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]General Information:
Name: Charles Kane
Other Names:
Titles: Duke of Kalstaat, 'Architect', Titanborn
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Queensport
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: High Nobility

]Physical Appearance:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale, unblemished by the northern sun.
Shape of Face: Square
Distinguishing Features: Charles carries himself with the easy grace and dignity of one bred into the highest echelons of society. He bears the distinctive characteristics of his lineage, with a well-carved face and sturdy figure that deny a subtle presence.
Build of Body: Solid
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Closely cropped
Complexion: Fair
Posture: Charles rarely relaxes or breaks stance. His posture reflects his confidence and vigilance.
Scars: Has a few scrapes from reckless sparring, but nothing visible when clothed.
Henry Cavill

Beneficial traits:
>Determined: Once set upon a goal, he will rarely forfeit at any cost.
>Self-assured: Charles does not comprehend the notion of failing because he is inadequate, and rarely considers a situation too dire for him to salvage.
>Calculating: Charles has a keen mind for strategy and preparation, and approaches problems from many angles until he is satisfied with a solution.

Detrimental traits:
>Arrogant: Charles believes himself to be the standard for greatness. He considers very few to approach being his equal.
>Uncompromising: The ends justify the means, and Charles is always sure of his ends.
>Overconfident: Charles sometimes does profoundly dumb things because he thinks he'll be able to pull them off.
>Blunt: Charles cares little for mixing words or wasting time. Diplomacy has its place, but he cares more for results.

Mood character is most often in: Serious.
Sense of humor: Dry and well-cultured.
Character’s greatest joy in life: Quiet moments, alone or with his sister.
Character’s greatest fear: Dying alone and unaccomplished.
Why?: Charles is fixated on the notion that he will only be satisfied by accomplishing something extraordinarily beyond the abilities of a mortal man. It would be a shame to fail before he's done.
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil?: The ultimate loss of his sister.
Character is most at ease when: With Elizabeth.
Most ill at ease when: Confronting demons within.
Depressed or sad when: Feeling he has failed.
Life philosophy: Mastery is found in chasing heights you are never content with.
If granted one wish, it would be: Wishes are for those incapable of claiming what they desire.
Character’s soft spot: Suffering that he can relate to. Children.
Is this soft spot obvious to others?: Reasonably
Greatest strength: Determination
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Hubris
Biggest regret: His schism with Elizabeth.
Minor regret:
Biggest accomplishment: Guiding the fight against the blight.
Minor accomplishment: Probably brother of the year, after holding vigil at the Sisterhood temple for her return.
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: Why he ended his relationship with Raalvara
Why?: It indicates a particular aspect of his dysfunction that he would prefer to keep guarded.
Character’s darkest secret:
Does anyone else know?:

Short Term Goals:
>Lay groundwork

Long Term Goals:
>Unite the realm

Wardrobe: Charles usually wears a finely made gambeson, with additionally padded sleeves with some spare bits of armor on them.
Jewelry: Fleur's ring
Prized Possessions:

Pets/Animals: None
Owned Homes: Kalstaat
Carried Inventory: Some coin, a satchel for any odds and ends he encounters.
General Inventory: More or less what he carries, with a few extra sets of clothing.
General Wealth: Will likely never have to worry about running out.
Weaponry: Various, usually a longsword or spear. Occasionally: Saber, dagger

Illnesses: None
Allergies: None
Injuries: None
Sleeping Habits: Fairly minimal, but enough to function.
Energy Levels: Average
Eating Habits: Healthy.
Exercise Habits: Disciplined
Memory: Strong
Unhealthy Habits:
Drinking Habits: Low

Birthplace: Queensport
Childhood: Charles spent the formative years of his life being raised by Brennard and Alison. Though with his share of fond memories, he internalized his parent's greatness from a young age and set high expectations that he assumed were theirs. His main solace was in his sister, who was the only other to fully appreciate the context of their childhood.
Teen Years: His teen years were spent pursuing what he believed would make eventually support his ambitions. Also spent mostly in Queensport.

Family History: Charles' mother was the first generation of Kane to hold a royal title. Though their claim has dwindled, Charles wishes to succeed this legacy.
Past Places of Residences: Queensport palace/castle
Places Traveled: Most corners of the continent.
Languages: Common, Rede, Lavoye.

Peaceful or violent: Charles prefers to avoid needless violence, but has no qualms with it when it is convenient.
Weaponry: Most accomplished with swords, but holds basic competence in most styles of weaponry.
Combat Training: Charles has received a comprehensive education befitting his stature from a relatively young age. Tempered by practical experience, he has grown to be a well-developed swordsman.

]Training & Skills:
>Fencing (Classically trained+experience)
>Horseback riding (Trained+experience)
>Strategy (Trained+experience)

>Throwing weapons (Experience)
>Spears (Experience)

]Other Trivia:
Occupation: Duke
Favorite Types of Food:
Favorite Types of Drink:
Hobbies/Pastimes: Horseback riding, cartography
Favorite Colors: Gold, blue

Relevant Family Members: Brennard, Alison, Elizabeth, Aleksandar
Romantic Interests:
Trusted Friends: Jaden, Podric, Otto
Friendly With: Raalvara, Leofaren, Kopii
Loose Acquaintances:
Disfavored Individuals: Tirius, Prochazka
Wary Of:

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]Detailed Relations:


Alison Kane (Mother) Elz
Charles wishes she had been something different, and quietly hopes she will be. But she does not seem to have changed enough for him to forgive her.

