Poster Declarations of the Lion


Lord of Altera

Posters are plastered to message boards in Ackerland, Haven, Chateau d'Ciel, and Storm's Landing. The announcement is also spread by word of mouth and is in response to {this thread} and {this post}.

It finds me with sorrow that my nephew Francis de Courtnay has thought it fit during this time of Plague to plunder and ruin the temples and shrines dedicated to Ignis on lands that not only belong to his own brother, but to claim leadership of the Branch du Lyon of the House de Courtnay and its assets after the Lord Podric Flanders stepped down as Regent. He has left shrines built by his own father in ruins and stolen great amounts of gold, marble, quartz and other valuable assets of the land of Haven. I call for him to return these Holy Artifacts else be labeled a traitor and a thief by the House de Courtnay.

Let it be known that the only true heir to the Branch du Lyon and subsequently the House de Courtnay is Mathieu de Courtnay and secondly his sister, Arielle de Courtnay. Due to my nephew's traitorous acts toward the House and the Land of Haven I, the Duchess Fleur de Courtnay III, Lady of the House Courtnay and the Matriarch of the Branch du Cheval will take the position as the one and only Regent of the Branch du Lyon until my nephew, Mathieu, comes of age. If someone truly worthy of this position presents themselves I will gladly relinquish this title to them so that our House may work wholly to fight this plague once more. The land and castle of Haven are still, as they always have been, a place for peace and prayer led by the House de Courtnay. It will remain as it was left by my late cousin Maceo de Courtnay as a seat for the Branch du Lyon.

The House de Courtnay was built off of a bond between family. To break this bond and grab for power what is rightfully your own brother's, to destroy the legacy of your own father by plundering and stealing from the Shrines of God that he had erected, and to wholly ignore the doctrine of your own Holy Faith are all acts of shame smeared upon this house and will not be tolerated. Do not mistake this message as anything other than a call for peace so that we may once more focus on what truly matters; ridding our world of the Plague that threatens it.

Light Guide,