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[ The Harvest Mage ]
Gill Art:
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☞ Name:
⋗Gilligan Tolus Kearney​
☞ Other Names:
Gill, Gilly, Goat, Sheep, 'Gyll' (Kekoa), Very Talent Drawing Person (Kekoa), Dawn (Leo) , Mate (Sadbh) , Boyo (Sadbh), Red (James), Vermin (The Fool), Filthy Creature (The Fool), The Least Insufferable Caparii (Podric) , Killigan (Joseph), Glasses (Kopii)​
☞ Age:
☞ Race:
⋗Caparii (Greathorn + Red mix)​
☞ Gender:
⋗ Male​
☞ Sexuality:
⋗Bisexual, he's pretty sure.​
☞ Current Residence:
⋗Sanardu/Storms Landing​
☞ Occupation:
⋗ Personal servant of Iskvandar Amadeo Mol'Alighieri and the Fuvur Empire.​
☞ Relationship Status:

❀Physical Appearance❀



☞ Height:
⋗ 5’4”​
☞ Weight:
⋗170 pounds​
☞ Eye Color:
☞ Skin Color:
⋗Tannish Red​
☞ Shape of Face:
⋗Soft, with a little bit of a defined jaw, and a rounded chin. His hair frames his face with curls of red locks above his ears. Lately has been known to forget to shave, and some days has little whiskers of facial hair along his chin and jaw. He won't grow it past there, though.​
☞ Distinguishing Features:
⋗Gilligan has freckles all over. From his cheeks to his chin, his arms and his palms, his stomach and even along his shoulders.. They’re everywhere. Another thing that's hard to miss is the bark-like exterior of his hands and hooves, with grooves much like an actual tree. There are also little bell-shaped white flowers and olive-colored leaves that sprout from it.​
☞ Build of Body:
⋗Chubby, his weight primarily being fat rather than muscle. Gill is the shortest of his lineage. The thickest areas of his body are his stomach, his thighs, and his forearms.​
☞ Hair Color:
⋗Burgundy, Red​
☞ Hair Style:
⋗Long, in a sort of mullet fashion. His bangs hang down between his horns, longer in the back. His locks hang down to his shoulders.​
☞ Is Seen By Others As:
⋗Anxious, and rather nervous. He can be awfully paranoid at times, and tends to talk rather quickly, but seems to have good intentions.​
Why don't you take a listen? (Credit to the incredibly talented Zachary Allen-Thierry for providing the voice of Gilligan) And check out his singing claim, too!​
☞ Wardrobe:
⋗Giligan has no taste in fashion, but tries to coordinate his outfits with his skewed perception on how it works. But he prefers clothes in earthy and 'autumn' tones. Prefers shorts over long pants or skirts. He sometimes wears longer sleeves or bandages along his legs to try and cover his wooden extremities.​
☞ Equipment:
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↬ A. Messenger Bag​
↬ B. Medical Kit​
↬ C. Thread & Needles​
↬ D. Rosemary Poultice​
↬ E. Rag​
↬ F. Numbing Salve​
↬ G. Nettle Tonic​
↬ H. Dagger​
↬ I. Canteen with Water​
↬ J. Personal Journal​
↬ K. Writing Utensils​
↬ L. Pressed Flowers​
↬ M. Bag with empty seeds​
↬ N. Jar of Ink​
↬ O. Pouch of mulch​
↬ P. Rope​
↬ Q. Honey​
↬ R. Wedge of Cheese​
↬ S. Empty Vials​
↬ T. Varied nuts​
↬ U. Melarues Marmalade​
↬ V Various Herbs​
↬W. Bread, Oranges, Apples, Berries, etc.​
↬ X. Harvesters Sickle, made by Jazzper (Thank you!)​

