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Curent Status: Currently reuniting.

General Information:

Name: Anaiah Godfrey
Other Names: Ana, Anny [Jaden/Rangers],
Titles: Ranger Apprentice

Age: 27
Race: Forest Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual

Current Residence: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single - Aromantic
Social Status: Daughter of an unlanded knight

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5’8
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Grey eyes
Skin Color: Lightly Tanned
Shape of Face: Square
Distinguishing Features: Freckles
Build of Body: Starting to grow and develop into a young lady, her figure is slowly growing in with age.
Filled out further after her pregnancy. [X]
Hair Color: Dark Brown, near black
Hair Style: Messy and loose
Complexion: Freckled
Posture: Normal
Is Seen By Others As: Cute, Awkward
Scars: - One on her shoulder from a wendigo -
Voice: A thick Irish accent. She's grown to be louder and more confident with her tone.


Likes: Climbing, Snow, Animals, Reading, Makani, Green eyes
Dislikes: Fire, Ocean, Ships, Monsters, Skraag, people
Strengths: Spirited, Cheerful, Honest
Weaknesses: Timid, Awkward, Stutters, Sassy
Fears: The ocean, Wendigos, SKRAAG, Necromancers, Kraken
Values: Honesty, Family

Education: Average

-Common; Fluent [Spoken, Reading, Writing]
-Elven; Fluent [Spoken, Reading, Writing]
-Rede; Fluent [Spoken, Reading, Writing]
-Lavoyard; Conversational [Spoken]
General Attitude: Happy, though quiet
Religious Inclination: Theodra
General Intelligence: Average
General Sociability: Awkward
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:
-Learn to hunt
-Get a new coat [!]
-Study and document the herbs [/]
-Get comfortable in the new dress [!]
Long Term Goals:
-Become an archer [!]
-Get a proper bow [!]
-Learn more herbs [/]
-'Unite' the Rangers [X]

Wardrobe: A green dress and over dress [X], The new Alteran Ranger uniform [X], Green tunic with black leggings and leather breastplate and pauldrons. [X] - A more casual dress for the days she focuses on herbology alone [X] -
Jewelry: - A wendigo claw necklace - An Engagement Ring [X] -


Age: 2 years
Color: Cream and white
Species: Dog [Welsh Corgi]
Likes: Biting feet and fingers, stealing snacks, waking people up by powerjolting on their face.
Dislikes: Being lonely [Propensity to whine and howl], Being scolded

-Lay down
Bristle LeftwardElk
Color: Midnight Black
Species: Blackstone Raven
Owned Homes:
Carried Inventory:

-A pouch of trail mix
-One Grey-blue gryphon feather
-Books on trees
-A small wooden pendant of a drawn bow.
-A bottle of honey mead
General Inventory:
-A pouch of trail mix
-Two gryphon feathers [Given to Albion and Alustrum]
-Books on trees
-Orange tulip [Dried]
-White-purple tulip [Dried]
-Pink tulip [Dried]
-Blue lilac [Dried]
-Fire-hue tulip [Dried]
General Wealth: Allowance is given by her parents - 1k radiants given to her by Maceo -



Shakiness , Nervousness or anxiety , Sweating, chills and clamminess , Irritability or impatience , Confusion, including delirium , Rapid/fast heartbeat , Lightheadedness or dizziness , Hunger and nausea , Sleepiness Blurred/impaired vision , Tingling or numbness in the lips or tongue , Headaches Weakness or fatigue , Anger, stubbornness, or sadness , Lack of coordination , Nightmares or crying out during sleep , Seizures , Unconsciousness
Allergies: Shellfish
Injuries: -
Sleeping Habits: Good
Energy Levels: Good
Eating Habits: Eats fairly often
Exercise Habits: Light jogs or climbing trees
Memory: Fair
Unhealthy Habits: -
Drinking Habits: None


Birthplace: Ostmotte
Childhood: Quiet and a bit hectic. She grew used to seeing construction or the movements of ships, never grew fond of them. Soon she and her family moved up to Lord's Watch, while keeping a home in Storm's Landing. There she grew up knowing of the Anhalder culture while mixing it with the Ranger ideals she always knew.
Teen Years: As she settled in Storm's Landing after Lord's Watch fell to ruin, she sought to master her arts in the Ranger doctrine. Though she's far from achieving that goal, it's always in her mind as she betters herself. The influence of Anhald still remained as she held herself to the highest regard of not only respect and decency, but attitude and aloofness.

Family History:
Past Places of Residences: Lord's Watch, Storm's Landing, Guilded Isles
Places Traveled: Ostmotte, Lord's Watch, Storm's Landing, Guilded Isles, Mockingbay,


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weaponry: - Arianne's old recurve - Longbow - A black leather quiver with a tree of life [X] -
Combat Training:

- Archery training -
-Moderate to inexperienced.

