Outdated [Archives] Concerning the Attacks in Tambry

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Lord of Altera
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*The Letter below would be posted around Tambry and the Crosswords, to ensure the parties attacked would be able to see it*

Godsend, 10th of Snowdown, 2260.

n this day, the 10th of Snowdown in the year of our Lady, Ignis Synnove, 2260, I, Marquis Francis de Courtnay hereby deny any involvement in the actions of my Bannermaid, Raan. In the name of Ignis Synnove I give my word that Raan acted without orders, commands, or even any involvement of myself or my family. I welcome the wounded to travel within the Fortnight and recieve treatment of any wounds still within them and caused by Raan.

As stated, I apoloize for the actions of Raan and ensure that the attacks caused by her were not ordered or commanded, and her actions dishonour the order of which she served. I do not know of the details of this attack, however if it includes the involvement of any Leader of either a Noble House, Settlement, or Order, I invite them to seek me out.
Deus Vult
Francis de Courtnay I, Marquis of the Province d'Avignon.​
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