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⊲ Full Name: ⊳
Eira Verisiel Rhett Sigurd

⊲ Reason or meaning of name:
Eira - Welsh for "Snow"
Verisiel - Elven for "Queenly"
Rhett - Alanna's last name
Sigurd - Sif's last name

⊲ Birthday:
Thronesday 25th of Winterfest, 2259 - Season of Frost

⊲ Age:
20 years old

⊲ Gender:

⊲ Race:
She is a mix of both Forest and Silver Elf
She has more dominant Silver Elf features physically

⊲ Social Status:
Daughter of Alanna Rhett & Orvar Sif Sigurd

⊲ Sexuality:

⊲ Height:

⊲ Weight:
128 lbs

⊲ Date of Birth:
Thronesday 25th of Winterfest, 2259 - Season of Frost

⊲ Overall attractiveness:
She is a beautiful girl with shimmering hair and soft features

⊲ Homeland:
Vallee De Mai

⊲ Current Home:


⊲ Build:
She is thin, but not too skinny, a little muscle

⊲ Hair:
Silver to a bright white

⊲ Eyes:
{Bright green with silver specks}

⊲ Skin:
The skin is fair and white as snow

⊲ Identifying Marks:
Nothing so far.

⊲ Appearance:
She is a very beautiful silver elf girl

⊲ Clothing:
Dark dress with gold features

⊲ Hygiene:
Very clean

⊲ Voice:
Vera Keyes, Fallout New Vegas


⊲ Strengths:
Her ability to read and take knowledge in fast, her way of staying away from trouble
The new found courage she's had in the face of danger.

⊲ Fears:
People, she's moderately shy.
Savages, she's had her share.

⊲ Weaknesses:
Not a lot of interest in meeting new people

⊲ Intelligence:
Eira is an incredibly smart girl who reads faster than most
She is witty and a curious one

⊲ Languages:
Fluent in Elvish and Common
Bits and pieces of other languages she's learned back in Marr.


⊲ Overall:

⊲ Mental Disorders:

⊲ Emotional Stability:
She is emotionally stable

⊲ Mental Stability:
Mentally, she is stable and sane

⊲ Memory:
Eira has a rather good memory

⊲ Calming Down:
She rarely riles up, but she does calm down quickly

⊲ Sleep:
She gets lots of sleep that makes her healthy


⊲ Overall:

⊲ Speaking:
She has a naturally quiet and soothing voice, she speaks common regularly

⊲ Languages:
She knows Common, Elvish, Learning Old Arcturian & Fae

⊲ Making new friends:
She keeps to herself, but she can make friends if she likes
She's prefers to not speak when in crowds.

⊲ Trustworthiness:
Eira keeps secrets she thinks is necessary

⊲ Defusing hostile situations:
She usually steers herself away from any hostile situations
Has decided that attempting to talk then wouldn't help.

⊲ Winning arguments:
Eira steers herself from any arguments as well, but she likes to correct those that are wrong in things she understands

⊲ Lying:
Firm biblical lecture from her father says lying is a sin.

⊲ Romantic encounters:
She has not encountered any romance.
Sif wouldn't allow anyone to even breath in her vicinity


⊲ Overall:

⊲ Can Read/Write?:
Eira can do both very well. She can read pretty fast

⊲ Nobility:
Princess of Marr
The Honorable
A Doctor's Apprentice
A Baron's daughter.

⊲ Etiquette:
Eira is polite and has many manners

⊲ Warfare:
Her father is Sif Sigurd.
She reads about warfare, but learns most from her father

⊲ Mathematics:
Eira keeps her mathematics refreshed in her head

⊲ History:
Eira reads loads about Alteran History

⊲ Science:
She doesn't know much about science. She has skimmed over it through her readings

Medicine and Anatomy:
Eira has read about the anatomy and medicine
Her mother has taught her about treating minor injuries and first aid
She has taken lessons, and was an apprentice to Doctor Fulgrim

⊲ Agriculture:
Knows little about agriculture

⊲ The Arts (art history):
Eira has read over The Arts and the History

⊲ Music:
She does not know how to read music, or play it, but she is interested

⊲ Religion:

⊲ Overall:

⊲ Hand-to-Hand Combat:
She has begun using mainly her legs in this.

