Poster Declarations of the Light


Lord of Altera
Posters are plastered onto message boards in Thorne, Storm's Landing, Queen's Port, and Linlea, with the following written.

The City of Thorne has be abandoned for too long, and this will be rectified. From here-on, Sir Podric Flanders has proclaimed himself the Lord of Thorne. He will relinquish this Lordship if it is deemed that a proper heir to the House of Bayard is found to carry on the Late Duc Bayard's Legacy. The city will be repaired, and the fields will be sown with crops once more. Faithful men and women of the Lightbringer are encouraged to find Sir Podric within the city, if they wish to give their lives for the Lightbringer through the Church d'Artois.

Alongside this, the Lightbringer Herself has seen fit to re-instate the Nobility of one Francis MacRammbar. He will from here-on be considered Francis de Courtnay once more, having lost this title after being unjustly murdered by a rat of Hawklight. As the firstborn son of the Late Maceo de Courtnay, Sir Podric has stepped down as Regent of the Branche du Lyon, and handed over the Castle of Haven to the Lord Francis. Let it be known that this may not be contested, as a sign from the Heavens has made this fact.
Blessed of Synnove and Lord of Thorne