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Fires growl in their beds as the fires of industry alight once more after the destruction of Queensport. Under Duke Kane's investment, the abandoned iron mines have been reopened, and foundries rebuilt to process ore.
With any expansion comes opportunity for workers and merchants alike. Any interested in work or trade related to this endeavor may seek it at Queensport.


OOC: I'm trying to establish a more interactive city economy than just listing exports. Queensport's supposed to produce iron, and if you provide ore to smelt I'll return x1.25 yields from that spicy McMMO smelting skill. Please keep it to whole stacks.
-Start a convo, post below, or PM l_e_m_u_r in game if you have metal ore you want smelted. Include the number of stacks.
-I will either pick up the ore, or you can drop it off in the hopper outside the foundry in Queensport (map and picture attached). I'll smelt it as soon as I'm around, and get it back to you when it's done.
-There is no cost involved, I'll provide whatever's necessary for smelting it myself. I recoup my cost from the remaining excess from McMMO, and may sell it at a later point if it generates a large enough stockpile.
-Again, free smelting, with x1.25 the amount of ore returned as ingots.

Hopper screenshot: