Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
[ Diagnosing: mairinbaihn Fronslin ]
Sleeping Habits:
Unless someone is there beside her or hugging her doll at night, she's fine.
Physically clean, sure.
Energy Levels:
Eating Habits:
Food is love, food is life.
Exercise Habits:
Well, anything that involves sweating?
It is decent but nothing too fantastic. She forgets things on a regular basis, thus leading her to often write things down. But even that's a small task to do.
Unhealthy Habits:
Binge Eating.

Art by bettemus99 :heart:
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Lord of Altera

Click the [x] for musical relation.
✥ The Cherished
❧ Winter Silveira [ x ] mokwar
Her eldest. Having her back in Sugar’s life has overfilled the Caparii with joy, though ashamed that their reunion happened on horrid distasteful timing. Winter’s radiating hyper attitude and smile lighten the stress off her shoulders as if it were a simple feather.
❧ Linden Duskgrove Silveira [ x ] RagingLunacy
Grown up now, her son seems to have matured more over the years- past his maturity age and past. She is proud of him.
❧ Posey Cyven Silveira [ x ] Catena
Once a stubborn girl, always a stubborn girl. Posey has grown into a fine young woman if she does say so herself~ Though she can brash, sassy on a regular occasion. But that's just how her daughter is. Her blood.
❧ Illthilior Athrendu [ x ][ x ][ x ] Tempy_ (nerd)
An unexpected aging love and trust, despite the oddities thrown against them. Years go by, and more to come, Sugar will love him till the end of time.
"We're growing old now, it's unusual. I don't need words to understand our love and bond. And that's enough for me.."
❧ Juniper and Caramel Silveira RagingLunacy Spirit
Her grandsons, dearly missed. She prays for their safety each day and night.
❧ Dara Corbett Silveira [ x ][ x ] RagingLunacy
Looks just like her mother, Sugar has watched this child grow from a small to a beautiful young woman. She's confident the girl will do just fine out in the world.
❧ Lilac Liliana Rose Silveira [ x ][ x ] Cukie1
She prays for her safety each passing night and day.
❧ Iluvia Rose Silveira
Wee Darling. Arianne wanted the child to be under the name Silveira and Sugar as a second parent to her. And she happily did just that.
❧ Arianne [ x ] Rossu
Arianne is starting to concern Sugar with her actions. Mainly in regards, she could bring harm to Sugar's family without realizing it. Closely watched.
❧ Azalea Moon Silveira Sophe
Sweet flower, so curious. Sugar is particularly curious about how this one will grow up to be beside Venus.
❧ Venus Silveira Hyliade
Shy Darling.. Worries for her sometimes. But Sugar tries her best to encourage the little one to interact with people so it's not harder on her in the future.
❧ Milah Sicarus Jazzper
It's been a long time but Sugar has missed Milah and her ways. Their bond is still as strong since the exodus and now practically mage sisters. She's curious to see what she'll be capable of in the future.
✥ Trusted Companions
[ Oh that's difficult to do. ]
❧ Fronslin Fronslin
“ You've changed so much, Dear. “
A dear friend, best friend and the closest thing she has to a brother. She has a familial love for him and he is the only one that knows most of her true thoughts and feelings that's not Illthilior.
❧ Axton Lavilethorn
.."Was it my fault you left?"
❧ Salem Sophe
Sugar carries a small burden in the girl's trauma, she wishes she could hide the memory of her shot from Salem's mind. But alas.. She has grown a tender affection towards her since the passing events and feels the need to shelter her more than ever.
❧ Hy Eversteel Hyliade
The constant asking for something to do made Sugar uncomfortable, in a way that she wants her to open up at the same time rather than be in maid-mode all the time. But.. Over time she's shown to be loyal to her. She's witness this girl go through a similar heartache and doubt of people she once did And like Salem, she was also her priority.

✥ The Amiable
❧ Adamar Oreniel Fate3
..And promises will come to break eventually.
❧ Iskvandar Vincentius
Necromancer, though Sugar sees no wrong in this. The Moor is kind to her, at least one of the rare ones that appreciate her for who she is rather than what she appears to be. And for that alone, she appreciates him.
❧ Gerry McIvy Jeroxia
A funny little Halfling.. But Sugar admires him for his radiating merry attitude. ..He reminds her of herself when she was just a simple peasant on a budget. Where did her spark go?
" I feel we need to chat more.. "
❧ Aldren Virnthorn Lavilethorn
A kindly man, fun to banter with. Illthilior seems to like him... It's a good sign already.
❧ Gilligan T. Kearney Samwych
Despite having few interactions, Sugar feels welcomed around Gilligan and.. mildly safe. She has heard many lovely things about him. ..It makes her happy someone went out of their way to talk with her then run off rumors around her, most would not be so kindly towards her. His willingness to help her in a short time has thrown her off guard as well, something she is not used to and often has to do it herself. His garden is breathtaking as well.
" You did so much for me just by seeking me out. "
❧ Ellie Strand Samiwashere
Since Segar's disappearance, Sugar has had a particular protective nature towards the girl and continues to do so. She wishes she had done more to help, in more ways than one.
❧ Segar Strand French Roast
It took a while to warm up to Segar, but they help each other even if unintentionally. His death was haunting, more because she couldn't do more to try and keep him alive. She cares for the Stand siblings very much.
❧ Elmyra French Roast
Eliyana's sister, a flustered one. Sweet, Sugar appreciates the girl's desire for knowledge and was happy to help find her a suitable alchemist that had the time for her.

✥ The Acquainted ✥
❧ Smol Boi Daniel Blorbis83
He is a good Chef.
❧ Eliyana Sophe
Lovely girl. ..She is watchful of her though, but on the other hand. She reminds the Caparii of herself when she was young.

[ That's also difficult to do, she's not one to hold grudges for long. ]
[ I would be pretty damn impressed if you got here. ]
❧ Evylyn Cain Hyliade
" You put my family and my best friend's child in danger. It would be a lie if I said I do regret your death. "
Sugar has a seething, livid hatred for this woman. Something incredibly rare to witness from her.
They exist.

Forgotten or Disregarded
❧ There are far too many people that aren't important to mention.


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