Finished [July 13th] Confessions, Part I


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Even the most beautiful rose has its thorns,
The same can be said for our hearts,
You could let down the crown which your head adorns,
And break your heart into small parts.

Do not let the weight of your sins shackle you,
All it does is create further burden,
Makes your friends, your lovers, yourself colour blue,
Makes the future you have more uncertain.

Lay down your tired soul and show Her the truth,
Let yourself pay no heed to temptation,
Shed your adulterous ways like a baby tooth,
Lady Love will show you true salvation.



Rumor has it that Julianne is holding a session of confession for those who wish to come and repent or be forgiven for their sins against Sallana. Be it a confession of self-loathing, of adultery, or otherwise. It is also said that one may speak on sins committed against them and seek advice and aid on what to do about those who break Sallana's tenets.

This will be held in two parts. The first part will be for those who wish to confess their sins be they past or present, and seek forgiveness from Lady Love. They will be judged fairly for seeking out forgiveness actively.

Priest(ess): Julianne Vhalakis
When: Tentatively July 13th, 4 EST / 9 GMT
Where: Church of Sallana, outside Groi'bel Evar
Who?: Everyone is invited!
Consent Rating: Moderate


TAGS: Elz Solus Lannis


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Loyal Servant of Altera
Event has been moved to the 13th, due to conflicting event schedules both on HW and IRL!


Loyal Servant of Altera
This is tomorrow (13th) at 4 EST as a reminder!!!

People are encouraged to come and confess their slips of faith or crimes against Sallana be they minor or major.