☞ Artifacts:
Name: The Bleeding Goblet
Description: A goblet carved of obsidian, ancient in origin.​
Effect: Whenever someone tries to drink from the goblet, it unerringly cuts the lip of the person drinking it, by design. However, whatever liquid is placed into the goblet and then stirred slightly (such as just by moving the goblet) will cause the liquid to change into a sort of ambrosia. It assumes a deep red color that spreads through it from some indeterminate point like a drop of dye until the entire drink is a strange, opaque maroon. Pouring the liquid out into another container causes it, upon passing the lip of the goblet, to turn back into whatever liquid it was before instantaneously. But, drinking from it directly (and cutting one’s lip in the process) allows one to drink of the ambrosia. It is the single greatest tasting drink one will ever enjoy in their life, and what’s​
more, a single goblet’s worth of the stuff is enough to make even the hardiest person to become suddenly drunk as a skunk moments after drinking it.​

❀ Personality ❀

☞ Likes
✧ Books
✧ Plants
✧ Groups
✧ Chickens
☞ Dislikes
✘ Loud Noises
✘ Fish
✘ Assumptions about himself
✘ Fire

☞ Strengths
✿ Endurance- Gill is a pretty thick guy, and as such can withstand bigger blows and wounds, as well as being more resilient to harsher conditions and poisons. He's tough, but not rough.
✿ Green Thumb- Although he still has his head in the clouds, this Caparii is quite knowledgable in herbalism and apothecary. Able to identify and forage plants that can be used for medicinal and other purposes. He's a good gardener as well, most thanks to his affinity in Formistry.
✿ Vocal Music- Inherited from his mother, Gilligan has a set of pipes that are rather impressive. He doesn't like to demonstrate his skill much, but he can be heard practicing at times in private if you listen in. He may even be implored to perform with the right crowd- But this Caparii is sort of sheepish around crowds.
☞ Weaknesses
✂︎ Combat Unoriented- As hardy this tree may be, he's terrible with throwing a punch. He's able to take blows with no problems, but cannot properly fight back in a situation. Just because he's related to a Boxer doesn't mean he's going to have the perfect uppercut.
✂︎ Gullible- Being the youngest sibling of four, Gill was subject to a lot of unfortunate pranks and teasing. He was often tricked and ridiculed for being rather too trustworthy of people, and since he's rather an open book, its all the more easy for people to manipulate him. He's able to believe people rather easily, and it's not even an issue he's aware of, yet.
✂︎ Horrible Liar- Gill thought he was a good liar... Once. But now it's pretty evident that he's absolutely terrible with acting and pretending. He likes to think he's good at it! But in reality... He really isn't. And it is painfully obvious to tell.
✂︎ Phonophobic- This is the biggest hurdle Gill has the most issue conquering. Loud noises can easily startle him, to the point of having drastic mood swings and even anxiety attacks. He tries to calm himself any way he can, but the poor boy can’t handle it when people yell (Both at him, or in other places) and can’t go to any large events with big crowds. This is something he is trying to overcome, but it’s still something he struggles with.
☞ Fears:
⋗Loud noises/Yelling​
⋗ Losing his friends/family​

❀ Training & Skills ❀


↬First aid:​
☞ Education:
Gilligan is for the most part, self taught. He practically lived at his local library and was hungry for knowledge. Anything that wasn’t academic, was taught by his father and mother. His Mother showed him how to play music and sing.

☞ Languages:
Learned from Parents:​
⋗Basic Rede​
Learned from Friends:​
⋗Elven (Leo and Kopii, Ater teaching swear words)
⋗Mar'jash (Vashti)

☞ Alignment: Neutral Good
⋗Zodiac: March 25th, Aries​

☞ Tropes:

