[Academy] Tambry Art and Dance Academy


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Tambry Art and Dance Academy

"In the pursuit of the arts..."

Located in the heart of Tambry in its commercial district, Tambry has now opened its Art and Dance Academy! The Academy is open to all - from young nobles in need of refinement to aspiring bards needing to get a start.

Classes can be scheduled or can be walk-ins. If you wish to attend a class or request private lessons, please send a letter to Greyson in Vallee de Mai (or PM me on the forums) or request below. The following are the available classes at the moment and their fees:

Ballroom Dancing: 50 rad (30 rad for 1 pair of partners)
Painting: N/A, coming soon
Singing: N/A, coming soon
Flute Lessons: N/A, coming soon

Fiddle/Violin Lessons: 50 rad
Lute Lessons: N/A, coming soon

Miss Greyson - Dance
Mr. G. Warden - Violin/Fiddle

We are currently looking for teachers well-taught in art, music, and dance! Please apply:

Character Name:
Area of Expertise:
Why you should teach this:

You can also send private requests to teach via post (or PM on the forums).

Adiella A. Cor (@bettemus99) - Fiddle/Violin & Dance

Current Events:
None at the moment, check back soon! Also, if you're interested in a performance at your event, please request who you'd like to perform and what.​
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This looks great. We will do the best we can to encourage growth in the arts. Very soon we will have an announcement to make to coincide with this. Good luck!


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If only that character was not inactive and I lack accounts, Seron would totally be up for this.

She is 90% dancing and 10% beauty, not the brighest, but she used to do dancing classes.


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I'd like to sign up m' Character Adiella A. Cor for Fiddle/violin and dance lessons! She's on my alt, Fly_dreamer
Thank you for your interest in classes!
Feel free to shoot me a PM in-game whenever you feel like having a lesson, or stop by the Dance Hall in Tambry; usually I or Garrick can be found there :)