1.12.2 Update COMPLETED


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Hello all,

I am very happy to announce that the 1.12.2 update will happen on October 26th. We will begin updating the server at 1AM EST. The server will be down/not accessible between 1AM-4AM EST. This will give us time to ensure the update goes smoothly between our development server and the main server.

There are no major plugin changes that would affect users, so all of the features will be the same. However, we will be making some additions and these features will be announced within a few days of the update. Expect some threads with guides to be released following the update.

Thank you again for all your patience while we update, and we hope that you enjoy all the new changes!
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Lord of Altera
I have a question. *Claps hands* SO WHEN CAN I HAVE MY TERRACOTTA ARMOR!?

No but on a real note, is the update going to affect custom heads at all?