☞ Other Trivia
✒︎ Gilligan is allergic to fish, and is a vegetarian.​
✒︎ He can be rather snarky when an opportunity presents itself.​
✒︎ Due to his soft nature and rather chubby build, he gives good hugs.​
✒︎ Gilligan is an incredibly heavy sleeper. And on top of that, he can sleep on practically anything. Dressers, floors, even bumpy and gruelling carriage rides.​
✒︎ He can sometimes be seen 'pruning' at his arms and legs. Cutting off leaves or picking off flowers to maintain it.​
✒︎ His favorite 'flavor' of anything is cinnamon.​
✒︎ The scarf he wears used to belong to his dad.​
✒︎ He has a common accent, but the rest of his family has thick accents comparable to Irish.​
✒︎ He has a pet chicken named Beatrice, 'Bea' for short.​

❀ History ❀

Childhood [ 0 - 12 ]
  • Gilligan was born to Tolus Langtree and Eilis Norwell. They were unwed and lived in a caravan outside of Storms Landing. Gilligan doesn't remember much of them, but has heard tales about them from Naushe. They were worshippers of Theodra, and survived on their own hunting their own food, but made money through other means when they needed it. They were smugglers when they weren't hunting, primarily working with sneaking alcohol from Sooleran lands into Ackerland, where the Kearney family resided.
  • An unfortunate accident befell Tolus and Eilis, having their trade intercepted as they were sneaking out-of-town liquors into Ackerland, leading to their violent and untimely demise. Gilligan was only two at the time. Naushe took the young Caparii in and hid him in his Ackerland home with his family.
  • Gill was recluse. He was hardly allowed outside due to his appearance and had hardly a memory of living with his own kin. He entertained himself by learning to read and spending time with his new siblings. He was teased, but they took him in easily as their own. Emese luckily was fluent in Fae, teaching the young Caparii his home tongue. Naushe also taught Gill a bit of rede, but not enough to be fluent.
  • Gilligan like to watch the next-door neighbors chickens flutter and cluck about from his bedroom window. He developed an affection for them and their grumpy personalities. He liked to name them, though they weren't his.
  • He received ongoing headaches and migraines from seemingly nothing. He would get upset and throw tantrums over them, and his family didn't know how to address it besides home remedies.
  • Emese, Naushes wife, took notice of Gilligans inclination for singing. He took the boy under her metaphorical wing and gave him vocal lessons.
  • The locals grew tired of the heretical abomination living in Naushes abode, and threatened to kill the Caparii themselves if Naushe didn't do it himself. Naushe snapped, leading to the unintentional death of the very man who was the cause of his parents demise. Gill remembers every instance and second from that moment, being a witness of the violent scene himself.
  • The Kearney family fled to avoid persecution. Gilligan was only seven. They found themselves in Storms Landing, having to grow accustomed to the bustling city life instead of the rustic farm environment

