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My dude.

These are hella awesome, you've got a really unique, gritty style and I love it. Looking forward to seeing much, much more.


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This very ironically was supposed to be a drawing of Hannibal Lecter (again, although Mads Mikkelsen this time) for a calligraphy project, but it was scrapped. So now it's Josef, months after beginning the portrait lmfao
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When you make art like this, it effectively blows me away. I love the scratchy style it has, the almost manic and frenzied feel of the lines and things. It's like if a schizophrenic drew his visions, and you perfect it. Might even commission you to try some Preotul related art sometime. Anyhow, amazing job!


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My body is rapidly decaying at the behest of summertime's heat. Stuff I've worked on over the past few months.