[Private] Letter to the Imperial Reichsritter of the Sun

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
It would seem now, the time for flourish decorum and regal designs amidst Arike's typical means of sending letters was
at an all time low, this box instead simply wrapped in black or red strips of cloth, and brought forth tied in the means of a
bow ribbon, dutifully written as he looked over at the two others in the room, gesturing them out as he moved to dip quill
in ink- wroth forth the words of the Crusader.

" Sun Bishop,

True is it, the nature of the Goddess of Light, to hold true the matters of noble, and regal society. So do you aswell
do hold these righteous values dear to your heart. Need I remind, my men are always there in the strife in service to
the Holy Divine Pantheon, and truly, has aided in your own strife against the Daemon for as long as our order has
existed, and that our banners are risen in the name of your Kaiser, by this right however, once I swore as the finer
Lord Commander of the Enclave, it's Grandmaster and Castellian; so too did I swear to protect the values of Ignis,
her followers, and her country all the same. I wish you will, please reconsider.

Light Guide,

Lord Arike Lyssain Veleti of the Enclave. "


Lord of Altera
The response below would be sent swiftly upon fine white paper with elegant inking and a seal of golden wax.

Warrior of Crusade,
Whilst it grieves deeply me to know that you feel slighted by my latest declaration it is my duty to God to uphold the truth of Her divine order. You have raised arms for God and Her angeli, for this the church is most undeniably grateful. Yet, fighting for God does not make one a Lord in the same manner that wearing a crown does not make one King. You are a soldier of the divine, a good one at that. I would bid you stick to what you know.

Let us prepare for the day,
Verum illuminat et Veritas praevalebit.