Lucia Buschell


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General Information:

Name: Lucia Marian Buschell Varyn
Other Names: Lucy

Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Current Residence: Somewhere
Relationship Status: Single - Not interested in romance
Social Status: Debateable?

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5’5"
Weight: 105 lbs
Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Skin Color: Pale
Shape of Face: Oval
Distinguishing Features: Large doe eyes that bring a certain innocence to her features.
Build of Body: Starting to fill out, but certainly not something to write home about.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Loose, keeping large waves
Complexion: Very faintly freckled. She holds a few beauty marks here and there.
Posture: Straight, though may sometimes slouch her shoulders
Is Seen By Others As: Simple
Scars: None


+ Rag dolls
+ Sculptures
+ Gardening
+ Knights

+ Glass doll eyes
+ Dirt under the nails
+ Unorganization
+ Mind games

+ Kind hearted
+ Hard working
+ Hopeful
+ Innocent
+ Bashful
+ Timid
+ Failure
+ Being Lost
+ Giant Spiders

+ Honesty
+ Confidence

+ Moderately High; she knows what her mother and grandmother were able to teach her.

+ Common; Fluent
+ Lavoyarde; Fluent
+ Rede; Fluent, main language

General Attitude:
+ A timid girl with a lot of insecurity. She knows little of the world outside of the bubble she was raised in.

Religious Inclination:
+ Uncertain

General Intelligence:
+ Moderate

General Sociability:
+ God awful

+ Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:
- Family?
- Work
- Home..
- Learn

Long Term Goals:
- Survive
- Learn
- Elementals?


+ A casual dress she got from her mother
+ An old chainmail shirt, oversized and worn out.
+ An oversized cloak. It holds the sigil of a black gryphon on an orange field.
+ A small rose pendant made of silver.

Owned Homes:

Carried Inventory:
+ A journal used for drawing
+ A pouch of a few dried herbs {Chamomile, Angelica, Mint, Spearmint}
General Inventory:

General Wealth:


+ Sensitive Skin
+ Susceptible to Bronchitis and Pneumonia
+ Anxiety
+ Lactose
Sleeping Habits:

+ Fair; She sleeps well overall, but she does tend to be a light sleeper.
Energy Levels:
+ Fair; Often times she seems energetic to the point of skittish.
Eating Habits:
+ Decent; She doesn't eat too much or too often. This leads her to feel dizzy many a time.
Exercise Habits:
+ Decent; Not nearly as fit as her brothers, she struggles with her weaker lungs.
+ Fair; Depends on her drawings to memorize faces. Names escape her.
Unhealthy Habits:
+ Picks at her nails and hair
+ Looses focus easily
Drinking Habits:
+ None


Birthplace: Oren
Childhood: Kept in near total isolation with her two brothers, she didn't have much in the way of social development. Her being the only girl of the triplets, she found herself alone most of the time. Though she did play with her brothers, they were often much rougher than she would want and would have to stay and watch the two spar, duel and roughhouse. She stayed close to her mother and grandmother most of the time, finding solace in her grandmother’s teachings.

Teen Years: Finally allowed to leave the bubble she grew up in, she finds herself unsure. The world is large and intimidating and she is only just starting her young adulthood. With what little confidence she has, she has made it out into the world, as have her brothers.


Family History:

Past Places of Residences:

Places Traveled:


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful

- An old bastard sword {Blunt and chipped}

Combat Training: None

Training & Skills:

-While never being able to own an instrument of her own, her fascination with music caught her family's attention. She learned to read sheet music they were able to bring back.
-From her years of isolation and dependence from her family, they all learned to help each other in different ways. She spent most of her time learning of the herbs that grew nearby.
-Not a professional by any means but able to mend injury. Her brothers depended on her to heal their scrapes and cuts.
-Having tended to her brothers when they've gotten light infection or colds, she knows how to work basic herbs into a proper remedy.

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Unemployed
Favorite Types of Food: Seasoned Venison
Favorite Types of Drink: Tea
Hobbies/Pastimes: Drawing
Favorite Colors: Blue


Relevant Family Members:
- Ylva Varyn {Mother}
- Dickson Buschell {Father | Deceased} TheDeester
- Jeor Buschell {Brother} Jak
- Garen Buschell {Brother}
- Syr Varyn {Uncle} Arken
- Josephine Varyn {Aunt} Charybdis
- Gelyk Varyn II {Uncle} Rygan
- Halvar James Varyn {Uncle?} TheDeester
- Lucia Varyn {Grandmother} Landem
- Godric Varyn {Grandfather | Deceased} TheDeester
Romantic Interests:
Trusted Friends:
Friendly With:

- Sorrowsman Spirit
- Arianne Rossu
Loose Acquaintances:
- Roian Caldwell
- Charles Kane Lannis
Disfavored Individuals:
Wary Of:

-Albrecht I Rygan
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Relevant Family Members:
Ylva Varyn {Mother}

+My mother. You've done all you can.
Dickson Buschell {Father | Deceased} TheDeester
+Father.. I wish I could have met you.
Jeor Buschell {Brother} Jak
+You've gotten so serious since we left home, but you're doing well so far. One day I'll pass you.
Garen Buschell {Brother}
+The crafty of the two..
Syr Varyn {Uncle} Arken
-No relation
Josephine Varyn {Aunt} Charybdis
+All I know is you're a queen now. I hope it goes well for you.
Gelyk Varyn II {Uncle} Rygan
-No relation
Lucia Varyn {Grandmother} Landem
+Grandma.. you've always been an inspiration.
Godric Varyn {Grandfather | Deceased} TheDeester
+Mother always spoke highly of you.
Romantic Interests:
Trusted Friends:
Friendly With:

Arianne Rossu

+She seems like a thoughtful person. She gave me a lot to think of and consider. I hope to learn more about the world, even if the amount of information was a little overwhelming..
Nathaniel Spirit
+He seems.. so nice.
Loose Acquaintances:
Roian Caldwell

=He seems nice. Told me of a book to read.. Maybe if I can find a copy.
Charles Kane Lannis
=He strikes me as someone I should know, but he just seems.. intimidating.
Disfavored Individuals:
Wary Of:
Albrecht I Rygan

= Seems to speak in a way only he understands.. The look he gave was enough to make me feel uneasy and I'm not entirely sure why. I'll just be sure to behave around him.
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I think I've finished up what I could think of. If you'd like to play any of her brothers, PM me.


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Few updates here and there. Shes actually nice to play.