Poster New Clinic in Storm's Landing


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*A poster can be found hanging in the tavern and local shops near the docks and throughout Storm's Landing.*

Storm's Landing Medical Clinic
~Now open~

The new medical clinic is now open and serving patients. Please consider our services if you are suffering from physical or mental ailments.

Einthe Liadan is the lead physician of this clinic and will be offering these services on a sliding scale, donation base. Please offer what you can for the services provided, but everyone will receive treatment regardless.

There is a message board for medical requests if you find the clinic empty and such requests will be responded to promptly.

To find the clinic follow the road into the Farming district. The Clinic is located on top of the small hill by the inner city wall. There are white flags with a small green cross to indicate medical services. You can also find it by exiting the Noble district through the SW gate, leading to the Farm District. Take the path directly right once exiting through the gate and head up the hill to find the clinic.

We look forward to serving you!

Einthe Liadan

(ooc note: my two accounts are mainly mairinbaihn and Einthe. Please feel free to message me on either if I'm online and you wish to medical RP)