[Closed] Spawn Build Contest #2- Voting

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VOTING Build Contest #2 for Spawn, new Tavern/Inn

Deadline is: 28th February, 2017

WINNER is Entry 3 with Sankera !
We'll be following through with using the tavern of Entry 3 for the upcoming Storm's Landing updates.
You've received 20k for contribution you've made towards our goals. And we hope to have your help moving forward in creating builds for spawn. More on this on our next announcement and player contribution.
Participants will receive 5k for their participation.

Thank you all for voting!


This'll be short and simple and near or less a copy and paste of the previous voting thread. There are 3 entries for spawn's new Tavern/Inn that were built within the time allowed. To see these builds in person, do /warp entry# (1-3), and you'll find them. They've been region protected so that no griefing can occur.
How to Vote
I'll be posting all the entries below separately with quick screenshots. Please see them in-game for a better view. 'LIKE' the build post you approve of. You can like more than one entry. To keep things consistent- Player Loves will not count. This thread will be locked. Discuss Spawn {Here}! Remember- the blocks used and style will be used for Spawn, going forward.

Entry 1:
In game name:
Build Coordinates: X:-45 Y:22 Z:125.

/warp entry1

Entry 2:
In game name:
Build Coordinates: X:-92 Y:11 Z:-53

/warp entry2

Entry 3:
In game name:
Build Coordinates: X:78 Y:4 Z:97

/warp entry3


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Voting has now closed.
Thank you to all the Entries and all the voters, we now have a winner!

And they have all received their required prize money as promised. :D
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