Message Board Function and Posters


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I've noticed a few people seem to confuse the function of the message board, and for clarification, I've decided to write this down.

To create a Message Board
Within your region or area, it's possible to create a Message board by typing up [Message Board] on the third line of a sign when placed.

Placing a Book on the Message Board
To place a book on the message board is simple, and.. Honestly shouldn't need much explanation, but since I once did fumble with this, perhaps it should be said. To place a book on the message board, it's as simple as right clicking with the book you want in hand.
Things to keep in mind when placing a book:
-Do not stack the books when wanting to place them, this will cause the stack to disappear and only one book to be placed/reclaimed. (I've learned this the hard way)
-If you wish to have your character name on the book when you sign it, use /book rpsign (If this command doesn't work, use /book to see the command list)
-If you wish for an anonymous letter, sneak while right-clicking the book onto the message board. This will cause the signature on the book to show up as Anonymous.
Reading and Removing Books from the Message Board
To read a book off the message board is simple, just click it and the message within the book should prompt in your chat box. This is done after accessing the GUI.

To remove a book from the message board has the same concept as the previous one, although you right click it and drag it away.

Please note, that if you remove a note ICly to RP it out and return the book to the owner/contact the owner of the book.