[Desert City] Aelmere {Moderate}


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Aelmere was founded by House Wise upon the discovery of valuable gemstones within the black mountains. In thanks for such a grand strike of luck and in hopes of furthering his favorable fate, Lord Remi Wise constructed the Temple to Jax. Thus, Aelmere turned into both a center of faith and a place of great wealth and industry. The desert oasis is the capital of the House Wise Empire, and is ruled by the Wise family. Anyone can settle in Aelmere, as it offers housing and work to all who come.

Aelmere can easily be traveled to. After arriving at spawn, just head forward towards the tavern, and you'll see three stables to your left. Hop into the left-most stable, and port over to Aelmere. It's right next to the port to Mockingbay.

As with any settlement, there are some OOC rules that are to be followed.
  1. Griefing will not be tolerated in any form. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Theft of Items
      • No removing books, artifacts, or decorations without knowledge and consent of region owners and the owners of the specific property in question.
      • No removing contents from chests without consent from the region owners
    • Altering/Adding Builds
      • If someone is given property within Aelmere, they may not alter the exterior of that build without consent of region owners.
      • No basements or additional rooms may be added without knowledge/consent.
      • No adding buildings without knowledge/consent.
  2. After a month of inactivity, the region owners have permission to empty abandoned residences and offer the houses to others. Possessions left within the chests become part of the town storage.
  3. The region is considered Moderate. This means that you need to ask consent from the people you're RPing with BEFORE engaging in violent RP. If your RP involves damage to the town/buildings/collection, ask consent of the region owners. Moderate means upfront communication, friends. See [x] for more information about consent.
  4. Residence/work is granted solely through RP. It is not guaranteed that it will be given. Visitors, however, are always welcome.
  5. Like in any other place, the server's rules must be followed. They can be found here: [x]
IC Laws
he city is governed by House Wise and its laws and judgement. Inside the walls of Aelmere common law is strictly enforced, however outside of the walls there is little enforcement resulting in common thievery, crime, and banditry. A full list of laws can be found here: [x]

Credit to Ddaug for making the original thread, which I took bits and pieces from.​
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Ddaug has given OOC ownership of the region to BoredBrit , if you have anything in the region that you want in a house, please come collect it at some point, some houses are currently being destroyed as well, items will be put in chests w/ names over them.