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Just a basic nothing fancy profile for now. Will update and adjust later. Updates will be in this color.

~~~~~Appearance Stuff~~~~~

Before the facial scar.

Name: Goes by Cassian. (Also known as Papa, Mister Cass, Cass, Pretty-Boy, Shitty Cashew, Cashew and "Mine")

Age: 54

Race: Silver Elf.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Relationship: Married

Social Status: Citizen of Arget

Homes: Arget.

Occupation: Guardian - (Secretly and only known to few: The Dragon. He's since shelved that part of his life.)

Height: 6'3

Weight: 155

Hair: Long, luxurious, and gorgeous dark chocolate brown. Generally let down to hang past his shoulders.

Eyes: Piercing Silver.

Hygiene: Stays as clean as possible to keep up appearances, never wanting to be too dirty.

Skin: Naturally, impeccably, and flawlessly pale.

Facial Features: He has a very beautiful appearance with slightly raised cheekbones, though he does have a scar just under his right eye. No facial hair.

Physical Build: Very lean, but toned.

Scars: Beyond the one blemish on his face (Touchy subject), none are seen. He tends to keep himself heavily covered.

Posture: Straight back, carrying himself with a lofty arrogance.

Features of Note: His eyes which have flecks of silver in them. The scar on his face. His attire may also stand out from the norm for Silver Elves.

~~~~~=Clothing/Possessions/Items of Note:=~~~~~

*He wears a dark uniform with several pouches. It's made up various black leather and black chain armor pieces. The buckles and metals tend to be very polished. He also wears a dark grey silk front buckle short tabard to cover his torso armor along with a very fine black cloak.

*He is also seen wearing finer clothing when comfortable. Very debonair and dashing.

*He is also seen wearing a fancy little crown that he won from a dancing contest. Fancying himself some sort of dancing royalty.

*A silver ring on his middle finger on his right hand, a tiny blade centered on it, with a single spike on each side of the blade.

*A silver ring on his right index. Onyx stone, with a scaled design and four small claws holding the stone in place. The theme is dragon.

*A purple string bracelet from Aelyth Fuvur. He wears it constantly.

*A silver ring with an emerald setting, the sigil of the Guardians.

Weaponry: (These Items can found on him depending his attire they may change.)
*He has two hidden matching Dirk (daggers) which he keeps clasped behind him on his back. They are hidden generally by the black cloak he wears at all times. The overall length is roughly 16 inches, the blades being 11 inches. They are tucked upright, so he has to reach behind and pull down to unsheathe them.

*Heavily Enchanted Falchion -"Sunshine" - Gifted to him by Leo. The word Sunshine in elvish engraved on the blade. This is the Twin of the sword Darkstar given to Ayda. A Fire Opal resides in the pommel of this one. Unlike it's twin it is only slightly less powerful.

*Heavily Enchanted Steel Sword - "Faal Vahriin Vahrot" - Taken from Larike's still warm body.

*Heavily Enchanted Scimatar - Also taken from Larike's body.

*Enchanted Silver Dagger (Engraved.) - Another weapon looted from Larike's body.

*He has several throwing knives tucked along his right and left thighs within their respected leather sheath slots.


Throwing Knives.

General Attitude: Casual, laid back. He can appear very friendly while also being arrogant and haughty.

*Find out.

*Find out.

*Very cunning and quick thinking. Can be cold and calculating. Brain power.
*Good with underhanded and dirty tricks.
*Agile, quick on his feet and fast.
*Is good at sneaking about and being unseen.
*Can read people and situations very well.

*Is fairly competent with daggers, and a variety of other weapons.

*He isn't very strong physically.
*He has a bad temper he has to keep in check.
*Can be explosive when his anger becomes out of check letting down his guard, or becoming physically violent.
*Can be a real asshole sometimes, at the worst times to be one at that.
*Is ignorant beyond knives and daggers in combat, likely to fumble with any other weapons.
He's since improved his skills with various weapons. Making use of just more than his throwing knives and daggers.

*Losing those closest to him.
*Dying young.
* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*Those he considers family.
*His own life.
* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

~~~~~=Health Stuff=~~~~~
Illnesses: Nodda
Allergies: Nodda
Injuries: Nodda
Sleeping: Normal
Exercise: He tries daily
Memory: Fairly great

~~~~~=Random Info=~~~~~
Education: Fairly Educated in science and politics along with being a scoundrel.

