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An Abandoned Den


News has reached Ashna's ears that something or some people have settled near Linlea's territory The last expedition into the Ashlands had returned proof of an ambush.. of something only the attendees are aware of. As the hired guards rested and left on their own respective journeys with their news, a scout has been sent to find an abandoned den in a bay. If the scout returns with fruitful news, new hired guards may be sent to explore it and find more information of these crawlers and other conundrums.

This begins:
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Estimated Runtime: 2-3 Hrs
DM: Moi.

Themes: Dungeon Crawl I
Level: Intermediate
Party Size: 7-8
Party Members:
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-{Linlea Explorer's Arc}
-Asking attendees to stay mostly IC. It's gone well last event.
-The intro is vague as heck for those who didn't attend the last two events!! But I tried to keep as true to the storyline as one wouldn't normally go blaring news just yet, yes. There's still some people who want to do rp between now and then, I think. I should be available in my usual times if I'm on.
- .. Sick of caves? haha... do I have news for you

Character Name:
Organization or Allegiance: Some attendees may be denied based on past transgressions, etc.
Inventory & Attire:
Extra Notes:
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Ign: Cukie1
Character Name: Lavendula Hal'Shink'maho
Organization or Allegiance: shinkmaho
Inventory & Attire:
-herbs and salves
-cleaning alcohol
-leather and cloth clothing
-stilleto dagger
- bandages
Extra Notes:
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Ign: A_Z_U_R
Character Name: Salazar
Organization or Allegiance: Hal'Shink'maho
Inventory & Attire: TBD
Extra Notes:


Lord of Altera
Ign: electricwisekid
Character Name: Asero Crow
Organization or Allegiance: The Guardians
Inventory & Attire:
  • Plate armor
  • Blackened steel longsword
  • Crossbow (and bolts...
  • His bag of goodies, which contains...
    • Potions
    • Bandages and salve
    • Snacks and water for the road-trip
Extra Notes: stay fresh cheese bags
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Ign: SirLiam1124
Character Name: Pod Flanders
Organization or Allegiance: IGNIS!
Inventory & Attire:
[Worn or on person]
-Plate Armor
-Halberd [Luminescence]
-Kris Dagger
-One bottle of oil [on belt]
[In Bag]
-Two bottles of oil
-Tinderbox + Four unlit torches
-Length of Rope [Roughly 30 ft.]
-Set of ornate things to eat on [For Feast of the Valiant spell]
Extra Notes: do you have another moment to talk about our lord and savior, ignis synnove?


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Ign: Shankster
Character Name:
Leofaren Venna
Organization or Allegiance:
Arget, Guardians
Inventory & Attire:

-Enchanted leather armor
-Enchanted sword/bow
-Miscellaneous supplies for travel. Some prepared food, rope, bedroll, etc.
-Materials for recording notes and taking samples
Extra Notes:


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Ign: Asirel_Luik
Character Name: Ayda Hal'Ulamyar
Organization or Allegiance: The Guardians, The Rangers, Ashna/Her Clan
Inventory & Attire:
- Falchion/"Darkstar"/Her Focus
-Basic First Aid materials
-Leather armor with leather bits on it to protect the vitals
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Ign: Cymic_
Character Name: Ajax
Organization or Allegiance: Jax
Inventory & Attire: Jester's garments over half plate
Extra Notes: His buns are buttered and ready to be baked