Poster Rally The Common, Rebuild Thorne.


Loyal Servant of Altera
The Event that happened in Thorne... Ruined Everything
But that doesn't mean it's the End.
A Troop of anyone who is willing to participate, Is gathering to Rebuild, and restart.

We need builders, we need farmers, we need able hands.
Come help rebuild Thorne, And restore it to it's former glory.

Take a boat to Queensport and locate the cart that can take you to Thorne, (Blue White, South East Area)
Upon Arrival, Locate the Larger Farmstead, Where I can help you get started.
Some have already begun rebuilding, those who wish to join us, i wish you luck in arriving here.

~ Hy EvySteel

(If your getting lost feel free to @TheHyliade If I’m online!)
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