Languages: Elvish, Common, Mok'yra, Lavish, Fae, Rede, and Aurion

Religion: Once an open follower of Silas to those who asked his religious inclination. Though his true devotion was to Visage. As of late though he's learning that faith doesn't always get results. To have power is to wield it.

General Intelligence: Clever, interpersonal.

General Sociability: Tends to be very social when engaged. Always having either a smile or friendly appearing smirk on his face. This said, he does enjoy studying others in silence as well. Eavesdropping to learn what he can.

Short Term Goals:
*See this blight defeated.

Long Term Goals:
*Become a better man.
(I think he's easily accomplished this. No recent murdering or scheming. Though this may be for lack of opportunity.)
*Improve his skills to better do his job, and protect those he loves.
*Attain power to conquer his fears of failing. To be stronger at almost any cost.
* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Favorite Types of Food: No real favorite. Whatever fills him up.

Favorite Types of Drink: Water or Tea. He does occasionally partake in the Absinthe.

Hobbies/Pastimes: Keeping his skills as sharp as his knives, reading, and learning. Sometimes purposefully being bad at knife throwing in hopes of scamming someone out of Rads later.
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Lord of Altera
(Consider this all personal thoughts. Cass would never openly say these things.)


*Ayda - "My wife, my beloved. The heart in my chest, My Darkstar, and the light that guides me home. She keeps my will strong and firm. With her by my side nothing is impossible. I want only for her to live a long and happy life. I'd tread through the fires of hell for her if I knew it would accomplish a goal or make her happy. Though.. as of late I just hope I am still capable enough to protect her and the children.. I fear I'm becoming more incapable of doing that as the days pass... I need to become stronger..." Ayda

*Sydri- Blood- "My first blood born child. The first of my own making. Words can not describe how I feel. The way she looked at me with her tiny eyes. It reminded me of her older sister Laisa when I first held her. There is just something about holding a small life in your hands that makes your emotions run wild. I love you very much, my little Sydri."

*Derek -Adopted- "You like your sisters are not my blood, but you are my son. Raising you has been an adventure. You've grown into a strong and respectable young man who I love dearly. I am curious to see what the future holds for you, my son." Sir Saltington

*Tania -Adopted- "Tania, she is growing into a fine young woman. I'm as proud of her as all my children. She's currently training with Raalvara and hopes to one day join the Guardians. I've enjoyed watching the evolution of her life and I am eager to see the woman she becomes." StarWillow2000

*Laisa -Adopted- "She's grown so fast.. it seems like it wasn't that long ago she was just a tiny thing in my arms. She has turned into a strong and wise woman. I know I probably seem like I'm still coddling or babying her, but I love her dearly. Unlike the other children I have raised, Laisa was a new born infant. I am not saying this made me love her more than the others, but just like Sydri she will always be my little love. There is just something different about watching a child grow from infancy to adulthood. I respect she is a grown woman but I won't stop showing my care and concern. Even if it seems to only get me a negative response. I love her too much to treat her any differently. I just wish she really knew that and of how proud of her I am." Samiwashere

*Evangelyne -Adopted- "Off studying. It's a much different pace than when she was looking at every weapon she could think of. I do miss you.." Maestroart

*Leofaren - "Leo.. there is literally too much I could say about Leo. So keeping it plain and simple. He's my brother. We may not share a blood relation.. that I am aware of at least.. despite our similar appearances.. but I am of the mind we choose our families. I'd kill anyone for him and without a second thought. Though it wasn't always this way. Before he was.. a nuisance and then he was pawn for me to play with. Though.. that didn't last. Leo.. is a rare sort of soul. This I can attest to. It's not every day someone who says the things he said and presented the impressions he did, still finds their way into being considered my family. I don't regret ever meeting him. He will always have my support, love, and respect. Even if our opinions differ. I will always want what's best for him and do my best to see his dreams and goals become reality so long as it's within my power." Shankster

*Kitrana Dawnriver - "My knight in shining armor.~ Kit and I share a bond stronger than any metal. She's my dearest friend and mother of Laisa. She can be stubborn, headstrong and zealous sometimes but she always means well. She'd never let me or anyone in our family down. She'd rush to our side in a flash if we ever needed her. I will never regret picking her as my victim of choice all those years ago." godfather1

