Outdated [OOC] Regarding the Subforum.


Lord of Altera
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Hello Everyone;

I orignally started this project nearly two years ago, and have since put hours of work into in trying to develop something new, however, as some know it really started to drain me and I thought it was best to pass it on to develop more.

I just wanted to go ahead and make it clear that ICly the ownership of the house passed onto BrianAT16 and most of the threads in this subforum will be locked and title will be changed to [Era of Foundations] or [Archives]. Do not fret; None of the threads that aren't mine will be deleted or locked, so if you have a thread in this subforum, do not worry and you may change it as you wish.

All the threads I titled with [Era of Foundations] or [Achives] will remain in the subforum, but they will be locked, you can consider some of these documents to be common knowledge and will not be edited, to be make it more sensible and realistic for scholars or historians ICly.

Warm Regards, and I look forward to watching this grow.~