⊲ Bows and Crossbows:
Alanna has transferred some knowledge to Eira about archery, but Eira has not personally tried too much herself

⊲ Dodging Attacks:
She knows little, the most she's learned is to jump back and away from blades.


⊲ Sewing:
She has read up on it. She does occasional patching on her clothes

⊲ Gardening:
She has read up on gardening, she has experience with her own small, plotted plants in her room

⊲ Stone carving:
Read about it, hasn't tried it

⊲ Painting:
Sketches usually, but not a lot of experience

⊲ Sculpture:
Haven't tried it, but has learned little about it

⊲ Clay:
Learned little about clay

⊲ Stone:
Skimmed over Stone

⊲ Wood:
Skimmed over wood, but slightly learned to make things out of small pieces of wood

⊲ Metal smith:
Knows little, but has read up on it

⊲ Personality:
Huge interest in books, yet she keeps to herself.
She's also very kind hearted.

⊲ Religion or Cults:
Silas is someone she looks up to.
She is a devoted worshiper.

⊲ Short Term Goals:
Learn about the world around her
Get settled to the castle
Go to the Thiil Library
Go to her mother and father's coronation

Finish her medical studies
Find a house/place of her own

⊲ Long Term Goals:
Knowing Eira, perhaps owning her own bookshop
Speak to Silas again
Become a doctor

⊲ Place:
○ The silence of the castle in the North
○ The cold up in the North

⊲ Pastime:
○ Reading anywhere possible

⊲ Food:
○ Strawberries, like her mother
○ Blueberries

⊲ Drink:
○ Cranberry juice

○ White
○ Shades of red, blue, and black.

⊲ Animal:
○ Kittens and birds are her favourite
○ But she loves all animals

Least Favourite...
⊲ Place
○ Amongst massive crowds
○ The Dark

⊲ Pastime:
○ Sitting whilst listening to idle chatter
○ Being around people she doesn't know


◊ Loved ◊

Alanna Sigurd
"It's been so long since I've heard your voice. ."
Eira was close to her mother, and with her passing in the Old World she has become saddened. For now, she holds dear to her memory, attempting to preserve it through her long life.

Sif Sigurd
"We are the last of us."
Eira and her father are the last of the Sigurd bloodline. She knows her father is far too paranoid and distrusting to be with another woman and try another family, so she carries the name proudly.

Alassea Sigurd
"We should have been together more, Alassea."
Eira and Alassea were sisters, despite Alassea being adopted she cared not. They were blood as far as she was concerned. The fact she is gone makes her upset, a daily reminder of the people she's lost over the course of life.

Ailil Sigurd
"You just had to sail away."
Eira misses her brother dearly, the last she remembers is of him having a family and then promptly leaving this world. She wonders if he survived the ruination of the old world or if he was killed in the waters.

◊ Trusted ◊

Benjamin Beaumont
"The 'Man of the People'."
Eira had met this legendary man by coincidence in the Hospital of the Compendium. It was here that she had actually opened up for once as soon as she heard this man was the man her father spoke legendary tales of. Benjamin is far more than a family friend, he is the man to go to should Sif or Eira ever need somebody to be there for them in life. It made her happy to see the usually joyful man become so ecstatic that his face couldn't grow any larger with his smile.

◊ Befriended ◊

Lillim Hal'Shink'maho
"I don't know if it's safe to call you a friend only because of my father."
Lillium is a long time friend of the family and Eira was not surprised at the warm reception she was given by her when they met. The two were quickly conversing and getting along after the first few minutes. Eira was even trusted to hold the Queen's children, which was a horribly awkward encounter for the girl.

◊ Liked ◊

Doctor Fulgrim
"And to where has the good doctor gone?"
Eira knows not of where Doctor Fulgrim had left the world. She assumes he had set out onto his own once more. Their sessions of medical practice were enjoyed.

Ranger Godfrey
"My father did say you've a brash tongue. ."
Eira had met Alustrum Godfrey in the tavern at Storm's Landing during her day before she set off to the Compendium. The man had accepted her plea to be taught the bow, from which she was given his recurve bow. She has begun to practice it within every day, a natural at first and slowly gaining after.