*Raedon - "One of my oldest friends. I'm glad he's finally come to visit me. I'm sure he will find me quite different now, but that doesn't mean we can't have any fun still. He is a brother to me and I will treat him and introduce him as such." Portalmaster900

*Pascal - "Pascal.. what can I say that he doesn't say himself? He's equally trusted as Rae, and I wouldn't be here without him. Just as Rae has been at my side, so has Pascal. We three shared a lot of good times. Bonded closely in brotherhood. It's good to have him back in my life. I feel rather content with my brothers near by. I hope his business continues to thrive. He's earned what he has." Pysir

Romantic Interest:
Nope - Married


*Fronslin - "He's grown to become one of the few people I consider a true friend and trust in. He's shared his wisdom with me and given me guidance on many things. He's an invaluable figure in my life." Fronslin

*Jerr'co - "He's a good man. I have yet to have a dull time with him. Even started calling him 'Uncle Jerr' to my children.~ My pick is definitely better.~" The Tottot


*Jaden - "Jaden and I haven't always gotten along. As a matter of fact there was a time he and I'd likely have willingly performed mortal combat if given the chance. Time has changed this and for the better. At least for myself. I've grown to respect him, though I don't always agree with his methods, but it matters little. I'm seeing him more as a family figure than I did in the past. I know he'd go to war for Ayda and our children if he had to and that alone is enough to let any past grudge or bad mood vanish in the wind. I'm still trying to understand him.. I may never fully but it matters little. Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable enough to tell him how much I respect him." CloakedReaper

*Thôrdil - "This man has left a lasting impression on me. Master smith, Thôrdil Bárúmur. He took the time to school me in politics and gave me much to consider. I've respected him as long as I've known him and I enjoy each chance I get to speak with him. Despite knowing he'd much rather cut the chatter and get back to work." Jazzper

*Darius - "I like him. Loud, enthusiastic and fun to watch make a fool of himself. I think we may get along just fine...hopefully he won't accidentally break another Makani..." Feraligatrdesu

*Aelyth - "Absolutely adorable child. Nwalme's little spawn. She's sweet, and quite wise for her age. I'm sure she gets that from her father though." Elz

*Iskvander - "A member of Nwalme's court. He seems to house a grand intelligence, and I appreciate the way he carries himself. From the way others have spoken.. it must not be easy being a pale moor?" Vincentius

*Raven Veiloros - "Murderous, dangerous, vile and insufferable. Qualities I can admire in a way. He will be family soon, and so I will continue to try to earn his respect in my own way. I find him less of a monster every time I speak to him. There is a lot I can learn from him, and I hope one day he sees me as more than Silver Trash. Who am I kidding? He loves me.~" Ozzy

*Koldash Veiloros - "I met him only once so far, and I already find his company amusing." ShaolinPunk

*Sugar - "She is good company. Ayda likes her.. enough so I think she left an impression on her.~ I haven't laughed like that.. in years..." Ruu

*Dum'ni Plug - "I've learned of his passing and I was swept with a strange feeling. Unfinished business with my old friend. Things I'd wanted to learn and will never get the chance. I wanted to learn of the Animancy he spoke of, I wanted to learn more about that Planer.. shadow thing. I don't often mourn passing.. but I did briefly mourn Dum'ni. For the loss of a friend and the knowledge I will never posses." dUMMY

*Sycamore - "She's very interesting. She's probably been the nicest person to me. The first I've found myself liking immediately. It's a strange feeling." Raykaystar

*Carlos - "He's growing on me. Not sure if it's good or bad, but I don't actively dislike him anymore. So that's a plus in his direction. I know it's not easy for him. His brother and everything.." MrMine

*Segar - "Segar Strand.. he reminds me much of his father, but with less flair. That will likely come with age though, I can only hope. I am keeping an eye on him. He isn't exactly subtle in his interest in Laisa." French Roast

Loose Acquaintances:

*Kyth - "Seems like a gentle soul. Gave her a tour of Slyannen. She seemed to really enjoy the animals. Hopefully she opens that bakery she talked about." Angel

*Raalvara - "I'm not very acquainted with her. My wife adores her though and in turn that makes her on some level, even the smallest degree, important. She's been good to Tania as well, training her fairly. This is appreciated and over all the woman has my respect, as she's been only respectful to me. Despite our.. first meeting being a tense one. I hope to see her go far in life.. and to observe it as she does." Raal

