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General Information

✿ Name: Gilligan Robert Kearney
✿ Other Names: Gill, Gilly, Goat, Sheep, 'Gyll', Very Talent Drawing Person, Starboy, Doc, Dawn, Fluffy, Hooves, Mate, Boyo, Red

✿ Age: Nineteen
✿ Race: Caparii (Greathorn + Red mix)
✿ Gender: Male
✿ Sexuality: Bisexual, he's pretty sure.
✿ Current Residence: Back and forth between the Citadel and Raalvara & James Varyn's house.
Relationship Status: Single

❀ Physical Appearance ❀


Height: 5’4”
Weight: 170 pounds
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Tannish Red
Shape of Face: Soft, with a little bit of a defined jaw, and a rounded chin. His hair frames his face with curls of red locks above his ears. Lately has been known to forget to shave, and some days has little whiskers of facial hair along his chin and jaw. He won't grow it past there, though.
Distinguishing Features: Gilligan has freckles all over. From his cheeks to his chin, his arms and his palms, his stomach and even along his shoulders.. They’re everywhere.
Build of Body: Chubby, his weight primarily being fat rather than muscle. Gill is the shortest of his lineage. The thickest areas of his body are his stomach, his thighs, and his forearms.
Hair Color: Burgundy, Red
Hair Style: Long, in a sort of mullet fashion. His bangs hang down between his horns, longer in the back. His locks hang down to his shoulders.
Is Seen By Others As: Anxious, and rather nervous. He can be awfully paranoid at times, and tends to talk rather quickly, but seems to have good intentions.
Voice: Why don't you take a listen? (Credit to the incredibly talented Zachary Allen-Thierry for providing the voice of Gilligan) And check out his singing claim, too!

Carried Inventory:
Gilligan carries a satchel with him at all times, containing:
Two journals
✿ Thread and Needle
✿ Empty vials
✿ Rosemary and comfrey poultices
✿ Dagger
✿ Capsule Flower
✿ Bag of Soil

✿ Wardrobe: Giligan has no taste in fashion, but tries to coordinate his outfits with his skewed perception on how it works. But he prefers clothes in earthy and 'autumn' tones. Prefers shorts over long pants or skirts.


☞ Likes:

Music: Gilligan grew up around his mother, who was an exceptionally talented musician and singer. He was never forced into the art, but rather he was drawn to it like a magnet. He adores music with a passion and still pursues it as a hobby.
Stars: Gilligan has been curious about the sky for a long time. Questioning why the stars were up there, how some twinkled and glowed, and how they changed throughout the years. He took initiative on his curiosity and began to invest his time and energy into figuring out the why’s of the skies. And his love for them has been growing ever since.
Art: Gilligan’s entire lineage is filled with artists and craftsmen, stubborn and passionate in their own ways. There were masons, tattoo artists, painters, and even carver in his genealogy. He grew up in creative spaces with family that were always creating, and as such was naturally inclined to adore and appreciate the arts. Gilligan prefers charcoal over painting.
Books: The Caparii was always known to have his nose deep within a book, whisked away to new lands or learning some new subject. Anything made of paper with words on it, he’d need to get his hands on. He adores fantasy novels and stories, but won’t shy away from educational texts, either. He just adores books, and one day hopes to have an entire library of them.
Plants: After being sparked, Gilligan has found a strange but very welcome connection with flora. He feels connected to it, in a way.

☞ Dislikes:

Loud Noises: Due to incidents as a child, Gilligan has a case of Phonophobia. He not only has issues with loud noises, but anybody who is loud in general. So much to the point where a sudden loud sound may send him into an anxiety attack. It’s just a pain to put up with in his life, and prefers the solitude and quiet over a bustling bar anyday.
Fish: It’s bad enough that he’s allergic to them, but fish in general are just.. Strange. Gilligans distaste for the species sprouted from his allergy to them, and lots of incidents since then have made him extremely dislike the animal. He’s half convinced they’re out to get him.
The Ocean: Tying in with his dislike of anything with fins, Gilligan doesn't like the place where they live in general. The smell, the seaweed, everything about it just never appealed to him. Even the smell and the rocking of being on boats makes him feel queasy. Gill isn't a good swimmer, and has been very bitter toward the sea for a long time. He'd rather be by land than by sea.
Spiders: Too many legs. Too many eyes. Just... No.