    Adolescence [ 12 - 18 ]
  • Gill practically lived in the local library. Absorbing all the information he could on anything. Now that he was allowed outside, he was making daily trips to hit the books.
  • Despite leaving Ackerland, his dad was still getting in trouble. Regularly getting into fights and scuffing himself up, Gill felt the need to aid him and learned how to suture wounds to help his poor accident-prone father. He learned through trial and error, as well as shoving his face in several medical books. Luckily he never had to do anything seriously surgical.
  • Gill began to have a fondness for foliage. The Storms Landing environment was a nice change of scenery from Ackerland, and Gill had a passive adoration for the local flora.
  • His horns stopped growing at around nine. His mother believes that the cause is a lack of exercise, and perhaps a genetic disorder. Gilligan has been a bit self-conscious about them ever since.
  • He developed a crush on the local librarian. He was a tall silver elf with his hair tied in a bun. Gill struck conversation with him after tripping over his feet and found out that his name was Onas, and he was around eighteen. They struck a friendship and the young fourteen year-old caparii fell head over heels.
  • Onas was well-versed in the art of the stars, and showed Gill the constellations and ones he had discovered himself. Gilligan was fascinated, and had an interest in it himself.
  • The Caparii's headaches became more frequent as he got older. Onas suggested he try bifocals to reduce the pain. Remarkably, seeing the world through lenses actually worked. He still owes the man for the suggestion.
  • Gilligan inadvertently professes his feelings to Onas, and is very gently rejected due to their age gap between them. Though Onas did promise to stay friends with the Caparii as long as he returned his books on time.
  • Gilligan was the ultimate target of teasing from his siblings. He was gullible and innocent enough that he was the perfect target for pranks and harassment. His annoyance for his siblings developed over years of this.
  • Emese and Gilligan regularly practiced singing together, and soon she found that there was nothing more she could teach the Caparii. He was just as skilled as she and implored him to learn more and practice on his own time.
  • The Ashen Blight hits Storms Landing, and Gill felt a need to do something. He decided to leave home to the Compendium to help the plagued populace. He wished his family goodbye and promised to visit often. He had no idea what he was getting into when he walked out that door.
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Loyal Servant of Altera
Tolus Langtree [ Biological Father; 32; Deceased ]​
Allegedly a total softie. Greathorn Caparii aren't especially known for their excellent tea-making skills and rustic hospitality, but apparently Tolus was. He was big, patient, and an excellent hugger. Gill wishes that he was around to give him sagely fatherly advice, but.. He knows that things can't change.​
Eilis Norwell [ Biological Mother; 37; Deceased]​
He doesn't remember much about her. She was apparently hot-headed, enjoyed hunting and singing, and was rather hardy despite her petite frame. Gill thinks that his rather emotional side comes from her... And perhaps even his anger that lashes out every so often.​
Naushe Kearney [ Adoptive Father; 42 ] Jovee
Where to start? Naushe is the one that saved his life, it would be disrespectful to hold any negative feelings on him. He went above and beyond to make sure Gill had a chance to live a life he wanted, and for that he'll be forever grateful. He works hard to make him proud, and is scared of disappointing him due to his recent foolhardy actions.​
Emese Kearney [ Adoptive Mother; 43 ]​
Gods bless Emese for her ever-present motherly affection, for it probably saved his life. Emese took Gill under her wing when Naushe brought the poor orphaned Caparii in, and helped get him back on his hooves, even when they were still shaky for years to come. He clung to her ankles when anxious for safety and still goes to her for advice when skies have turned grey. He loves her, and he knows that she loves him back.​


Yariel Kearney [ Sister; 25 ] Osowiec
The overbearing older sister. Yariel never showed to have a problem with Gilligan, but Gill often had a problem with her. Constantly making sure that he stayed out of trouble and harassing anybody who seemed to pose trouble his way. He feels like he's suffocating around her and just wants her to give him space.​
Pocán Kearney [ Brother; 23 ]​
Gill always thought Pocán was kind of weird. Well, everybody did, but Gill was confused enough to go in and finally talk to Pocán about it to see what he was really like. He thinks he's an interesting guy and wonders where he is now.​
Redmund Kearney [ Brother; 23 ] StevenWeen
The brother who teased Gill the most growing up, he didn't especially like him initially because of his cocky attitude and big ego.. But soon learned that it may just be a guise to hide deeper hurts. He was one of the only siblings of Gilligans to truly see him as an equal despite the childish harassment, and feels that he owes him a great debt for that. He worries for Redmund deeply in fear of losing him, and wants to stick by his side to help him in his travels.​
Odhrán Kearney [ Brother; 21 ]​
A rather rebellious brother. Gill is more scared of him than anything, trying to keep a distance from his temper toward Naushe and try not to get in the way of their crossfire.​

Extended Family:

