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Active ❁ Lavender, The Timid ❁


Loyal Servant of Altera



❁ Key Information:

Full Name: Lavender Caraway
Nicknames: Lav, Lavy, Lav-Lav, Spice Kid, Bookworm

Race: Human
Age: Presumably young, in her early 20s
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Profession: Gardener, herbalist, handmaiden, though she’s capable of learning

❁ Physiology:

Hair: Deep auburn, curly ringlets that barely touch her shoulders
Eyes: Dark blue with hints of green, it's most comparable to deep sea waters

Skin: Tanned, freckled on her cheeks and nosebridge as well as her shoulders
Height: 5’0”
Blood Type: A+
Dominant Hand: Left
Voiceclaim: Iosefka

Description: Lavender is a petite 5'0" woman, shorter than average, she holds a rather weak frame that appears fragile compared to most around her. She holds prominent features, her face as well as her jawline are pronounced, a button nose and a set of cool toned eyes balance out the strange mixed cultural attributes. Her hair is thick and curly, holding a deep auburn hue and kept short for the sake of it. The top portion of her bangs are pinned back by a single golden hair clip, though stray pieces of hair often frame the sides of her face.

Clothing: Her clothes are well suited for the cold, a fur shawl made by her mother keeps her warm during the wintertime, and the layers underneath her grey dress add a bonus of comfort. She lacks a larger wardrobe, though her preferences lean towards things that lack bright embellishments - she believes herself to be very plain in appearance, so her clothes match her inward opinion.


❁ She stutters, often sounding foolish
❁ Her sentences usually involve many 'ah's and 'uhm's, even 'er's - this is a habit with her stuttering
❁ Lavender laughs awkwardly while speaking, especially if she's not too sure of herself or the situation
❁ She rubs at her forearm when she’s nervous
❁ When she catches herself staring, she immediately looks away and shields the side of her face to avoid interaction
❁ She glances up and down often, sort of like a double-take
❁ She has a habit of zoning out and forgetting where she is once she snaps back into reality
❁ She adjusts the pin in her hair when people touch her head
❁ Lavender idly fiddles with a segment of her hair when in thought or in a good mood
❁ She is unable to discern flirtatious behavior, she’s never been flirted with before
❁ Prone to fainting
❁ Also prone to tripping
❁ She's just clumsy, honestly - though she has been trying to fix this (ex. squeezing expensive cups with all of her might so it doesn't slip through her grasp, or lifting up the hem of her skirt so she trips less)
❁ Unintentional roaster

❁ Psychology:

Favorite Color: Blue, like the sky
Favorite Flower: Bluebell

Favorite Animal(s): Cats - especially ones with thick, fluffy fur. Recently she's finding a liking to small birds, the ones that sing during the daytime
Favorite Drink(s): Chamomile Tea, usually something warm
Favorite Pastime(s): Reading, drawing, writing, learning, gardening, herbalism
Humor: Cheesy/Sardonic, she's someone who giggle-snorts at a good joke

Personality: Lavender is polite, well-mannered, and all around a pleasant girl to be around. She does her best to display herself as someone confident, yet it is clear to see that she lacks enough self-esteem to convey the proper might. When interacting with others, her words tend to stray, or repeat in a slight stutter as if she were unsure of herself or she is unable to think as quickly as she speaks. Lavender is a dutiful soul that performs every task with an extra step for care, her diligence one of her stronger suits.

One might believe her to be foolish, stupid even, especially with how she exhibits herself, yet Lavender is a surprisingly intelligent woman and is able to learn quickly if taught.

Prized Possessions:

❁ One of her most notable trinkets happens to be the pin that sits atop her head, she treasures it dearly since it was a gift from her mother. The pin appears to be made of gold, crafted meticulously so that it mimicked the petals of a floral cluster.
❁ Lavender carries a leather-bound journal containing notes she jots down when she encounters something new. She uses this journal as her personal study, and is in the process of filling it up with information she learns through teachings from Arianne or the general public. Certain pages are bookmarked with pressed flowers to signify its importance.
Note: Any gift given to her would be an immediate object held with sentimental value, she's a sap like that.

Beliefs: She follows the beliefs of a lawful good, she worships Silas as her primary deity

1. You shall not lie.
2. You shall not harm the innocent.
3. You shall not murder.
4. You shall help the needy.
5. You shall honor legitimate authority that promotes goodness.
6. You shall follow the law.
7. You shall not betray others.
8. You shall bring criminals and evil-doers to justice.
9. You shall not steal.
10. You shall seek unlimited good for others and unlimited order in society.