☞ Strengths:

Empathy: Gilligan is an emotional person, and as such is able to pick up on the vibe of the room pretty quickly when it comes to social situations. He may come off as a distant and awkward person, but he is sincere and is rather good at assessing someone's mental state.
Quick Learner: Gill may be a bit of a dork, but he’s quick to latch onto an idea or a concept and run with it. He’s good at following plans and sticking to them, and adapting to situations and change. As a scholar he’s open to new ideas and concepts, but he may be afraid to try them, physically.
Green Thumb: Although he still has his head in the clouds, this Caparii is quite knowledgable in herbalism and apothecary. Able to identify and forage plants that can be used for medicinal and other purposes. He's a good gardener as well, most thanks to his affinity in Formistry.
Vocal Music: Inherited from his mother, Gilligan has a set of pipes that are rather impressive. He doesn't like to demonstrate his skill much, but he can be heard practicing at times in private if you listen in. He may even be implored to perform with the right crowd- But this Caparii is sort of sheepish around crowds.

☞ Weaknesses:

Physically Weak: Gilligan may be a brainy boy, but when it comes to braun he has absolutely none. In fact, when it comes to fight or flight, his brain goes to freezing up and trying to flee. He has no training in physical combat, and in a combat-oriented situation he’s absolutely lost.
Cowardly: Gilligan is horrible when it comes to confrontation. And although he wants to be adventurous like his heroes in the books he’s read, his conscience tells him to flee when up-front with a problem. Either that, or poorly try to talk his way out. He could try to summon up the courage to deal with issues, but it will only result in a rather awkward and painful situation.
Gullible: Being the youngest sibling of four, Gill was subject to a lot of unfortunate pranks and teasing. He was often tricked and ridiculed for being rather too trustworthy of people, and since he's rather an open book, its all the more easy for people to manipulate him. He's able to believe people rather easily, and it's not even an issue he's aware of, yet.
Migraines: Those glasses on his face aren’t just for show. He actually wears them to prevent rather awful migraines that make his ears ring, and his sight go blurry. The issue is genetic, but one that can’t be cured. He tries to cope any way he can, but they can be a real issue on long carriage rides and prolonged exposure to bright lights.
Phonophobic: This is the biggest hurdle Gill has the most issue conquering. Loud noises can easily startle him, to the point of having drastic mood swings and even anxiety attacks. He tries to calm himself any way he can, but the poor boy can’t handle it when people yell (Both at him, or in other places) and can’t go to any large events with big crowds. This is something he is trying to overcome, but it’s still something he struggles with.

☞ Fears:
Loud noises/Yelling
Turning into his father

☞ Education: Gilligan is for the most part, self taught. He practically lived at his local library and was hungry for knowledge. Anything that wasn’t academic, was taught by his father and mother. His father took Gill in as a working hand at his tattoo parlor, teaching Gilligan art and drawing while his Mother showed him how to play music and sing.

☞ Languages:
✿ Fluent in: Fae, Common, Elven
Learning: N/A

☞ Alignment: Neutral Good

☞ Training & Skills:
✿ Mandolin: Could use improvement, but something he likes to do in his free time. 3/10
✿ Singing: A bit too shy to demonstrate his skill, but enjoys it nonetheless. 7/10
✿ First Aid: Steadily learning more as time goes on. 6/10
✿ Astronomy: .Gilligan has halted his studies on Astronomy due to his sparking and the plague. He still loves it dearly, though. 4/10
✿ Herbology: Gilligan is more in tune with flora than ever- And seems to recognise what ails and blights a plant just from inspection. 6/10

