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Just a basic nothing fancy profile for now. Will update and adjust later. Updates will be in this color.

Name: Connor Blackwood.
Age: 26
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Relationship: Happily taken.
Social Status: General of Azerwind, and a Fortune Runner in service to Jax.

~~~~~Appearance Stuff~~~~~

eight: 6'0-6'1

Weight: 215-220lbs.

Hair: Expresso, or Dark Brown. Cut jaw length.

Eyes: Emerald Green.

Hygiene: Generally staying as clean and well groomed as possible.

Skin: Naturally fair, but has some light tanning.

Facial Features: His face is a soft expression, generally appears to be sad, or in deep thought. Think resting sad face, melancholy.

Physical Build: He's stout and stoic built with broad shoulders. His hands are very calloused.

Scars: No visable scars to note at a glance. Though he does have several acquired by means of his trade, nothing major.

Posture: Being of noble birth he carries himself as such with good posture and his chin up. Though he does tend to relax himself depending on his mood or the company he is in.

Clothing/Possessions/Items of note:
Currently sporting:
*Satchel containing a few small blocks of wood and a carving knife.
*Steel plate. An Azerwind color'd cloak draped over his shoulder.
*Purple sash around his waist to show his dedication and worship to Jax
*He always wears his silver raven pendant.
*Heater shield bearing his family crest.
*Arming sword at his side. Sometimes alternating between it and his bastardsword.
*A Steel Great Axe on his back. A gift from his formal General, Reid. He said it "Kept him lucky".
*His shield now has 4 large scratch marks across it from blocking a Griffin's strike.
*Gold coin necklace can now be seen dangling over his chest, even in armor he allows it to be visible.

*Good Company
*Quiet Nights.
*Hanging out in taverns watching the desperate men try to pick up women.
*Hanging around taverns for whatever may happen in general.

*Unwarranted Violence.
*Those who forget their place within the Hierarchy.
*Cruel actions.
*Those who exhibit lack of respect not just for authority but for anyone who deserves it.

*Skilled in combat and military strategy.
*Can adapt when needed.
*Refuses to give up.
*Quick thinking.
*Honest Soul
*Incredibly loyal.
*Heavily honor bound. Will uphold any Oath he pledges.

*Not a quick learner, it can take him many attempts to get something above simple complexities correct.

*Has no real experience in any other profession. Making him almost ignorant beyond combat means.

*Can be too rash acting fearlessly in certain scenarios.

*Is blunt, which can easily make him appear callous.

*His Honor. Though also a strength can be a great weakness.

*Too stubborn at times.

*Has fear of failure.


*Never being good enough.
*Dying before making a name for himself and bringing honor to his family.
*Failure to uphold an Oath he pledges.
*The day he is forced to break an Oath.

*Every moment he spends with Amelia.
*His Family name.

~~~~~~Random Facts:~~~~~~
*While being a military figure, yes. He does prefer to avoid conflict if he can.
*He prefers a sword and shield approach, but can use other styles and means.
*Spends a great deal of time training his body, and recently taken to training himself with various weapons to keep himself sharp. This has caused a lot of his chub to work it'self off.

Education: Blackwoods are raised at an early age on combat and academia. Majority of his education is in warfare.

Languages: Common.

General Attitude: Casually vigilant.

Religion: Jax

General Intelligence: Keen.

General Sociability: Can be very social, but depends on the atmosphere, sometimes preferring to sit silently and just listen and observe.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Generally)

Short Term Goals:
*Currently he seeks to improve his standing within Azerwind. Proving his worth and loyalty. (He's been promoted to General.)

*Try to learn a new language. Undecided.

*Improve his standing within the Fortune Runners.

Long Term Goals:
* He seeks to be renowned for one or many great deeds bringing honor to his family name.

*Perform admirably as Azerwind's General, and serve successfully.

*Maintain a steady relationship with Amelia.

Favorite Types of Food: Meats.

Favorite Types of Drink: Hard stuff.

Hobbies/Pastimes: Keeping his skills sharp, and carving various trinkets or things.

Favorite Colors: Royal Blue, Black, and Red.
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*Amelia: "You remind me what it's like to be a person. Not a tool or a weapon for someone to make use of. I do love you, even though I think I make that hard to see sometimes. I'm working on it though. You've opened me up to feeling again. Something I shut off assuming it for the best that I only focus on my duties and nothing more. Opening me up to the idea I am worth loving. That happiness outside of duty is possible." Samiwashere

*Tavia: "She injected, pushed, and forced herself into my life. Originally I felt disdain, then I found myself going to Storm's Landing just to see her. I fell in love with her. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of more than my duty. I know my feelings are one sided, and nothing will come of it. I just hope she stays happy." Samiwashere

*Percy: "He was the first person I opened up to and found a solid friendship in. The only person I told about Tav. I just wish I knew where he went. My friend." Creampuff Boy

*Veri: "I've been around her enough to find a level of respect for her. Her dedication to Citrine is admirable and I respect it." godfather1

*Queen Citrine: "While I find her to be too carefree and too eager to trust. I admire her greatly. I will fight for her, and I will die to protect her. My Queen, I am yours to command. "Samiwashere

*Cymic: "The King of Sangria and for that I show respect. I didn't initially care for him. That opinion has since changed. As a member of the Fortune Runners, with an off chance of learning more about him and his devotion to Jax.." Cymic_

*Astrid: "Cymic's daughter. She's a cute kid, and certainly has some spunk. Hopefully her father doesn't ruin her." Ruu

*Agnar: "I do enjoy his energy. He radiates confidence and it's infectious." Kamaoe

*Kitrana: "I find her to be very good company. The serious, no nonsense personality is welcomed. I'd much like to know her better, and learn more of the House she serves." godfather1

*Andre: "He seems.. off. We've only met once and I am highly unimpressed with him." UmbraSicarius

*Tryg: "How can I not respect him? I'd like to drink with him again some time." godfather1


Loose Acquaintances:

Suspicious Of:
*Asero: "I don't know much about him. My Queen has not spoken much on the topic of him and I've been warned to keep a close eye on him. I will do just that." Electric


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280 is still ridiculous. that's modern bodybuilder on steroids level, if achievable at all
I will say, trimming the weight down just a tad might be necessary. But then again, there's a lot of weights on a lot of characters that make little to no sense for their race.


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I don't know weights very well but going through the first couple of pages of human male character profiles I don't think theres anyone but maybe one who pushes 210lbs.


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280 is still ridiculous. that's modern bodybuilder on steroids level, if achievable at all
I mean, I did do personal training for awhile. So maybe that's just where my weights are coming from. Thor Bjornsson is 6'9 400+lbs last I heard as an actual strong man in the profession and he's pretty proportional to his weight. I just took into consideration real medieval life was a chore all in itself and manual labor alone builds muscle and burns calories and can equate to fairly physical bodies. Most warrior types would generally be lean or hefty in regards to what they do versus modern times now. I'll trim it though. Thanks for the heads up guys.

Edit: I wasn't looking for Connor to be your typical lean cut, rippling abs. He does have a some heft to him. He's a big guy. XD
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So, running with the fact he isn't a total muscle madness character with lean abs and over the top bulging arms, the setting, and life style, taking the provided chart into it. 220lbs? That's about the size Ben Affleck was in BvsS.


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So, running with the fact he isn't a total muscle madness character with lean abs and over the top bulging arms, the setting, and life style, taking the provided chart into it. 220lbs? That's about the size Ben Affleck was in BvsS.
Sounds good to me