❁ Misc.:

Languages: Common, Elven(Intermediate level), Mok'yra(Very beginner level), wanting to learn more languages
Theme Song(s): Empty Tone, Ultimately, Loving Love

Alignment: Lawful Good
Astrological Sign: ??? Likely something that is a reflection of a Virgo

Short Term Goals:

❁ Take notes on new things (In progress)
❁ Make friends (In progress)
❁ Experience new emotions (In progress)
❁ Find a home (Complete)
❁ Find a job (Complete)
❁ Move the family (In progress)

Long Term Goals:

❁ Learn magic (Failed|Ditched)
❁ Stay loyal to Lady Arianne (Failed)
❁ Ensure the family's safety and comfortability (In progress)
❁ Learn everything (In progress, baby steps)
❁ Become Silas' Blessed



Love[romantic] -- Love[platonic] -- Close Friend -- Good Friend -- Friend -- Neutral -- Tolerable -- Dislike -- Hate

Paprika(Grandfather): "He's such an old fool and so overly... Grumpy. He needs to learn how to hold his tongue so he doesn't get into trouble... Despite his behavior, I still care for him."

Pepper(Mother): "The kindest woman I know, I hope she isn't upset with us all leaving... I get my worrying from her, it's obvious..."

Turmeric(Father): "Basil is so much like him, they're both collected, strong - I hope he can keep mother from worrying so much..."

Basil(Older Brother): "He's taller, stronger than me, sometimes I'm a bit jealous at how calm he can keep himself in most situations... He's really the most stable one in our family, protecting us and all."

Rosemary(Younger Sister): "She could sing for ages, that one. Despite being younger than me she's already beyond... What I wish I could be; Adventurous, daring... Though I don't mind being the fretful one."

Thyme(Younger Brother): "The much more vibrant twin, respectively he's the older one by two minutes - I know they bicker over that. He's smarter than he lets on."

Sage(Younger Brother): "Thoughtful, quiet and reserved, him and Thyme are two peas in a pod - if you could call it that. They are twins after all."

Coriander(Younger Sister): "She's my little sibling, I love her dearly, even... If - I'm a bit... Myself. She's quite the airy thing though, her thoughts often wander but I know her intentions are good."

Parsley(Younger Brother): "Sweet little thing, he better be behaving while I'm gone, I know he has a habit of exploring when the wagon stops for a break."

Cinnamon(Younger Sister): "Mother's newborn, our newest addition to the family. We received letter of her birth, how wonderful! I wish I could be there to see my baby sister."

Tania: "A very helpful young girl, caring, generous... And around Coriander's age as well, I suspect those two can become friends if they spoke often enough."

Count Luné Tekton: "That man... Accused my family of being thieves? Awful he is, I will not take these insults lightly - especially if they are directed towards my family."

Count Carlos de Courtnay: "I'm not sure on what to think at the moment..."

Arianne Fuvur: "Something is very wrong... With this all, I mean."

Olive: "So very strange... The things she is capable of. Though despite it all, I find no qualms with the girl, in fact I do worry a considerable amount despite us speaking little."

Yhlrun Maltaiawen: "She is most pleasant, graceful and collected which I admire - it contrasts with Ken... I think Rosemary would like her, they both enjoy the arts."

Ken Arindas: "He's very eager in his pursuit of knowledge, and he gets along surprisingly well with my siblings. I imagine he will only continue to grow, it is a wonderful sight."

Arike Payne: "Calm, that one - calm and strange, though comforting in a sense. Perhaps I trust too easy? Either way, he is good... But he needs to eat more."

Cedlas: "I'm envious about certain traits of his, mannerisms. I've come to enjoy his company though, he finds me trustworthy - so in turn I trust him."

Sir Arthur Ashenfell: "A friend of Baby Cub, and certainly a friend of mine now too. This one will be... Baby Pup, they match together - bound by the hip and very humorous, though I have not seen him in awhile... I wonder where he has gone."

Basileos Theodosius Herennius: "He is a very good friend, I do apologize for sobbing like a child in front of him - it must have been overwhelming to watch, and to handle."

Star: "Very... Extroverted. She really was trying, though I can only offer my apologies since I... Am the way I am. The tumble surely was something."

Milah Sicarus: "Like Star, she too was eager to socialize - and I am not the greatest at that. Another apology is due, it seems."

Laerornor Kov'Gra'Sek: "Olive's father, I will surely help them reconnect though I'm not quite sure if it's reconnecting at all if I'm passing messages back and forth... Nonetheless he's polite, though quiet."

King Cymic Seymour: "Though he likely despises my presence with all of my antics, I still find him very fun and entertaining as company... I'm determined to have him teach me that language... Besides, it gives the rat something to do."

Kaiserin Josephine Varyn: "She appears to be close to Lady Arianne, I know very little of her but I can only assume she's amiable through Arianne's descriptions."

Jerr'co Hakiaz: "A very good friend, much more snuggly than I would expect, and rather protective... I don't believe I'm quite worth protecting, but it is very kind nonetheless."

Drawn by me (both doodles) because I'm a goober


Drawn by Samiwashere (x)
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For some reason, I would like to Roleplay with this character o_o

Perhaps I am prone to putting Lana in odd situations... but... Let us RP sometime :D


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