Training & Skills:
-A fairly decent climber. She's stuck to trees and rough walls.
-Learned how to cook, as her mother is terrible at it.
-Learned from her father, Alustrum
-Learning under her father, as she always has. She's average in it's use.
-Her specialty and favorite activity. She enjoys learning what plants are edible and going out to find them.
-Knowledge of:
-Knowledge of:
-Fire Resistance
-Water Breathing
-Harming [2 recipes]
-Knowledge of:
-Palewort [Extinct]
-Soul's Journal
-Soul's Journal
-Couple more I forgot-
-Tending to Plants
-Testing Plants
-Making salves
-Making tonics
-Knowledge of:
-Broken bones
-Punctures with embedded objects
-Arrow punctures

-Knowledge of:
-Greyling bone structure
-Nakam jointed legs
-Greyling/Nakam tendon structure differing. [Doesn't know how]
-Caparii having hard skulls
-Greyling/Nakam having delicate cartilage

Other Trivia:
Occupation: -
Favorite Types of Food: Savory/Spiced meats, Berries
Favorite Types of Drink: Tea
Hobbies/Pastimes: Climbing, Collecting seashells
Favorite Colors: Blue



Relevant Family Members:
-Ellethwen Godfrey [Mother]
-Alustrum Godfrey [Father]
-Albion Godfrey [Brother]
-Azrai [Cousin]
-Eira [Adoptive Cousin]
-Sif Sigurd [Adoptive Uncle]
-Robin [Child]
-Ayda [Adoptive sister]
Romantic Interests:
Trusted Friends:
Friendly With:
-James Varyn
Loose Acquaintances:
-Syr Varyn
Unsure of:
-Orvar Walanescue [Knows not his name]
Disfavored Individuals:
-Jecht Seymour
Wary Of:

Lavilethorn Paint The Wanderering Ranger BobDdoss The Courier BrianAT16 Catena Ruulu Sophe Azur Spirit Asirel Luik The Courier Vincentius TheDeester Sir Andrew Wallins Elz Bobert Arken LeftwardElk Cymic_

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In Depth Relations
"The world is your oyster."
Relevant Family Members:
Ellethwen Godfrey [Mother]
-Loves her dearly, even if her cooking is terrible. Hopes she's not too mad.
Alustrum Godfrey [Father] Lavilethorn
-She feels a strong sense of resentment.
Albion Godfrey [Brother] Paint
-Her absolute best friend. She misses him.
Azrai BrianAT16
-Finds her to be strong and like minded. She hopes she makes the family proud.
Eira Sigurd [Adoptive Cousin] The Courier
-Not enough words int eh dictionary
Sif Sigurd [Adoptive Uncle] The Courier
-She's come to love him dearly, seeing him as her fatherly figure when Alustrum is not around.
Robin [Child]
-I won't let this corrupt world hurt you..
Ayda Asirel Luik [Adoptive Sister]
-Sometimes I feel you don't realize just how much I need you around. Always.
Ryder Azur [Step-Father]
-Dad's friend and another Ranger. Someone I look up to for advice. You've always been a father to me.
Lizzy Sophe [Aunt]
-My aunt apparently. I don't know how to approach you, given my dad doesn't have the best track record.
Romantic Interests:

Trusted Friends:

Jocelyn Sophe
-Ryder's partner and motherly figure. I trust your judgement. You help me understand things I can't seem to figure out myself.

Friendly With:
Soul Allister Spirit
-You're an idiot sometimes, you know that?
Axton Lavilethorn
-My dad's apprentice once.. You're kinda like him, but maybe nicer.
Jakub Paint
-A curious man and rather sweet. A patrol guard and adventurous.. He could be fun.
Joe Wandering Ranger
-I cherish you, and hold a special place in my heart for you, but what we had is in the past.. I think.. I finally understand that.
Jaden Seeker CloakedReaper
-You act protective.. You worry.. You're a lot like a father..
Jerr'co The Tottot
-You're such an idiot sometimes.. Never.. again...
Lilinoe Ruu
-Absolutely without a doubt precious and I want to keep you.
James Varyn TheDeester
-I won't wait, but I miss having you around. Maybe I'll see you one day with whatever you're up to.
Trystan Elz
-You need to start trying to make yourself happy..
Forrest LeftwardElk
-It just didn't work out in the end, but I expect you to still be in his life.
Loose Acquaintances
Allan Lavilethorn
-You're there.. And apparently have a slapable face?
Asirel Asirel Luik
-You are one cranky woman, but he did have it coming.. You did warn him.. Three times.
S'irracha Spirit
-You happened through a lot of misfortune.. But a 'mercy' kill just wasn't needed. I'll be here until you get better, I promise.
Ater Magiik
-You're the Ranger doctor.. Definitely an odd ball, but I like you.
Gregor CyberChaosV2
-You keep trying to act like something you're not..
Falken Arrowflint
-You don't talk a lot.. Then again I'm no help.
Syr Varyn Arken
-Not much to say other than he was polite. Perhaps a little cute, I guess.
Tohm Tohm
-Forrest looks up to you and you've shown to be a caring yet blunt man. I hope we can talk further.
Cayden Azur
-I look forward to the hunt. I felt rather calm with you.
Unsure of:
Orvar Walanescu Sir Andrew Wallins
-You need to think before you act...
Disfavored Individuals:
Arianne Bobert
-Nothing more than a filthy liar.
Jecht Seymour Cymic_
-Nothing more than a brat with a sour attitude. Disrespect her again and I'll personally take care of you.
Wary Of:
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[I'll move this up when I can]
In-Depth Training and Skills
(Totally stole from Spirit )
{1 ~ Basic | 2 ~ Apprentice | 3 ~ Intermediate | 4 ~ Advanced | 5 ~ Master}​
+Climbing+ {3} [7/10]
+Archery+ {3} [5/10]
+Cooking+ {4} [6/10]
+Foraging+ {3} [7/10]
+Herbology+ {2} [6/10]
+Medicine+ {2} [3/10]
+Swordsmanship+ {1} [4/10]
+Alchemy+ {2} [4/10]
+Anatomy+ {3} [2/10]
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