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General Information:

Name: Constance
Other Names:

Age: 8
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: No
Current Residence: ---
Relationship Status: ---
Social Status: Peasant

Physical Appearance:

Height: 4ft 3 in
Weight: 52 lbs
Eye Color: Blue green
Skin Color: Light
Shape of Face: Very angular
Distinguishing Features: Nothing that amazingly stands out
Build of Body: A beanpole
Hair Color: A golden brown
Hair Style: Braided off to one shoulder
Complexion: Clean as she can manage
Posture: Puts effort into sitting up straight and keeping her chin held high
Is Seen By Others As: A mousy child trying to act proper
Scars: None

Voice: Raffey Cassidy

Likes: + Emily, her doll + Grapes
Dislikes: + Disappointing people + Lying
Strengths: + A good servant + Eager to please + Honest
Weaknesses: + Impressionable
Fears: + Disappointing people + The Pantheon + Angering people
Values: + Honesty
Education: + Little to none. Knows her letters.
Languages: + Common
General Attitude: + Driven to act like a proper lady and to be polite. + Makes effort to not be too exciteable. + Tries to act far more mature than she is. +
Religious Inclination: + Inclined to fear them. Was never taught to worship them.
General Intelligence: + Up to your interpretation.
General Sociability: + Eager to please. Proper, polite, and puts on the best show of trying to impress the adults with how mature she is.
Alignment: Too young to really have any sort of alignment. More Lawful Good if I had to label at this age.

Short Term Goals:
+ Find her parents
+ Repay Azure

Long Term Goals:
+ Become the best Housekeeper she can

Wardrobe: + Overly large blue/gray dress. Cinched at the waist with a rope cord.
Jewelry: --

Pets/Animals: --

Owned Homes: --

Carried Inventory: + Emily, her doll
General Inventory: Nothing she doesn't already carry

General Wealth: + Paltry amount of radiants

Illnesses: Epilepsy
Allergies: --
Injuries: --
Sleeping Habits: About as expected
Energy Levels: Reserved
Eating Habits: Usually hungry, not often fed enough
Exercise Habits: Meh?
Memory: As expected
Unhealthy Habits: Nothing much yet
Drinking Habits: Nerp

Birthplace: She's not sure

Childhood: Went with her family until they finally settled in Azerport after its abandonment. Living on the outskirts. Constance was kept in the dark by her family, but her father, Alfred, was a grifter and a scavenger. Marion was a wench and wingman. They often left Constance alone in places as they went to do shady deals, to scavenge abandoned houses, to do various cons. Marion swore to keep Constance away from it all and tried to instill better morals in the girl than either of the parents had in hopes she'd have a better life. Alfred decided to leave the girl at the Crossroad's, sure someone would take to the mild-mannered and polite thing. Unfortunately, Constance was not in on that plan and was left to wait for them to return for her.

Teen Years:


Past Places of Residences:

Places Traveled:

Peaceful or violent: Extremely peaceful

Weaponry: --

Combat Training: --

Training & Skills:
None yet

Other Trivia:
Occupation: Child
Favorite Types of Food: Grapes
Favorite Types of Drink: No real preference
Hobbies/Pastimes: Playing with her doll
Favorite Colors: Blue

Relevant Family Members: Alfred (Father), Marion (Mother)
Romantic Interests:
Trusted Friends: Azure Cerridwen
Friendly With: Jack Tilaire
Loose Acquaintances: Jacob Rekelak, Nireth Cerridwen, Akasha Zima'maloj, Merry
Disfavored Individuals:
Wary Of:

Immerael Sir Saltington Lady Alec SF_Joshua
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I think that's the same kid I used for Dawn's reference... I hope she doesn't turn out the same way... ; )


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2manycharacters. The culling has come.

After running away from the Cerridwens on a fool's misison to find her parents, Constance found that the world was not so kind. Hunger took her in the end while she scoured the ghost town of Azerport.


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While I'm not sure I"m on board with the trope for her, this was at least accurate: " to purge an unnecessary character who wandered in"

I played her for a short time and had to so something with her before she evolved into an orphan assassin. ;)
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