Fionnuala Donoghue [ Adoptive Aunt; 40 ]​
A saint. Nula not only took care of her four children, but was happy to take Gilligan in as well. He helped him find a place in the family and absolutely adored the little goat. Gill thinks she's one of the most compassionate people out there, and hopes he can take a page from her book and be just as kind as her.​
Richard Donoghue [ Step-Uncle; 45]​
Gill doesn't know how long his patience for him can hold. Richard is capable and is able to keep the money aloft with his lumber business, but his abusive behavior toward Nula makes him see red. On top of that, he never really felt like Richard saw him as a 'real' Kearney. There was always a certain way Richard looked at him that made him feel like he didn't trust what he was. It may sound cruel, but deep down Gill is waiting for an opportunity to lash out at him, just to give him a taste of his own medicine.​
Caoileann Donoghue [ Cousin; 24 ]​
They didn't speak to each other much. He knows that she and him share a common thread of being rather self-deprecating, according to other people. Though Gill was a bit too young to go up to the girl and try to spark a conversation about it with her. He wants to see her again to see if they can possibly find a way to help each other through the emotional turmoil.​
Aindriú Donoghue [ Cousin; 22 ]​
Gill isn't sure about him. He looks and acts like Richard at times, but he isn't sure what he's like under the surface. He hasn't especially gotten a chance to talk to him one on one and know the real Aindriú. Though, he wishes he could.​
Carrick Donoghue [ Cousin; 15 ] HereticTakao
He's young, Gill understands that. But his energy and excitement has Gill feeling overwhelmed when he's around him. He seems to want to do everything he sets his mind to, jumping from ambition to ambition with the snap of a finger. He's a little ball of excitement, and Gill being the empathetic guy that he is, needs to take a step back when he's around him.​
Máirín Donoghue [ Cousin; 11 ]​
A cousin that Gill can actually relate to. Though she was young, they often found themselves alone in the house and finding their company when nobody else was around. They both seem to enjoy literature, which led to their inevitable miniature book-club that ended up having them break the ice. Gill wants to continue that, and wonders when he can see his favorite Cousin again.​

Their reunion was like whiplash. An old world meeting a new one just on the other side. Gill was ecstatic to see Iskvandar, and is filled to the brim with questions for him. Everything about the man is fascinating, the way he walks, talks, acts.. There’s so much about him to learn. And any instance where Iskvandar shows any sort of inclination of interest towards Gill makes him all the more attached to him. Truly, he has the goat in his hands like malleable putty. Gill knows deep down that their relationship is purely professional, but he’s in deep to make sure Isk is pleased with the world around him.​
“A-At the risk of sounding too attached.. I th-think I’d do anything to make you happy.”
Theme:[ ] Vincentius

☞ Trusted:

He’s found that Kopii has been looking out for him more and more as days go on. Protecting him and being there for him when times are tough. He enjoys spending time with Kopii because he feels that around him, he is his most genuine. They share a common thread of being compared to people who have no semblance to them at all. And on top of that, Kopii may have been his first friend.​
But even so, Gill firmly believes that Kopii would soon toss him aside for Leofaren anyday. Kopii claims not to have a favourite student, but it’s painfully obvious. And while he can’t blame him, this sort of thought is what keeps him distant from Kopii. He adores him as a friend and a companion, but that bridge may always be there.​
“I-I’ll just.. Leave you two alone.”
Theme: [ ] Omikuji

⚗ Leofaren-
Quiet, reserved, calm. Leo is everything Gill strives to be, but isn’t. Maybe that’s why he looks up to him and admires him for who he is. Leo has said such kind things to him, and while Gill doesn’t believe those words himself, he can’t help but be flattered by these things being said by such a wonderful person.​
They had a little roadbump in the past, but have since talked through it and worked through it like reasonable adults. Gill is glad Leo is in his life and willing to hear him out.​
“.. Are we s-still going to start that book club?"
Theme: [ ] Shankster

Vashti isn’t somebody Gill strives to be, but rather it’s somebody he needed in his life. A wild spirit reminding him to let loose and let go, and live life to the fullest. Maybe she’s the reason why he’s been able to take more risky decisions without much thought, her adventurous spirit living vicariously through him. She’s a sort of older sister that’s better than his actual one.​
“I’m not giving up on you. N-Not now, not ever.”
Theme: [] Charybdis
☯︎ Virnaak-
It was nice to have him around. He isn’t sure when he’s coming back, but the times they had were nice.​
“A nice proper goodbye w-would have been nice, but I know how y-you are, ahah.”
Theme: [☯︎] Vincentius