☞ Tropes:
✿ Adorkable
✿ Apologises a lot
✿ Ditzy Genius
✿ Speech Impediment
Redheads are Uncool
Trauma Button
The Misophonic
Sweet Sheep

☞ Other Trivia:
✿ Gilligan is allergic to fish, and is a vegetarian.
✿ He tends to fidget by rubbing the back of his neck, filing his fingers through his hair, stroking his hair, or scratches at his cheek/jaw. When nervous he tends to adjust his glasses, even when they don't need to be adjusted.
✿ His ears tend to move along with his emotions. When he’s startled they perk up, when he's annoyed they flatten and tilt, when sad they droop, etc.
✿ Gilligan is going through a lot of inner turmoil. He’s constantly in a state of trying to take risks, but being too scared to take them. He’s got a lot to figure out about himself and is trying to take things one day at a time.
✿ He can be rather snarky when an opportunity presents itself.
✿ Has sworn off cursing. However, he has said 'Fuck' only six times before. And has said 'Shit' once.
✿ Due to his soft nature and rather chubby build, he gives good hugs.
✿ Gilligan is an incredibly heavy sleeper. And on top of that, he can sleep on practically anything. Dressers, floors, even bumpy and gruelling carriage rides.

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☞ Family:

❧ Naushe Kearney (Father): Gill isn't particularly thrilled to see his father back in Linlea. He's been avoiding confronting the issues he's had with him for a long time and intends to keep it that way. His drinking, negligence, and bigotry is something he couldn't bare to tolerate in his household, hence the reason he left. He will claim he departed for different reasons, but the real source is Naushes behavior. He's hidden a lot from him and will only tell him what he can't keep secret- But he worries in time his dad will find out the aspects of his own life that Naushe can only take negatively. He actively works to be everything Naushe isn't, and strives to be better than he ever was.
"You came at the worst time.. Please, s-stop blaming everything on y-yourself, even though you.. C-Cause most problems."

❧ Magdalene 'Magpie' Ross (Mother): He has nothing but adoration for her. Maggie has been a source of support for Gill from the second he was born. Although she was consistently busy with her line of work, she always made time for the youth and given him as much care as he needed. She taught him how to sing as well as perform on the mandolin, one day hoping to travel with him across the lands playing music. And although Gilligan doesn't want to peruse that sort of lifestyle, he keeps in touch with his mom even after moving away to help with the blight.

❧ Yariel 'Dot' Kearney (Sister): Gill is.. A little tired of how she treats him. Considering she was born first, she assumed she had 'dibs' on whatever sort of profession she wanted. She took up healing, and refused to let Gilligan learn any sort of first aid when she was around because she had already proclaimed herself the nurse of the family. He thinks she's aggressive, and rather hostile in ways she doesn't need to be. He knows full well what she thinks of him and wishes things could be better between them. But in the meantime he works just to prove to her he isn't as spineless and weak as she thinks he his.

❧ Mackenzie 'Mack' Kearney (Brother): The source of a lot of Gilligans anxieties about combat training. Mack was a big fellow who often roughhoused with Gill, and often took things too far. Eager to get a training buddy besides Phillip, Mack did everything in his off-hand power to get Gill pumped about becoming a macho and muscular man with pecs for days. And initially, Gill was on board with that- Up until the untimely death of Phillip. And since then he's been obsessed with healing and aiding people that he has the power to help. Mack is the source of Gills unfortunate stutter, and Gill is only wary with his interactions with him.

❧ Phillip 'Phil' Kearney (Brother): Guilt. Nothing but guilt. He blames himself for everything that happened and doesn't think he deserves to be forgiven over his brothers death. Phillip was a reader, a writer. It was a common thread that tied him and Gill together, and he ruined it. He should have done more, he could have done more. Thoughts about him are.. Better left alone.