*James - "He's a Varyn." (Mostly a placeholder. lol) TheDeester

*Kethron - "I've not spent much time with him, but the times I have spoken to him he's proven to be a competent man and worthy of conversation with. I'd like to pick his brain more sometime..." Heie

*Arthur - "He's always seemed a bit arrogant to me, but here recently I've seen a different side of him. Humbled perhaps? He's experienced much loss as many have, but I feel there is a big change in him. Maybe this will spark some revelation within him and he will stand tall.. or he will be swept under the currents and forgotten. Time will tell." Morbid

*Mikael - "Certainly an eager young man. He's ambitious, imbued with the confidence of youth and ready to make his mark on the world. That said his confidence can come across as a heavy arrogance or cocky attitude. I'll see about trying to help him adjust his forward projected person to better assist with a smoother involvement with those he seeks favor. I've currently got him training with Kit. She will help sort some of this out as well. I am.. hopeful? Yes.. that's a good word. I am hopeful for this one. I'm almost starting to actually like him. May he continue to impress." Mandres

*Hy - "Only recently met her, but she's already shown she is determined in her duties. She showed patience and grace when most would have just ran a sword through the oaf... I am curious to see how she will evolve..." Hyliade

*Kopii - "Kopii is Leo's teacher and a powerful Formist. There was some.. discord with the family and Kopii but hopefully I've sorted that out and things can begin moving in a positive direction. I think Kopii just needs some time to be understood. Time will tell how this all unfolds though. For now I'll remain friendly and supportive and assume everything is just that, moving in a positive direction despite the things I hear." Omikuji

*Kam - "She's the mother of Jerr'co and a close friend of Cymic. Every encounter with her has been pleasant. She's respectful as much I suppose an Earthspawn can be, and I've heard tales of her battle prowess. I'd certainly not want to be on the opposite end of her. Hell.. Jerr shattered my shoulder and arm just playing.. I definitely don't want to imagine what would happen if I pissed her off.." Kamaoe

*Gilligan - "I'm not entirely sure what to make of him. I've not had much time to study him in detail, but he seems skittish but also prone to over excitement and I've learned I believe that his connection with Formistry magics have now made him extremely connected to plants? Or he's just really particular about plants..sickening so. Leo seems to hold him in a respectful light and so I will approach with this in mind. I do find him to be a curious creature.." Samwych

*Vashti - "Not entirely sure what to think of this one. She comes off like a slacker and a trouble maker. Though these could just be projections to hide some internal torment or damaged goods. Then again she may just be that carefree. I've had little interaction with her and her pet Virnaak. She does amuse me, despite apparently hating Tania?" Charybdis

*Virnaak - "Quiet and seems easily controlled or manipulated by Vashti. I literally know nothing nor have even a rough enough opinion of this one to say anything beyond that." Vincentius

*Tamaura - "An eager little caparii. She didn't decide to stay in Slyannen, but I am just glad to know she found a nice place to call home." Sailing_Elf

*Mireille - "One of those being trained by Kit. Fun to watch when she's around Pelican. I do wonder if she will ever refine into something more than a goof. I suppose I will continue to observe this one." Bertie99R

*Elacan - "Pelican, he's not very bright, and he's not very sneaky. One thing he does well though? He does test Kit's patience and that's always fun to watch. Though I can't get over that plan to remove his hands and replace them with swords.. or wait a sword and a hammer! Just make them changeable? I think I'm on to something..." aidoninja

*Hae - "She seems so familiar... not too sure why though. She's definitely gotten my attention. That said, she is fun. I've never seen Cedlas so red.~" Samiwashere

*Elizabeth - "Elizabeth Kane. This one grows increasingly more interesting the more I speak with her, despite her warnings against that which I pursue. While I won't be so brazen to assume I know her well, I do find that she seems to genuinely care for those around her. Inquisitive and curious with a keen intelligence. Perhaps this is why I find myself in some ways unguarded when I am in her presence despite my lack of fully trusting her. For now I will continue to indulge in conversations with her and press to observe who she further becomes." NIAH

*Charles - "Much like his sister I remember when they were younger, spending their time at the Landing. Also much like his sister he's grown to be a figure of respect for many. Myself included. I kept a distance from him and his sister in their youth. The name Kane tends to come with danger, but Charles doesn't strike me as a man like his father or the image his father was best known for. I'm curious where else life will lead this one." Lannis