♞ James-
A nice stand-in father figure while his other was back home. He’s regarded Gill as a trusted companion and Gill has to admit, he feels the same. It’s nice to have human friends who share the sentiments you do, especially regarding certain religious practices. He worries for James almost constantly, and is ready to step in and be a rock for him when need be. He also hopes to introduce him to the family he grew up with someday.​
“A-Are you going to ask me if I w-want to throw the ol’ pigskin around? Ahah, j-just kidding. I’m bad at sports.”
Theme: [] TheDeester
Gill and Raalvara had a period of time where they drifted apart. But, now that Raalvara has given birth to Seraphine, Gill is ready to help and aid her again in life, and he's glad she's doing the same. He wants to rekindle the friendship they had and catch up from where they last left off.​
“It's g-good to see you again.” Raal

☥ Ater-
Being the neutral party in most situations can be hard. But for Gill and Ater, that’s their only solace, and Gill is very very grateful to have somebody in that grey area with him. He trusts him dearly to keep information shared with him, between them. He’s not afraid to show his true colours around him, and hopes to have his back in the future.​
“At l-least you’re here in the storm with me, eh?” Magiik
☞ Friends:

✯ Otto!-​
Ah, Otto. Gill isn’t terribly fond of Anhalders, but there’s something so endearing about him. Maybe it’s the fact that he told Gill to kill a bear to impress a girl, or that he has his back in some situations... But all in all, Otto is truly an outstanding fellow and good guy.​
“Oh, uh-.. Y-You know how everybody greets you—? They j-just say ‘Otto!’! What does that e-even mean—?” Paint

❂ Kekoa-​
After Kekoa hunted Gill down after another anxiety attack- He soon realised that this bird cares for him more than previously anticipated. She may be a bit loud, but looking past that Gill sees her as a true friend. Conversations with her are something Gill loves most.​
"Kekoa! Please c-come to visit more often! You m-may be kind of loud but you're s-so fun to talk to."
Theme: [] Michcat

❖ Elizabeth-​
Wary initially, but Gill is very gradually warming up to her. After he proved himself to her (which, he feels he didn’t especially need to) she’s given him more of a chance to others. He wants to know Elizabeth better to fully understand her intentions, past professionalism. He’s not one for politics, after all.​
“Y-You can say the ‘F’ word you know… A-And by ‘F’ word, I mean ‘friend’.” NIAH
⚔︎ Kam-​
A big green lady who Gill adores being around. She’s a delight to talk to, giving him supportive words in times of dread, and exchanging advice of how to best sustain your gardens with the blood of your enemies. He wishes they had more of a chance to talk.​
“It was nice to defeat the plague with you! Haha, h-how many people can say that?” Kamaoe

ઌ Melarue-​
It’s such a relief to have her back. There are so many people out there who Gill is scared will kick his ass, and Mel is certainly not one of them. Though he worries that maybe Mel can see past his very awfully-crafted demeanour and see his gradeschool-like crush on her.​
“T-Thanks for the jelly- I-I mean jam- I m-mean — Ah, I-I’m just messing this up, a-aren’t I—?” Elz

♯ Sadbh-​
The caparii he gets along best with. Gill gets excited everytime he sees her, since she's one of the few who can jam and play with him. In fact, she was the one who helped him come out of his entertainers shell and demonstrate his skill. Her moral alignment is.. Questionable.. But Gill enjoys having her around.​
"I wish t-there were more events around for u-us to play, you make a great performing partner!"
Theme: [] Magiik

☾ Lilith-
Gilligan was intimidated by her at first, but quickly learned she’s a person, like anybody else. Wild! They've grown closer and closer ever since the blights demise, getting into their own little misadventures in Queensport. From getting crossfaded in the apothecaries tower, to dancing together as friends at the Winter Ball.. Gill thinks that she's going to be a friend he's going to have for a very long time.​
"I can tell y-your plants like you very much... And I do too."
Theme: [] Arcana

