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Howdy folks. I'd like to apologize for the lack of activity on the campaign front; I've been struck by a lack of motivation to RP coupled with a fresh set of distractions from the real world as I headed into my senior year at college. Leaving it inactive ain't really fair to those involved, either as participants or those I have helping me put it on.
Moving forward, I'd like to try something different events-wise, especially pertaining to their scope. I've tried very small happenings and very large scale events in search of a style that I enjoy, and now we're going to try the happy medium of having a few large events for major points, but with most of the exploration done in smaller discrete groups. Enter;

Adventuring Parties:
  • What: Groups of 6-12 players that go on smaller event chains and adventures within the scope of the campaign plot. The goal is to develop smaller plotlines around each group's preference, and run through them between larger events that tie the groups together.
  • Who: Groups of 6-12 players. They can be made around factions, or just groups of friends. The only important hierarchy to them is an impromptu 'leader' that will represent the group when talking plans.
  • Why: Smaller groups are more manageable, and make it easier to deliver a more personalized experience.
  • When: Depends on the number of groups and available DMs. It'll likely end up on a rotating schedule, with groups taking turns on event scheduling. We'll see what we get here, discuss plans with part leaders, and aim to start in a few weeks from now.

Party Application:

Party Name (Optional):
Party Leader: "Kim the party leader"
Party Roster:
-"Charles II"
Party List:
  • Sangria (Cymic)
  • The Boys (Rygan)
  • IgnisBros (BoredBrit)
  • Hawklight (LeftwardElk)
  • Dunder-Mifflin (Electric)
  • The Rangers (CloakedReaper)
  • The Word (Narvendel)
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Party Name (Optional):
+ Sangria
Party Leader:
+ Konungur Cymic Seymour
Party Roster:
+ Regiment Sentinel Kam Hakiaz Kamaoe
+ Ebon Sentinel Fenric Varkious Colonelgames

+ Thane Eisa Frostbourne Halendar
+ Lady Willow Tidewater Spooksy_
+ Lord Ulric Quinn Tiberione
+ Prinsinn Ventare Seymour ShaolinPunk
+ Princesa Tourmaline Azerwind Ruu
+ Big Man Azgir Jazzper
+ Lesser Big Man Jerr'co The Tottot
+ Kethron Dramaign Heie
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does it anywhere say it HAS to be six

also can someone who is in one party be in another at the same time
I'm fairly certain it has to be at least 6 but it does say 6-12

Also for the record I'm going to vote yes on the latter question and wait until lannis answers to see if I'm correct.


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6-12's a fairly hard limit; I'd prefer no parties smaller than that, or much larger.
For being in multiple parties- I'd prefer minimal overlap, but don't mind if folk are in two or so so long as there's space.