❧ Tullion 'Tuls' Kearney (Brother): Gilligan thinks Tullion is one of the more mild of his brothers. He can be terribly overbearing at times- Going out of his way to try and resolve issues with his friends that Gill could easily do himself. He reckons that Tuls just thinks Gill doesn't have the guts in him to talk to people himself and.. He's right, mostly. But that doesn't mean he has to helicopter his life. Like most of his familiar relationships he doesn't address this with Tullion and prefers just to pretend everythings fine.

❧ Nyla Donoghue (Aunt): Aunt Nyla! Gilligans favorite (and only) aunt. A loving and supportive woman who toils day and night for the family- The least he could do for her is help right back. He helped her raise her two little twins when they were born, and Gilligan considers her one of the most admirable and genuine members of the family.

❧ Richard Donoghue (Step-Uncle): As much as Gill feels intimidated by the man, he knows he really should be in charge of the family. He's everything Naushe isn't- Controlled, Responsible, and Present. And although he can be awfully hotheaded, Gilligan knows his place when he's around and does his best to stay out of his way.

❧ Caoileann Donoghue (Cousin): Scary. Very very scary cousin. Caoileann is a person you don't want to cross, and Gill knows that very well. He's half convinced she's got some nefarious plots hidden in her brain that she plans to exact on him once the time is right. He refuses to lower his guard around her and tries to act as polite as he can.

❧ Aindriu Donoghue (Cousin): Pity isn't a word he likes to use a lot to describe his family, but Ain does make Gill feel a little bad. He follows religiously in Richards footsteps and despises Naushe with a passion. And although Gilligan can sympathise with that, he's watched him go on whole tangents talking about how the man is a menace. So much so that it's... Concerning.

❧ Merida Donoghue (Cousin): One of the two cousins he helped raise when they were born. Gill recognises how bright Merida is and wants to share everything he knows with her. She can be rather cold and calculating, but Gill considers it a good trait in the sea of angry hotheads that are the Kearneys. He's witnessed her being a bit antagonising to his father, but is too much of a doormat to really tell her to stop. Overall, Gilligan adores her and wants to help her.

❧ Carrick Donoghue (Cousin): The second of the two cousins Gilligan raised. Where Merida is detached and logical, Carrick is the opposite. Cheery, upbeat, and a bit air-headed. He reminds him of himself in a few ways... He thinks Carricks enthusiasm can take him far, and hopes the world around him doesn't crush his hopes and dreams. He thinks Carrick deserves the world.

☞ Trusted:

♢ Kopii: The two of them clash in some aspects, but besides that Gill has had time to recognise his faults, and for Kopii to recognise his. He has realised that Kopii does genuinely care about him, but sometimes worries that he himself is caring a bit too much. He doesn't enjoy being compared to him after knowing what emotional turmoil goes on in his head, but wants to get better at being himself because of him.
"I'm c-concerned f-for what goes on inside y-your head.. But you're genuine, and y-you don't sugarcoat anything.. I f-feel like I could learn to do that too."
Theme: [] Omikuji

⚗Leo: Gill has taken a long time to understand the man- But now realises he's some of the best company he's had in years. Gilligan owes him nothing but thanks for all he's done for him and all he puts up with. He wants to do so much for him to show his thanks- But worries he may come off as overbearing if he does. And now that he's a formist like him, he's looking forward to learning from him too.
"You're the m-most patient man I've e-ever met. I'm g-glad I met somebody as calm a-as you."
Theme: [] Shankster

☀ Vashti: Wary initially, but now trusting and glad to have her around. He's still puzzled by a lot of what she says and does, but knows that she's doing her absolute best. He doesn't know why she looks out for him so much, but she's become his sort of.. Replacement older sister, for the one he likes less than her.
"I'm not giving up on y-you. Not now, not ever."
Theme: []

♞ Raalvara: Gilligan has spent more time with Raalvara as time has passed- And has spent hours by her side keeping her company and helping nurse her back to health. He would go lengths just to make sure she's safe and in one piece, and considers her a friend he'd protect.
"I'm k-kind of surprised you called m-me your favorite. It w-was a joke, right?... Right?"
Theme: []