Apprentice Joseph
"I am sorry that we couldn't save him."
Eira had met Joe on the island of Savages. Where she had begun to fight and bleed alongside him in her daring escape off the island. It is upsetting to her of the casualties that had come, losing a good soul who had aided them in their struggle. She finds him reliable, if not kind.

Tzemik Kevasn
"A real life Witch!"
This crude Nakat is something Eira's never met before. In both mannerisms, humor, and the method of healing she uses. While not entirely certain of the history between this Witch and her father, Eira knows they surely must have had some kindling, otherwise she'd not have been taken care of so gracefully. An enigma, this woman is.

◊ Neutral ◊
Edric Stone
"You're a really pleasant host."
Eira didn't talk much to this man, but she knows him as the Mayor of the Compendium. This fellow is elderly and seems to always be out of breath from the shenanigans and constant business of the city. She can't help but feel slightly sorry for the poor man's health.

Edward Varyn
"To you, sir Knight."
Eira didn't really talk to this silent man, so he is simply heard of and known, but she isn't quite sure who he is. Other than a friend of Benjamin's.

Unsure of

Wary of
"As father says, the thief is in the crowds."
Eira is as introverted as they come, likely only becoming friends with few and keeping quiet if she's in a mass group. Her father's words and warnings of 'evil men' in the world have certainly instilled paranoia into the girl.

Afraid of



"Disgusting foul creatures, undeserving of Shalerhana's Green earth."
After her most recent attacks and fights against savages, she's learned what true despise and hatred feels like. It worries her if she should ever become swallowed by it like her last family member.

⊲ Mother:
Alanna Rhett Sigurd
⊲ Relationship with her:
Eira loves her mother, and they have a close relationship with one another.

⊲ Father:
Orvar Sif Sigurd
@The Courier
⊲ Relationship with him:
Eira loves Sif, and wants nothing more to have him back in her life. She has learned things about him that she keeps denying.

⊲ Siblings:
Ailil Sigurd - Adopted Brother
Alassea Sigurd - Adopted Step Sister

⊲ Relationship with them:
Ailil Sigurd - She looks up to Ailil in a way, and she loves her big brother dearly, but she feels he is wrong about how their father does not love her. She is saddened that he is now gone.

Alassea Sigurd - She is close with her sister, loves her dearly. Sadly, she like her fathers, believes she is dead and missing.

Other important family members:
Tybalt Rhett - She is always wary, but she is fond of him.

Grandpappy Archaeus - Haven't seen him in years.

Her parents are Alanna Rhett Sigurd and Orvar Sif Sigurd, and her brother is Ailil, and her sister is Alassea. Ever since she was born, she has always found an interest in reading books, whether they be short and sweet, or long and complicated. She found that books are so beautiful that way. She always grew up with little people around her but she did not care, she had the company of all the people in the stories she had read, and shared all their adventures.

Loving her father and mother desperately, it pains her whenever she see's either of them gone for long periods of time. It came to the point where she was sick and tired of it. She begged her father to stay, and she begged her mother to get up out of bed, but she feels there is no one out there who cares for her, and wishes to be in someone else's story.

When her father finally left and she knew it would be permanent, she could not withstand the pain anymore. She left home to wander the Northern Kingdoms to try and get as much knowledge as she could of the world around her at the age of 17.

On one faithful night whilst reading in the Crossroads Tavern and Inn, she looks up to find no one but her father, Sif.

After getting casualties through, he decides to bring Eira up to live with him. Eira, being naturally fond of the cold rather enjoyed the North, and reads whenever she can, as always.

After the fall of the Old World she had left with her father onto a ship, praying for his safe return from getting the final Bastion. She had stayed in Mockingbay with him during the time it took for their castle to be made. Now, that it is, she resides there with her father. Learning, training, and being instructed about the world and what has changed within it.

My in-game name is: Daratrixi

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A blade given to Eira by her father as a means of self defense. She originally had Stoneshatter but Sif had found the dirtiness and lack of cleanliness she had on it from her first combat to be an insult to the man who originally owned it. She now holds this Lost King's blade.

