Finished [Peaceful] Meeting of Sovereigns {May 26th, 3 PM CST}


Lord of Altera
Posters are put up in Storm’s Landing, Astrakhan, Mockingbay, Halbed, and anywhere else it is allowed.

~Know Thy Neighbor~

The House of the Herenii invites all their allies and any neighboring (or distant) sovereigns to a formal set of meetings in Astrakhan. Such meetings will be for the purpose of establishing trade, formalizing relations, meeting new rulers, etcetera. The meetings will be scheduled by order of “First come, first served” in terms of who established an appointment first. Establishing an appointment is as simple as sending a letter identifying yourself, your country, your king (if you are an envoy) and your goals. There will be food and drink afterwards, as usual.

In the spirit of civility and hospitality, the Family asks that anyone coming pleases leave larger weapons and armor at home. Side-arms and simple gambesons are allowed.

OOC: This is a peaceful event- don’t come if you intend on causing trouble. You will ICly be searched for weapons.

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