♪ Atticus-
Probably the quickest friend Gill has made, ever. He opened up to him when Atticus pressed him on his nervous tendencies, and trusts him with that information. He’s snide, cocky, and maybe even a little overbearing at times- But Gilligan sincerely appreciates having him in his company.​
"You're n-not so bad, Atty. I hope w-we can jam out s-soon."
Theme: [] Jovee

☞ Acquaintances:
✿ Sugar -​
After hearing of her sparking, Gill wanted to visit her to make sure she was alright, and finally got around to that recently. He wanted to sit down and listen to her side of the story that wasn't written and proclaimed by a raving and frankly mad Ignis worshipper. And after hearing her side of the story.. He feels a need to help and aid her in her plight, feeling terrible for the way Arianne had treated her. He wants to help her in her magical endeavors and help her help more people in the world. Goats stick together, after all. Ruu

✿ Jerr’co-​
An earth spawn who carried Gill to the citadel after an unfortunate accident. Gilligan is incredibly grateful for the gesture and won’t forget him anytime soon.​
✿ Thordil-​
He seems like an alright guy! Gill respects and appreciates him and his efforts. He's glad he's finally met him in person to thank him for his incredible work on his knife, and looks forward to the gloves he's planned to make for him. Jazzper
✿ Laisa-​
Gill doesn’t know much about this girl other than that she’s the stepdaughter of Leo, and really enjoys frogs. He enjoys talking with her and would love to hear more about her. Samiwashere
✿ Linden-​
After being very rudely abandoned by Joseph during the blight dragons battle- A saving grace came to his side and vowed to protect him from harms way. And by harms way, I mean a dragon. Gill respects Linden greatly and won’t forget the kinship they share. RagingLunacy
✿ Ember-​
Gilligan truly enjoys Embers company. Conversations with her are always insightful and nice, and Gill thinks she’s a genuinely nice person looking out for others. He appreciates that in a person and looks forward to knowing her more.​
✿ Olive-​
A curious caparii! Gill doesn't quite know what goes on in her head, but noticed that she makes an effort to talk or at least acknowledge him... Which is pretty nice. He just wishes she'd leave the doors in the tavern alone. Smurf
✿ Kitrana-​
He held a bitter attitude over her for a long time, but now that she's made an effort to fix things.. He's willing to warm up to her again. He isn't one to hold a grudge for very long. French Roast
✿Alison Kane-​
Gilligan doesn't know much about this woman- Other than the fact she stabbed James and showed remorse for it. Everybody seems to know her but him.. And it's left him curious about who she is. Elz
✿ Charles Kane-​
It’s a little hard to formulate an opinion on somebody who hardly speaks. But he supposes the best word to describe his feelings toward him is.. Wary. Lannis
✿ Cassian-​
He seems nice enough! Maybe a bit cocky at times, but he’s used to that by now with everybody. He doesn’t know him too well, but Cass seems to like Gilligan enough. Baron2537
✿ Ayda-​
Ayda confuses Gill in a few senses. For one, her hissing is a bit odd. And secondly, she seems to root and cheer for him at times. And while he appreciates it, he wonders if maybe she wants to be more than just acquaintances. Sadly, they both live rather far away and travel a lot, so he doesn’t anticipate getting together for tea soon. Ayda
✿ Lisbet-​
“Y-You won’t ever let me live down that ‘garden’ thing. Will you.”
Gill thinks Lisbet is very fun to be around. He wants to spend more time with her. Elz
✿ Josef-​
Gill is a little creeped out by him. He seemed to recognise him the first time they met and called himself a ‘big fan’ of his work. He’s willing to give him a shot, but he’s not about to sign autographs. Squidziod