    • Total length: 111 cm [43"/3.6']
    • Blade length: 86.5 cm [34"/2.8']
    • Grip length: 17.5 cm [6.8"/ 1/2' ]
    • Weight: 1.55 kg [3.4lbs]
    • Blade thickness (base): 4 mm
    • Blade thickness (CoP): 3.9 mm
    • Blade width (base): 4.8 cm [1.8"]
    • Blade width (CoP): 3.4 cm [1.3"]
    • Point of Balance (PoB): 9 cm [3"]
    • Center of Percussion (CoP): 34 cm [13.3"/1.1']

Recurve Bow

Thanks to the generosity of Ranger Godfrey, Eira was given his recurve bow from when he was a simple hunter for her to become used to archery with. She treasures it.


A Black Gambeson
Eira is totally not going through an all black phase, she swears. Due to Natri'Zima being the closest cultural influence in terms of clothing, and themselves being Victorian, it's of no surprise Sif's daughter dresses mainly in black.

A Leather Jerkin
Eira was offered chain mail by her father but she had vehemently denied it. She preferred being able to move around and having a much more agile and maneuverable fighting style compared to her armor-clad parent. The chest area and shoulders are made of boiled leather as is some of the abdomen, while the rest is soft leather at the sides and waist for maneuverability. [Gambeson not shown in picture.]

Black Leather Greaves
Made to simply cushion any type of strike she makes with her leg. This is useful more so when she must go into hand to hand combat than if she needs to say. . stop a sword strike.

Eira has her sword arm, her left arm, plated marginally at the forearm for assistance in deflecting any passing blow that may manage to roll off her crossguard. Her hands are covered in goat skin gloves, double stitched at the seams, with small metal plates where the knuckles would be. The plate is lamellared for ease of bending.

Non-Combat Wear
Victorian Dress
Eira has a unique taste for what is dark and rather macabre. This is likely coupled from her father and the Victorian life that Natri offers when she visits. It is of no surprise that she finds this dress to be the most suited for herself.

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Excerpts In the Family
[Since completely RPing to myself in my castle alone in the north with two accounts is borderline depressing and insane, I've opted to write here the conversations between Sif and Eira.]

What Drives your Force?

A cold day in Norumbega, the two remnants of the Sigurd bloodline relax underneath the mouth of the Great Stag atop the castle. Sif, forever in his black armor, continues to watch at the snow drifts slowly changing shapes. Eira's gaze is upon the vivid chilling blue sky above the two, behind the stag,
"Father, have you ever tried. . meeting others out there in the world? I understand none can replace mother, but I am certain even you grow lonely in the winter."

"The youth, how they never change. Eira, there's a difference between I and most men. Where as some chase after the tales of love and some chase after tales of lust, I chase after sparks."


"Yes, sparks. The sparks that fly from blade as they clash against another. As each man in the battle tests their will and their dreams against another. Those sparks are entire worlds in my eyes, showing what we truly care for and what we truly want in life."

"I'm not surprised it had to do with warfare, but it is interesting. Most often I expect you to begin a tirade about 'bloodshed' and this 'insatiable desire to kill'."

"Perhaps when I enjoy frightening those of weak wills or making others be distant from me I shall humor such. Alas, such things only last for so long. Blood is thrilling, as is the kill, yet it also is nothing to live by. Tell I, Eira, what happens to the blade drenched in war?"

"It becomes bloodied, rusting from this blood, knicked, dented, and warped even. What is-"

"Indeed it does. Yet you shall sharpen this blade to mend it. Yet with each sharpening this rusted bloodied blade becomes even more frail. It knicks faster, cracks more, and so you continue to sharpen it more. Fighting only for the kill leads to the inevitable destruction of your blade. Without a blade to fight the enemy, you shall die."

"Amusing, coming from you of all people."


Why Struggle?
The snow drifts were always a pretty sight at Norumbega, as well as the great marble cliffs that decorated the area near the castle. Eira's gaze were upon these things as she was speaking to her father. They were in the courtyard, beneath the faintly glowing lantern above. A relaxed setting was upon them, Eira with her ponderous eyes and Sif with his greatsword.

