[Reviews] Aeon Act 2


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Second verse, same as the first. Please post reviews/critique, either here or in another thread. Thanks for those that attended, and for our DMs/actors!

Raphael Payne

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Great event. Alittle too much ooc salt received when there was technicalities. ( Mostly toward me when people got pissed OOCly in local/RP chat when someone had fallen and RP reasons allowed them to come up and I kindly asked them to wait.

Plot/storyline was pretty good. Sad for myself, yes. A surprising lack of death, although my characters loved one fell. Kudos to event and build team, it was an amazing ride.


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Beautiful scenery, but same faults as the previous event, however this time with a somewhat more dissapointing climax for most-

The building was, as always, wonderful and impressive, and immersing into the place was not a problem. The eye for detail was great, and I loved how it looked. However, with the one pillar jumping bouncy castle, the very thin lines that people had to make their way across and such still were a problem with the group of people, as it was not fit for such an amount, and it easily became chaos because of such, much like the small , tight corners and caverns of the previous event.

The climax was.. Also somewhat less amazing, this time with , for most people at least, just seeing a pillar rise up with a stone at its top, only to have everyone that (foolishly might I add) tries to touch it getting sparked away, leaving everyone to evacuate for 'safety measures' to let only one or two individuals stay behind to see whatever spoopy thing follows next- Meaning most people had their event ending be "aight we walk out and wait for one person to come screaming outside of the cavern now, and then we go back home", which is dissapointing at best. Now this makes complete sense IC'ly, as you wish to be as safe as possible, but that sadly made it so there was no big fancy ending that people could remember. Instead, it all felt a bit slow and dull in the end.

Enemies to fight and troubles to come across were.. Okay, I'd say, however bugs and bats are not, for me at least, a great enemy to struggle with in such an event. Much like last time, I personally caught myself often doing very little, or arriving too late at a place, and thus being dissapointed as I had to head back. With this, it's all more or less coming down to the point of "I interacted less than I spectated".

However, I was glad to still partake in it, as I had some good moments within this event, and I still look forward to the next act. My compliments also to all the DMs, that managed to make sense in the midst of chaos, and still entertain and make it exciting in places where some did not see such.
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Good event.

But not a great climax. I still liked it, and the building was beautiful. c:

Tempy said everything that I had to say because he's mean.


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legitimately terrible aside from the sexy ass build

- too many people
- RP chat cluttered
- didn't actually really get to do much other than make bridges
- too many people
- one former-staff char with ridiculous power did all the work while we had to evacuate

i felt like i was spectating. make the next one guarded by Vercinganoragoracthular the Lich King and have us fight an army of skeletons or something, so people can actually at least pretend to participate


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What Cap said.

Also, if I had the choice to either do nothing, or stop myself from going to the event and instead watch paint dry for the same amount of time I was at the event, I'd watch paint dry.


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Great build but I couldn't really appreciate it as I play on such low render distance but the screenshots were great and when I basically had to sit there I turned up my render distance and what I saw was really nice. However I think the only thing my character got to do that actually helped at all was help push a lever and help with the sailing away.

IC (mostly) summary from Azure
"We went to Bastion. Their were floating rocks very cool. We did lots of dangerous rock climbing. Amazingly only one person fell. We messed with some planks, caused some windchime things to happen (I helped a dwarf turn them around). Then we had to climb back across to another floating rock which had the stone. Very cool. However no one got to touch it and everyone had to leave. Very smart decision based on what happened at Korog's. So I climbed back down the way we came and sailed away when the handful of folks who were in there came out screaming. One guy screamed something about Dragons but all I saw were friendly skyrats. The end."

ICly this makes sense and ICly my character is relieved things went as well as they did. OOC I felt like I was well....I gotta agree with Cap. I just watched as other folks did everything which is never fun. I think the last one was better because even though it suffered from clog points where everyone was cluttered once you got inside there was so much room you could explore more and not have the largest crowd on the server in the same RP range. Also even though all we did was stand on pressure switches I at least felt like I participated in the last event. This one I just....watched.


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This time I stayed true to my character and how they would act and this time nobody died from the climax.

I know I can never act out fully without folks complaining, and I kept my involvement in the puzzle solving to be as minimal as possible, speaking out and going for only one solid part of a plan "Let's get out and get ready to leave before we do the thing." and folks are still upset with me.


Proper planning prevented fatalities even though it made it less interesting. Win some, lose some.


Same problems as the first. These events are better suited for a group of ten players or less. The puzzles are designed in ways that don't need a large group, and even if Naelwyn hadn't come most of those in attendance wouldn't have gotten to do anything.


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Hmm, think Naelwyn roleplays how he'd like to without people shitting on him constantly for doing so. Think that's a good plan.
naelwyn did all the hard work while we turned logs and moved planks a couple meters

we weren't even allowed to touch the pillar or stone


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Other comments:
The build + music provided was fantastic.
Similar problems with large number of folks in confined spaces. Part of that was mitigated by the crumblyness of the footings, necessitating people hold back and not crowd (Excellent!) but that did impose a lot of waiting for folks that didn't run ahead into danger. I spent most of the event afk and not doing much.


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It was definitely a bit small for so many players. Though it seems all of it was buildup for the climax which only a very tiny fraction of the people there got to see. Progressing through it felt more like enabling other people to have awesome moments than progressing towards a overall goal for the group. Then again that's how I feel just based off raw reaction, perhaps i'll change my mind when I see how other people experienced the event, considering I was part of and accomplished very little comparatively to everyone else.