*Theodosia - "I've only spoken with this caparii a couple times but she seems nice enough." lycana

*Cedlas - "Similar, but not. He lets me have my fun, and seems to step out of his way to keep me content sometimes. Not sure if it's because he enjoys me, or if he's just worried someone will get hurt. Either way I'm starting to like him.." Swiftspear

*Amelia Flint - "Too uptight, and no fun! - Booorinnnngggg~ " Samiwashere

*Smoke Demon(Florencia/Unknown) - "I admit, you were fun to interact with, but I'm claimed now. Ayda doesn't seem to be a fan of the games you play. That said, in all seriousness, I still wouldn't mind learning more of the knowledge you hold in that head of yours." Ruukasu Lawliet

*Percy - "Not much to note for now other than another story teller." ( Creampuff Boy )

*Star - "Just from first impression. She's very friendly, though a bit too eager and naive." ( ToastySpam )


*Naushe Kearny -"Interesting fellow. Seems to possess a patience profound or doesn't like to hit the mentally disabled. A drinker.. curious if I can get him to drink some Absinthe sometime.." Jovee

*Jackdaw - "She reminds me of some of the street rabble I used to run with when I was younger. Gutter rats, thieves, killers, crooks, and rebels. I'm unsure if she possesses the intellect to actually elevate herself to make use of that sort of life as I did.. or if she is just as dumb and useless as the trash I used as stepping stones to my own rise. Time will tell as she does have my interest.. a "dumbfuck with a deathwish" she called herself. We will see." ToastySpam

*Bertrand - "He's a military member of some sort? He's agreed to train Tania in his form of combat. A good man for all accounts I have learned. Few don't speak highly of him though, but you can't please everyone." Bowduim

*Nwalme - "He's a strong leader, but he's impatient and his attitude is why so many despise him. I can't bring myself to do anything but respect him though. He demanded I tell him what I wanted, unfortunately I didn't want anything. Only to better understand the man. Then again, he doesn't seem the type to like those who aren't puppets. He wanted Telarion and the city of Slyannen? He shoved away the one man who could have given it to him." blargtheawesome

*Azariah - "She is.. crazy. That said, she is still the mother of the love of my life. I don't know if I have the energy to impress her and Raven both, but I'll do my best. Honestly. I should probably dedicate more energy to her. Oh well.." Ayda

*Forrest - "He's come across as an honorable man. I don't exactly trust "honorable" men. Ayda doesn't treat him poorly or in a negative fashion. That's enough for me to be more cautious in developing my own opinion." LeftwardElk

*Tryg Strand - "He seems a kind enough man. I like when he tells stories.. he puts his body into it.~" godfather1

*Cymic - "Appears like a walking, talking, breathing joke." Cymic_

*Arianne - "Still an odd one. You seem more fun than I originally suspected. Not ever going to let you play with my tongue though.~ Strange One. Rossu

*Emeric - "Your view of me is exactly as I'd expect. If you'd thought anything else of me, I'd have worried whether you actually cared for your sister. Though you need not worry." CyberChaosV2


*Andre Ursae - "Honestly I don't even know what to think of him anymore. He's changed so much and not for the better. It matters not to me if I'm being truthfully honest for we've not been close in some time. Perhaps I broke my favorite puppet?"UmbraSicarius

Suspicious Of:


*Valstorm - "He should be glad to be alive." BO5508


Meh: (Literally what he says when talking about these people)

*Fabi - "Random oaf who came into the Greynor. He's lucky to still be alive after the display he put on. Had any of those honor bound sorts been present he'd likely be missing his hands..That said I did enjoy his display. It was good for a laugh."

*Tohm - "Left a sour impression when he approached me about my daughter, Eva. Given, who knows what she told him to make him so standoffish. Then again, he could just be a shit. Either way I could careless if I ever see you again." Tohm

*Gael - "Gael is someone I've not spent much time personally speaking with but I've observed him from near several times. A recent and personal observation of when he handled Mikael and his ambitious attitude towards the arcane in a fair and calm fashion. He didn't try to scare him or intimidate him. It was a solid and agreeable approach to the subject. Recently joined the Guardians and whether this is for the better in the long run it is unknown.. though his experience and knowledge is of course welcomed gladly into the order, and rightly so. " Scardrac
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