"So, why do you struggle so much?"

"Eira, if this is about my love life again I swear to Silas-"

"No, no, I'm not asking about that! I mean, why do you fight and struggle against all these things weighing down on you? Wouldn't it be simply easier to retire, to just go ahead and. . relax here, quietly?"

With a short breath, Sif would huff. Followed by him going to view his helmet's face in the reflection of the greatsword. His right hand ran over the jagged demonic eye imbued within.

"Why give in? What would ever be my reason for simply giving up? There isn't one. If we wished for everything in life to be easy, to be simple, we'd be bashing rocks together and grunting in speak. No, Eira, I can't simply retire nor give in. Neither should you."

"I never said I was going to! Hardly does the Sigurd name allow such faint thoughts, I'd be more liable to discard our ties before I simply 'give up'. I simply wanted to know, you know, why do you do it beyond the need to stay from stagnation."

"Then I suppose the answer you are looking for is this: It is all I know how to do. As well, I'll be damned before I let fate dictate anything of my life. Fate wanted me dead long ago, and I refuse to give in."

"Stubborness. . that's not a family trait, is it?"

"Ahh... When you were a mere babe, able to be held in my hand, you were the most stubborn and head-strong of all my children. Hell. . I'd not say it's changed any."

"You are so rude!"

A faint quiet chuckle left Sif while his daughter merely rolled her eyes.

Does it matter?
It was silent in Norumbega as was the norm. In the room of Sif, Eira sat at the desk and was reading. Her father's gaze was viewing out the window as he stood at rest. The two were having their usual discussions and jokes, but soon they had gone silent as they found themselves simply enjoying the company of one another in silence. This was broken.

"Does it matter?"

"Does what matter?"

"Does anything truly matter? I am not attempting to scour into the depth of Nihilism, but does anything we do, anything we strive for, does it matter? Do we have any effect into the great void of the Planar Infinity and those planes of elsewhere?"

"Ahh, gratification, a semblance to know what you've done. You're seeking what I sought at a younger age. The showing that I matter in the world. The answer to this is, no. You don't matter. You could die today and while it would affect those immediate to you in the next fifty years nothing would have changed. Perhaps this castle would go to ruin, that may be the biggest effect your death would hold."

"Truly makes you wonder why we even continue, if it doesn't matter in the end."

"The best answer to this is "Don't think about it." There are many reasons of why we should simply stop existing, but we don't think about it. After all, why bother waking up if you shall die eventually and have everything you've made crumble to dust? There is no reason."

"I mean- Surely there has to be something out there that is the reason for us existing. There's no way that Silas, with his mass knowledge and infinite view into the future, can simply have us here and know we matter not to the world at large. The suffering, the anguish, and the emotions we all feel. Does it mean nothing in the end? Is that what life is, a sick joke where I've missed the punchline?"

"You're becoming passionate about this. As for what it may all mean in the end, I suppose it is all what you believe it means. There is no definite answer, that is why this is philosophy. We can argue until we both have lived three life times over a simple question like this and still we would have no answer."

"So. . then why does it matter to you, father? Why does your existence, your being, and your life matter?"

"I am an exceptional person in this, as Silas has graced me with the name of his Paladin. There is nothing more that I require, I matter for God makes me matter. I matter because I've still a drive to defend what I find worth protecting. I matter because I make myself matter."

"From your look, I suppose you want for me to speak of why I matter. In truth. . I'm not certain. I'm young, I haven't made a splash in this world, I am barely alive. Perhaps. . well, maybe one day I can tell you why I matter."

Sif's expression turned to that of one which was pleased. A smile on his face as he nodded to his intelligent daughter. The two once more fell into silence, enjoying the company of one another. Enjoying the way they made each other matter.


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Lord of Altera
I imagine she doesn't bring her dates back to the house for a good reason


"Savages, she's had her share."

"Disgusting foul creatures, undeserving of Shalerhana's Green earth."
After her most recent attacks and fights against savages, she's learned what true despise and hatred feels like. It worries her if she should ever become swallowed by it like her last family member.

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Put like two new relations on this and also added another excerpt. I've decided to at least do five for now, and will put them in every Tuesday.