[Politics] House of Iding


Lord of Altera
LORD: Benjamin Iding
LADY: Arabella Iding
NOBLES: Edward Iding, Favour Coral-Hotspur, Novinah Iding
KNIGHTS: Ser Cenric Balder


Master-of-Arms - Cenric Balder
Master-of-Ships - Favour Coral-Hotspur
Master-of-Coin - Arabella Iding

Lord Benjamin, son of Henry Hotspur, was part of the Anhald expedition to the New World, and founded Motte Farne on a lake to which he gave the same name; the Farne. The family was united with de Courtnay when Lord Benjamin married Lady Arabella. They soon had a child named Edward.​


Vassal to: Hallon
Vassalized: Balder
Allied with: De Courtnay, Cordenth
Opposed to:
Indifferent to: All Unmentioned Houses / Kingdoms
Trading with: De Courtnay, Cordenth

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