☯︎ Virnaak: To be honest... Gilligan didn't expect what happened to happen. But after it did.. It feels like their friendship was not only rekindled, but the weight of the event strengthened their bond.Virnaak gave Gilligan something important to him, and he won't be forsaking that for the world. Things have changed, but they've changed for the better.
"They're just um.. Q-Quiet things."
Theme: [☯︎]

☞ Friends:

♪ Atticus: Probably the quickest friend Gill has made, ever. He opened up to him when Atticus pressed him on his nervous tendencies, and trusts him with that information. He’s snide, cocky, and maybe even a little overbearing at times- But Gilligan sincerely appreciates having him in his company.
"You're n-not so bad, Atty. I hope w-we can jam out s-soon."
Theme: [] Jovee

❂ Kekoa: After Kekoa hunted Gill down after another anxiety attack- He soon realised that this bird cares for him more than previously anticipated. She may be a bit loud, but looking past that Gill sees her as a true friend. Conversations with her are something Gill loves most.
"Kekoa! Please c-come to Linlea more often! You m-may be kind of loud but you're s-so fun to talk to."
Theme: [] Michcat

❦ Melarue: Gill and Melarue were already well acquainted, but after conversing and running into each other more Gill realises they have more in common than previous anticipated. He’s looking forward to receiving lessons in medicine from her, and their friendship growing steadily in time.
"I know y-you're busy.. But I'm g-glad you've made time for m-me. I appreciate your p-patience."


☾ Lilith: Gilligan was intimidated by her at first, but quickly learned she’s a person, like anybody else. Wild! After her disappearance Gill realised just how much he had missed her company when she came back. He feels like she's a person he has known longer than they have already, opening up to one another and sharing things they hadn't shared to others before. Though they are opposites in a way, they connect with common threads.
"I hope y-your nightmares will subside s-soon. I w-worry about you, sometimes."
Theme: [] Arcana

⚔ Kam: His favorite earthspawn! Gill has seen Kam standing up for him a few times and offering to 'take care' of some people who he doesn't enjoy- And genuinely enjoys talking to her. Although they aren't personal friends, Gill would like to be in the future.
"I promise I'll make it to practice soon! I swear!"

Ater: Gilligan appreciates Ater greatly, but lately has found their conversations to be repeats of the last. He wants Ater to move on from the idea of Formistry and expand on something new.. But his stubbornness will be his folly, Gill thinks.
"Y-You're becoming obsessed.. I'm w-worried and frustrated w-with you, Ater."
Theme: [] Magiik

♞ James: James earned Gilligans respect pretty quickly. He's controlled, calm, and with an excellent sense of humor. Although his public displays of affection toward Raalvara can be rather cringy for him to witness, he does appreciate the man. He's glad he's spent more time with him and hopes to not let him down in the future, since he's already on nickname basis with him now. Which he thinks is pretty endearing
"I'll c-come up with a cool nickname f-for you soon, James. P-Promise!"

☞ Acquaintances:

✿ Asero: Gill thinks Asero is a nice man, but could do with being more quiet when the time goes for it.. And giving people space. Electric

✿ Jerr’co: An earth spawn who carried Gill to the citadel after an unfortunate accident. Gilligan is incredibly grateful for the gesture and won’t forget him anytime soon.

✿ Laisa: Gill doesn’t know much about this girl other than that she’s the stepdaughter of Leo, and really enjoys frogs. He enjoys talking with her and would love to hear more about her. Samiwashere

✿ Otto!: Otto has been a bit off ever since Gilligan mentioned he doesn't align himself with a god. He's worried all their conversations are going to be strictly religious, now. Paint

✿ Sophia: Gill enjoys Sophias company, but finds that she can be a bit air headed at times. Otherwise a good person and an excellent partner for tea. Jinny

✿ Linden: One of the first Caparii Gill met upon arriving. Gill initially thought Linden was one of his family members considering his freckles and red hair- But after realising he wasn’t, was incredibly relieved. Gill looks up to Linden and appreciates him a lot. RagingLunacy

✿ Ember: Gilligan truly enjoys Embers company. Conversations with her are always insightful and nice, and Gill thinks she’s a genuinely nice person looking out for others. He appreciates that in a person and looks forward to knowing her more.

