Finished [Private, 9/3, 3:00 EST] The Trial of Arthur Ashenfell + Baptism of Otto


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A Private Trial shall take place in Knight's Haven for the alleged traitor, Arthur Ashenfell. Sir Podric Flanders will oversee as the Judge of the trial, and pass judgement by the end of the proceedings.

Shortly after the end of the trial, a private ceremony shall take place, in which Otto will be baptized.

Where: Haven
When: September 3rd at 3PM EST [2PM CST]
Tags: Morbid BoredBrit

If anyone thinks they should be allowed to be present for the trial and is capable of being around, feel free to send me a PM.
EDIT: If you have a character that is directly affiliated to the region (I.E: Guard, Resident, etc.), you're free to attend.
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I love the fact that a guy is just going to be put on trial for treason, and then there will be a baptism and church potluck to celebrate.