Rally of the Dwarves; the king's call


The Artisan
Khárûz Kublai calls upon all Dwarves to honor their vows of brotherhood and loyalty to their king.

A menace is threatening our realms and is almost close enough to beat at our very doors, though our doctrine is to stay neutral, like Korog.

Thôrdil Bárúmur has translated the will of Korog, however, to fight alongside the other races of Altera against this common foe.

The noble warrior-clan of Frostpeak is called to lead any of the assaults or defences.

The clan of Stoneforge, if any are left, are called to fight alongside but more importantly; write these events into history.

The hard working smithing-clan of the Duskhammers is called to increase their labor to supply our brothers with armor and weapons.

All other scattered Dwarves are called to report to the king himself, or to Kris Linkolns or Kristoff Stenashieldar, both of the Frostpeak clan.

Once ready for battle and provided with appropriate armor, weapons and equipment, all Dwarves must await the king's call.

Let it be known!

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The Artisan
OOC: this is bringing it out in the world that the Dwarves will fight with the others of the realm.
Also it is a bridge for everyone who has a Dwarf character to join in on the RP :)