✿ Podric: Respectable. Gilligan appreciates his patience with him and how earnest he can be. He understands why he feels so much guilt and relates to it, but thinks he should be less hard on himself. Luam

✿ Joseph: Gilligan and Joseph bonded after both were nursing injuries at the hospital. And though they don’t talk much, Gill notices that Joseph goes out of his way to protect him and aid him when needed. They’re subtle gestures, but Gill appreciates it more than he lets on. JoeJoe

✿ Idri: Gill thinks he's... Cool. Among other things. Which he may have been dared to admit, and may still be embarrassed about. Lannis

✿ Olive: Gill has heard more about her from word of mouth than on a personal level- And although most of it is negative, he's willing to give her a chance to show that she's not what people make her out to be. She's quiet, and can sometimes be a bit snarky, but otherwise Gilligan thinks she's a fine person. He wants to get to know her better with time. Smurf

☞ Wary of:

= Arianne: It's not that Gill dislikes her, it's just he's not sure how to approach her. On one hand she claims she's changed and wants to improve, but on the other she's allegedly claimed she's been 'changing' over and over again, pulling people into her manipulative maw. He's incredibly cautious with interactions, and refuses to reveal his wariness about her, around her. She says she wants to help him, but he doesn't know how trustworthy her help really is.
"I'll play y-your game.. But I don't know whether t-to tread to close or not."

= The Black Company: Though the Black Company has shown that they're not as useless as previously anticipated- Past events still haven't been apologised for. He appreciates their efforts to protect the hospital and is thankful for what they've done.. But they're still said harsh things to his friends.
"You c-can't just expect e-everybody to love you a-after doing one good deed! Yeesh.."

=Elizabeth Kane: An odd woman who Gill doesn't quite understand. He thought she was intimidating initially, but over time has just become more and more confused with her actions. She has lots of issues communicating with others and prefers to stay secluded, but seems to have taken on a big role as a leader... Which isn't a good mix. Elizabeth seems to have set up expectations for Gilligan he doesn't even know why he has, and he worries about having her snap at him again whenever they run into each other.
"You're s-so back and forth.. Who's s-side are you on?"

= Korchek: After a particularly.. Tense.. Conversation, Gilligan will avoid Korchek on most costs. His bigoted views leave him feeling incredibly uncomfortable and unsafe around the man.
"Um.. P-Please don't hurt me. I don't r-regret what I said, but I just don't w-want to be punched."


☞ Dislike:

✘ Oskar: Gilligan sees him as a pitiful and cowardly man. Any worth he claims he has done does not seem to have any semblance in Gills mind- And genuinely wishes for karma to play its ever-present role in his life to bite him in the butt. This man has no honor.
"You h-hurt my friends and undermined me. You a-aren't worth my time."

Kitrana: A woman he previously considered a friend, but has time and time again tried to force her way into his agenda and his friends' plans as well without their consent. Continuously being pushy and rude to his compatriots, Gill is very close to the tipping point of their relationship. He wouldn't go out of his way to speak with her now, and doesn't trust her with any large decisions in the slightest. She doesn't take responsibility for her actions or listen to the people she's supposed to protect.
"L-Learn to relinquish your hold on th-things. You've been so rude to me and y-you act like you want to f-fix it.. But I d-don't see you apologising t-to me personally or working toward it. What do you r-really want?"
French Roast

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This prob isn't the place to ask for this, but would you consider doing commissions for rads? I like your style and I could do with some new char art


✦ The Black Company: Gilligan has heard many rumors about this band of mercenaries.. And after hearing about how they treated Olive, he doesn't want anything to do with the bunch. No band of men that are as outwardly racist as them could help in dire times like these.
The Gang Saves The Hospital