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[Poster] Carpenter needed.


Legend of Altera
A shabby bit of parchment hangs from the notice board in Storm’s Landing. Tight, neat script reads as follows:

I have need of a carpenter to build me two medium-sized, oak barrels for brewing. If you possess the skills and are interested in earning some coin just pop in at the tavern at Storm’s Landing and ask the keep for Lynn.

(OOC: My character needs barrels. Poke me with a time to meet up or just do what the thing says if I am there.)


Lord of Altera
A note is slapped here in nice handwriting.

“I’ll make you some barrels! And cupcakes! Look for a poncho-wearing fellow named Daniel in Storm’s Landing (that’s me!)~ we can discuss prices and designs then.”

*Kublai is made aware of this offer*
{I'd really love to get back to basics and do something other than this kingly stuff}
*If Blorbis doesn't take the job, Kublai would gladly do it too! But since I have little time to spend on the PC nowadays, I hope Blorbis takes it :) *