Brennard Westmay (Father) Mitch
Charles' father has finally found peace in death that he never had in life.

Elizabeth Kane (Compass) NIAH
Elizabeth is the only loved one that Charles has, and means the world to him. His sentiment is reflected on their sigil; twin pillars supporting the future of their house. Their differences are what make them strong together, and Charles is not-quietly proud of her capability. He will always be protective of her, but trusts her to take care of herself when he's not around. Charles has few reservations in matters pertaining to her safety, and would do a great many unpleasant things if it meant keeping her safe.
Charles trusts Elizabeth for guidance, and for them to balance each other out. They both pursue victory above most else, but he trusts one of them to have reasonable reservations in any given situation.

Aleksandar Kane (Brother) Solus
Charles has said what he needed to say to find peace, but suspects that little has changed between him and Aleksandar. He still thinks Aleksandar should have managed to be the adult, and that he has not yet grown out of that failing.

Jaden (Right hand) CloakedReaper
Jaden is one of the very few that Charles considers to approach a comparable degree of competence as himself and his sister. The ranger is clever, powerful, and reliable, and Charles takes their friendship to be the sort that is understood more than it is expressed.

Leofaren (Duty) Shankster
Charles knows they have disagreed, and does not assume that Leofaren has forgiven him. Despite this, Leofaren saved his life, and fulfills his duties diligently.

Podric (Crusader) Luam
His strength lies in his conviction, but it too can be a liability. Charles respects his determination, but knows now to measure it carefully before utilizing it.

Raalvara (Volatile) Raal
Charles remembers in equal measure why he left her, and why he fell for her. He cares for her as a friend, and is concerned for her current situation.

Lisbet (Ignored red flags) Elz
Feelings were not part of the deal, and Charles cut them before they grew thorns. He does care for her, but that is a path he thinks irresponsible to take.

Otto (Determined) Paint
The boy is capable and brave. Charles hopes he can teach him to think critically of those above him, and not follow quite so blindly. Convenient as it may be.

Reivos (Strongarm) Niko
The bird is more powerful than anticipated.

]The Agreeable:
Nikoloche (Double-edged sword) Niko
Far too careless with his powers. He may be useful, but Charles is not inclined to rely on him.

Ater (Carefree) Magiik
Charles enjoys his humor in doses, but the Sooleran has perhaps grown too comfortable with it. Charles thinks him useful, reliable, and largely agreeable, but thinks he lacks the necessary respect.

Lilith (Helpful) Arcana
Charles considers her useful to have under their employ, but thinks she lacks the initiative to do much independently. She is reliable enough.

Ashna (Receptive) Solus
They found an understanding before the blight's end. If not friends, he does consider her an ally.

Fleur (Flur) Smurf
It was passing curiosity.

James (Tyrant) TheDeester
Charles thinks he is much like Brennard. He sees what he might have become in James, were he not Charles Kane.

Grey (Self-righteous) Estes241
Charles has spent more time staring into this man's eyes than he did with Raalvara. .

Olive(Mildly Crazy) Smurf
You could probably make about half a brick wall out of the Formists' various stone limbs, and conversing with her is like talking to a full one.

Gilligan (Healer) Samwych
A curious fellow, and not entirely disagreeable. The display in the final cave was like meeting a whole new person. He will Killigan.

Hartwin (Guard) blargtheawesome
The man struck Charles as not being wholly sincere in his praise of the generosity of nobles, and his casual intention of correcting Charles' speech gave him the impression that his degree of deference is more appropriate to the city guard.

Nwalme (Disrespect) blargtheawesome
Charles takes Nwalme to be the sort of man that is accustomed to bullying his way into getting what he wants. He knows the dance of politics and the games that are played, but Charles thinks his tactics to be out of touch and classless. Nonetheless, his offer was interesting, but Charles will make rather than accept one.

Sigmar (Child) Archbishop
Sigmar is a child with worthy, but not uncommon aspirations. Charles makes some effort to see that he is taken care of, but does not consider him much past this.

Kethron (Naive)
He did not even understand why we chided him. Charles considers him a fool to place such stock in an agent of their great foe that has already lied to them.

Kitrana (Insubordinate)
The woman has displayed a stunning capacity to neither understand strategy nor place stock in those who do. Charles will not rely on her further.

Francis (Lost) BoredBrit
Charles considers the amiable, lighthearted Francis to be gone to them. He does not know where his anger will lead, but does not think their next duel would end with words.

Tirius (Conspiracy)
I trusted my instincts. If only Father had.

Alexander Prochazka (Barbarian)
Only dogs do not know discipline, honor. You seem unfamiliar with either.
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"Charles' Private Moments"

"Sensual Seduction"

"Did I leave the stove on in Queensport?"
-Commissioned by Niah
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Distinguishing Features: Charles looks like the teen antagonist of an 80s movie where the protagonists are scrappy and the main character is a dog.
Beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

Edit: Fully read the profile, already my new favorite character.
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