Finished [Mar 8] Pursuit of the Crawlers


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I can make it, if a slot still exists. Otherwise I'll stand by in case someone can't make it unexpectedly.


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5pm EST, 10pm GMT+1

Also, these are two different times. Depending on which of these is correct, I can actually be on time.


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Are you still filling this out, or officially busy on the time?

Jackdaw may have to sit this one out due to her status right now. We'll try next time

I'm unsure if you'll make it, so looking to one of the other players right now

This is a-ok.
5 Confirmed so far.
depends really on how long work takes. equipment would be the same as what was listed for your last event i couldn't make due to work......sigh.
anyways don't wait up for me. however should I get off work early enough i would like to go.


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Thanks for attending and sticking for 3-4 hoursish- Didn't plan to take this long! Let me know how it went- I know there was at least one incident I should account for. If you end up doing something controversial, please make sure to stick around for everyone to respond if you are still around afterwards and emote. Every thing else has hopefully gone smoothly. I will try to find a weekend for the next one and do it earlier for the GMT players- sorry to those that had to go after a work day.

Plans for the next one will take a little longer as I want to make a nice build- Theme is a dungeon crawl. Stay tuned.

Thanks for the DM help!
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I literally just woke up. Thank you for hosting that event, for the parts that i did attend, that was rather fun.It is the first time that i have faced a staffie creature in a long while, and things seem to be more methodical and challenging.There were three? Maybe four whole DMs at this event, and they put work into DMing their respective fiend as well as setting everything up for the event and i appreciate all of the hard work that they put in, in attempting to create a fun event for the party.

As for Ajax "Love-tapping (actual word used in the emote) the guy to see if he was still alive, and it apparently collapsing his lung," that's total rubbish and he'd have to have been on his deathbed to have died at that point. Ajax could not have killed him by that, but i assume Jasper just wanted to add a little bit of comedic relief, because i thought he was joking when he said in discord that "Cymic just killed a man". For some reason, i was asked to roll, and although confused, i did anyhow (and got a 12). If it wasn't comedic relief at my expense, then there must have been a miscommunication in reading my emote because Jasper is a great DM, as i have experienced firsthand in the past. Either way, Ajax went to grab help as soon as he saw his mighty boots pulverizing the man's insides with a mere tap. Logs will back my argument. Last time i was the expense of a DM's misreading of my emote, my character straight up died and the death was refused a void. I fell asleep during the event, at around 7PM (2 hours in) and asked if i could leave, people said it was fine. I'll be around today for anyone that wants to address this.
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To me this event was great joy, and another semi-good lesson for Gerry. He, despite already knowing this, learnt that the line between bravery and stupidity is thin, and knows he crossed it when deciding to rodeo the spider.

Oocly it was clear to me that a lot of care and thought went into the story and creatures, despite missing the very tail end of it. I loved the challenge the spider provided, and it was on trend with Peter Gryphon and the Keepers. I hope things remain difficult like this or become even more difficult so that planning and coordination actually become more relevant than they already are.

All in all, great event! Thank you again, Solus, Kam, Lannis and Jasper for a wonderful night!


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Just like the last event, I had a lot of fun with this. Granted this time Pod was a bit more stupid, I just feel like doing ridiculous things sometimes during non-PvP combat just to have fun with it. Though with the first event I thought it was just a one-off, I'm pleasantly surprised and happy to see a story coming through between this and the first event. Excited to see or hear more about it with the future events.