☞ Wary:
= Joseph-​
Joseph and Gill share a common thread of avoiding confrontation when it comes to it. But the largest difference between them, is that Gill didn’t use unnecessary force in a situation that could have been peaceful. Joseph just follows along with the crowd, and doesn’t seem to think for himself. And while that’s what everybody says about him, Gill has seen it first hand.​
“I h-hope you grow up soon.” JoeJoe
= Jaden-​
Gills been warned about this man time and time again about Jadens erratic personality and arsonist-like tendencies. He wanted to look into these claims himself and found.. They were startlingly true. Having been asked by Jaden if he could politely burn his arms off, Gill has been wary and cautious around him ever since. He recognises that Jaden is trying to make amends by playing off his claims as jokes and banter, but.. Things are still very wrong with him.​
"I'm f-fine on the arm-burning thing, thanks." CloakedReaper
= Nwalme-​
His new boss. Gill hadn’t heard much about him besides he’s a total anomaly, and he allegedly wipes the minds of people who are disloyal to him. Whatever the case, he’s his new boss. And he really hopes that he doesn’t get on his bad side.​
“.. W-What’s up with the nuts on your desk?” blargtheawesome
= The Black Company-​
After hearing about their exilement, Gill is more worried about encountering them than ever. Especially since Ashna mentioned that they have their eyes on him.​
"Guess I'm s-steering clear of Alderwood."
= Leila-​
Her ditzy personality and airheaded-ness has left Gill feeling a little awkward around her, especially since people say that he is similar to him. Her relationship to Jaden makes him wary as well. He's a touch uncomfortable around her, and won't be giving away anything too fast, and doesn't consider a legitimate friendship on the table just yet.​
"N-Not to be rude, but... Just b-because we both stammer and have similar sets of legs.. D-Doesn't mean we're the same, ahah" Michcat
= Korchek-​
To be honest, Gill had completely forgotten about the incident that made him so wary.. But after talking with him again, he really isn't sure he likes the guy all that much. He's said a few racist things about Soolerans and talks of robbing tombs... It's all very suspicious. Gill isn't sure if he trusts him.​
"So you're a... Thief? Mercenary? W-Whatever you are.. I don't think it's legal." Squidziod
= Asero​
AGill doesn't particularly trust Asero. He's boastful and full of himself, not having much consideration for people around him. Leofaren doesn't seem to like him all that much either.. Which only makes Gill dislike him more.​
"Are you r-really calling yourself a dragon slayer now..?" Electric
☞ Dislike:

✘ Podric-​
Gilligan’s friendliness towards him is hardly genuine. He knows what Podric is capable of, and knows what he has done to his friends. He can’t regard him as a friend to people in private, but for the sake of avoiding confrontation he’ll play the game. Everything about him makes Gill want to avoid him, more and more every day.​
“C-Calling me the least insufferable caparii is not a compliment.” Luam
✘ Francis-​
Whatever sympathy Gill held for Francis seems to have been disregarded now. His consistent disrespect towards his friends and neglect to remember what Gill had done for him has left him bitter and angry with himself for letting this happen. He will be actively looking to avoid him now- Not out of fear, but out of holding himself back from lashing out at him.​
“Don't w-want my magic? Fine. I won't be saving your life a third time."
✘ Oskar-​
Gilligan sees him as a pitiful and cowardly man. Any worth he claims he has done does not seem to have any semblance in Gills mind- And genuinely wishes for karma to play its ever-present role in his life to bite him in the butt. This man has no honor.​
"You h-hurt my friends and undermined me. You a-aren't worth my time." Chados
✘ Arianne-​
A foolish formist. Gilligan sought to see if the rumors and claims about her were true and found that they were unfortunately were, through his own investigation and conversations with her. She's made some of her closest friends miserable, and seeks to actively avoid her when he can.​
"You want t-to work to be a better person? Then work."
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✦ The Black Company: Gilligan has heard many rumors about this band of mercenaries.. And after hearing about how they treated Olive, he doesn't want anything to do with the bunch. No band of men that are as outwardly racist as them could help in dire times like these.
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