Finished O’ thy shall be truthful within worship, within promise, within scripture lest thy steel be weakened and unreliable! [3:30pm EST 10th of June]


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Thôrdil Bárúmur calls forth craftsmen and the faithful of several Neutral gods alike to celebrate all that is Korog, to talk amongst fellow comrades, fellow faithful and to celebrate the true Neutral gods!

Priest: Thôrdil Bárúmur
Location and shrine: Aeroch Rimtar
Time: Sunday the 10th of June at 3:30pm EST
What: Prayer, talk, feast in the name of Neutrality
Rating: Peaceful and semi-private (if you feel like you should be invited/allowed to be there, send me a message containing the who and the why)

Peeps: Raphael Payne Solus ShaolinPunk RagingLunacy French Roast Kamaoe Edouard2000 CyberChaosV2
Staff: Lannis Solus Elz


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