[Public Notice] The Thorn Stabs


Lord of Altera

Word spreads via town criers of the following.
The Forest Elf known as Cedlas is charged with the following crimes against Marksgrafin Arianne va Rosemont and House va Rosemont. A bounty of 5,000 is raised on his head
I. Threats with the intent to act upon them. - Let it be known this man is one who has trained with poisons and subterfuge. He has made unprovoked threats against the Arianne va Rosemont. These threats are not taken lightly.
II. Potential involvement with the thieves guild. Cedlas has been noted and seen with shady figures, and has also spoken openly about an involvement with the guild of liars.
III. The intent and potential possession of demonic texts for the sake of harnessing some form of power. A man who wishes to buy such things must have prior involvement with demonic beasts and only wishes to serve them.
IV. The realm shall know the man as a lying, cheating thief. He has been seen robbing Nobility in broad daylight. He is a worm that will be dealt with swiftly.
To Cedlas, two ways are offered. An easy one and a hard one.
Turn yourself into Roseturm unarmed within the following week and you will be given a fair trial.
Failure to do so will result in an increase of 10,000 radiants to the already standing bounty and a forfeit of fair trial.
After the week, he is wanted dead or alive. A body or head to prove his death will be sufficient.
For groups or factions that help in the bringing of him to Roseturm: They will be given more pay to compensate.

This man deserves no harboring, nor reprieve. Stay aware of who is about you.
Cedlas is a Forest Elf. He has green eyes, and stands at about six foot three inches. Currently he resides within Halbed, yet may be known to have hideouts within Storm's Landing.
A rough sketch of Cedlas' general face structure follows, yet it is basic.
"Iluve moruy tel as lie."
OOC: The week period mentioned in the poster begins now and will end on the 23rd of April.

Swiftspear Cymic_


Lord of Altera
From the Treasury, a seal of renown, atleast to the Rosemont Leadership, her Offices and Repoir- as this was something of a breach in protocol, causing such an annoyance;

"5,000 Silvers added to this bounty, freshly minted and stamped with the seal of the four peaks- a meager transfer, but it will have to do."

[Paid in OOC, to the brave soul who does it.]


Secretly both Niah and Elz
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*Rumors of the guild being unhappy to be mentioned along side Cedles and a death plot rise. However any letter (Previously mentioned in this post) seemed to never reach the public*
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*A letter would be left with Cymic_ from one of the shady figures around Halbed's underground passed to a bribed guard, to pass to Cymic.*

*At the top of the letter*

Dear evoker of Jax, as you have been kind to us we have requested this favor of you. We take favors very seriously and you are now owed a single one, you know where to contact should you feel the need to collect. Please pass this message to intrested parties.

*The letter should cymic pass it along*
We of the Thieves Guild disavow this man and any deep pocket who operates beyond guild sanctions. Murder is strictly forbidden. As a show of good faith from those in the shadows we provide an increase in your posted bounty to the tune of 25,000 radiant collected ALIVE. If the man continues to besmirch our good name the bounty will raise to 50,000.

Bounty hunting is a lowly and filthy profession, Those who would collect know that this money comes from your own purses.

He Watches.
~ The Harlot's Veil
(Included would be a torn copy of this poster. torn down of corse.)
I am left confused.


Lord of Altera
can i just send ari his head if i bother going for memes

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