ObsidianShield Rp Profile - Vaylas Maran

Name: Vaylas Maran
Nickname/Alias: The Bookkeeper

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Half-bood {Human-Blaze}
Height: 6.2
Weight: 166
Hair: Brownish, Buzzcut
Eyes: Black
Skin: White
Identifying Marks: Scar Under Mask
Appearance: Uthrandir Robes and Follower Mask
Strengths: Alchemy, Creatures
Weaknesses and fears: Enderman, anything end-related
Religion and cults: The Followers
Profession: Current student at Uthrandir, Ex-Librarian of the Followers

Vaylas Maran was never evil, he just followed evil people. His story begins near his current age, in the secret society hidden in the Nether. This was where he grew up, and where he learned how to kill. This society was known as The Followers. They were the original people who lived in the Nether Dungeons. They are never mentioned in the history of Altera due to there evil ways. They created the blazes to protect there structures. One day, a famed follower Alchemist was creating a blaze. One of his assistants knocked over the holder for it and it combined with him. This created the Half-Blood, Half-Human, Half-Blaze. His descendants lost there power to control Blazes as the line continued, and sadly Vaylas was the first to completely lose this power. He had potential from a young age to do great things, and the elders saw this. He had developed a knack for books and alchemy, so the elders made him the Bookkeeper. He was known throughout the Followers as the librarian, which got him the target of harassment from the soldiers and hunters that protected the cultists now that the blazes were hostile to all. He ignored the pestering and continued with his life. He thought it was the perfect life. Until the trials started. These were the most brutal, horrible trials ever devised. And every cultist had to participate. The elders devised to, “slim down” there ranks, so only the strongest remained. There were three trials. Strength, Mind, and Morality. Vaylas was in the library when they ordered him to the arena. The arena was little more than a pit surrounded by lava surrounded by stadium seats. He was thrust into the lower areas, where they kept the contenders and the creatures to fight in the arena. He could see everyone down here, from the blacksmith to the children he saw being initiated to become cultists. Everyone except the soldiers and the hunters and the elders. One by one, he watched as they were sent into the arena to be tested. He saw few come out. And even those few had a look of fear and sadness, with a hint of anger. Finally, they sent him in. For strength, they brought out an blaze, and gave him an axe. He fought rigorously agains the beast. When it was finally slain, he had a scar on his face where the creature burned him. For the next test, they had him face and Enderman. They forced to look into the beast’s eyes, which were vast and empty. He stared for hours. Finally, they slew the beast and released him from its grasp. In the eyes of the Enderman, he saw the end-zone, and the Ender Dragon. It threatened him and cursed at him. It made him fear everything that was ender or end-related. It told him his forces would come and destroy his home. He tried to warn the elders, but they ignored him and gave him the last test. For this, they brought out a woman. She was bound, gagged, and unconscious. They gave him a wood axe. They told him to kill her. He refused. But they told him he would die if he didn’t. He didn’t want to kill this woman, but his mind went back to the enderman and made him believe she was one of them. He closed his eyes and slashed and slashed and slashed. When he opened his eyes, he was covered in blood, and there was nothing but a red pool in front of him. His mind left him. He didn’t think, he just followed the guards out. They brought him to the elders. He didn’t hear much in his daze, except he was now a proven member of the Followers. He was released. He slowly and in a dazed state walked to his library. He walked into the pond in front to wash himself. The next day he woke up to yelling and the noise of enderman. Everywhere. He grabbed his axe and ran outside. The enderman and the ender-corrupted soldiers were flooding the area. His fellows were being pushed to the arena. He ran to meet them. The elders were inside, summoning something. The elders called him to them. They told him to enter the circle, they were sending him away. He asked why, and they said he was the only one who had memorized the story of The Followers. He entered the circle, and just as it was about to send him away, the enderman broke through the door and slaughtered the elders. He blacked out. When he awoke, he was in a desert. A single tree was in the distance. He slowly walked towards the large, great tree. In its shade, he found an axe, and a message. “Take this axe, and chop this wood. The axe will disappear once you chop down the tree. Use the wood and make shelter at night. Go west, until you reach a town. There, seek the college of Uthrandir. Gain entry to it, and gain their trust. Once you have it, KILL BELLON. After that, the final will of The Followers will be fulfilled.” He was startled at it, but he knew to follow it. Thus began his journey, and his mission to kill the Archmage of Uthrandir.