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Rowaldin Teline

"You can come a long way with generosity."

General Information
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Full name: Rowaldin (Martin Theodore) Teline
Nicknames: Plant Man.
Titles: Wanderer, Explorer.

Age: In his early 30s, although he appears to look much younger.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual.
Social Status: Middle class.
Current Residence: Astrum Isles.
Relationship Status: Single. (And NOT emotionally ready to mingle)
Birthday: 21st of Sporebloom.

Date of Death: Haha, what?


Height: 5’7ft (170cm).
Weight: 141 lbs (64kg).
Eye Color: Lapis blue.
Skin Color: White, slightly tanned.
Shape of Face: Triangle shaped, pointing downwards ▽. Thin nose, big ears.
Distinguishing Features: His ears.
Build of Body: Oval shape.
Hair Color: Dark brown.

Hair Style: Short/medium but orderly. His hair is slightly wavy. What is a bad hair day?

Posture: Good, it could be considered perfect. He knows the importance of having a good posture.
Hygiene: Great. He loves taking care of his body. Baths as often as he gets the chance, usually after every promenade. He always smells like a blossoming field of roses.

Voice: The same as Peter Hollens, but slightly lighter: [x]

Habits and mannerisms:
- Laughs extra much when nervous or uncomfortable, even though he already laughs a lot.

- Fiddles with his quill when bored or nervous. He tends to break his quills from time to time, explaining why he always carries an abundance of quills in his backpack.


Flora: He loves the nature in every way when it comes to flora. He can sit idle for hours just looking at flowers and trees.
Architecture: Rowaldin is fascinated at how different buildings can look like depending on who built and designed them.
Literature: The art of painting with words is fantastic, Rowaldin claims. He is amazed by the fact that simple words can turn into massive universes and stories.
Peace: Rowaldin thinks wars are unnecessary, considering he believes conflicts can be solved by talking it out and compromising. He likes to not worry about getting hurt when he’s on a promenade.

Spiders: They’re the scum of the earth.
Arguments and fights: He’s afraid of conflicts and he doesn’t like fighting. It’s unnecessary.

Kindness and compassion: For Rowaldin, it is given to be kind and compassionate. This trait is inherited by his parents who lives by the same legacy.
Generosity: Rowaldin thinks there is no better feeling than giving someone a present out of the blue and seeing their reactions.
Desire to help: He has a desire to help everyone who needs it.

Fighting: He can barely hold a sword properly. The thought of hurting and/or killing someone makes him dizzy.
Trust: If a person leaves a good enough impression on Rowaldin he will automatically put all of his trust on them, which may cause some drawbacks. He will see someone as a friend pretty quickly. If someone notices this they can very well get him to trust them and then stab him in the back.

Blood: Seeing blood from someone who is hurt makes him dizzy. He does not like the thought of blood.

Death: He's afraid of what comes after death. Eternal void? Rebirth?
It's scary to not know.

Loyalty and kindness.

He possesses an adequate level of education.

- Common
(Fluent in both written and spoken.)
- Has an interest in the language of the Makani: Yakai.

General Attitude:
Overly positive and enthusiastic.

Religious Inclination:
None. Yet.

General Intelligence:
Rowaldin has average intelligence. He’s not dumb, but he could be smarter. Has a desire to learn. Has a good vocabulary, gained from travelling around the land.

General Sociability:
Rowaldin enjoys socializing with other people and does it often, which has lead to an improved sociability.

Chaotic good.

Short Term Goals:
- Open a floral shop.

Long Term Goals:
- Learn Yakai.
- Become an expert on flora.

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A slight limp on Rowaldin’s right leg that easily goes unnoticed. Only those that would inspect his leg would notice it. This injury was caused when Rowaldin was attacked by a giant spider when he was younger. This has scarred him terribly, making him unable to even look at spiders without running the opposite direction immediately.

Energy Levels:

Exercise Habits:
He promenades often.

Rowaldin has a good memory. Easily remembers stuff he wants to remember and stuff he doesn’t care about is forgotten.

Drinking Habits:
He doesn’t drink often, but when he does he usually goes too far. Hey, it’s not that bad.


Peaceful or violent:
Peaceful. Avoids combat at all costs unless lives depends on it.

- Knows how to handle a shortbow to hunt small prey with on his journeys.
- The ability to use daggers for butchering smaller prey.

Combat Training:
Rowaldin’s only experiences with combat is when he played fighting games (with sticks.) with his friends when he were younger and the time he saved (with him surprising the bandits and luck) his best friend, Fiena, from bandits. I almost died that day.

Other Trivia

Florist and aspiring author.

Favorite Types of Food:
- Dogwood berries.
- His mother’s iconic dish. A meal with pan-fried potatoes and fresh salad.

Favorite Types of Drink:
- Acai tea.
- When drinking alcohol: Preferably white wine.

- Promenading while examining flowers and trees.
- Reading and writing, which may also cause him to isolate himself for days.
- Visiting different cafés to chat with the locals.

Favorite Colors:
Green: Hasn’t that been obvious? I don’t have to explain why it’s the best colour of them all.
Magenta: I personally see magenta as a very vivid colour. You can describe it either as a dark pink or a light purple, and I think that’s lovely. Colours are amazing.
Yellow: If happiness were a colour it would be yellow. It’s a colour that attracts the eyes to it. It’s an exquisitely powerful colour that radiates energy. I think that’s why it goes so well with happiness.

Disliked Colors:
Gray: The gray colour has no personality whatsoever. While it may be a basic colour for clothes and perhaps even buildings it isn’t what I would call a… divine colour. It’s dull.

Favourite Flowers:
Roses: Roses are not only perfect because of their looks, but also because of their smell, varying colours and meanings. Did you know that each colour has several meanings? Per example, a yellow rose signifies friendship and joy while the pink ones symbolises appreciation and admiration. The number of roses in a bouquet has a meaning too! - Sorry, I should stop before I get carried away.

Lilacs: They’re beautiful. What else is there to add? Their smell? Oh that’s quaint. Their colours? I’d call them holy. The magenta lilac is my favourite. Another charming factor about them is that they only bloom during the Season of Birth. Shorter time to enjoy them, but a longer time to wait for their wondrous presence!

Disliked Flowers:
All flowers are good flowers.

- Two inkwells. One black and one red.
- A notebook.
- His diary.
- Several quills. Due to his habit of fiddling with his quills and breaking them in the process he has three sets of quills in case he breaks them. Each set has three quills in different colours. The three colours are his favourite colours: Green, magenta, and yellow.
- Flowers.

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(OOC: To clear misunderstandings, These are entries from Rowaldin's journal (diary.), your characters won't know of this unless you were with him when specific events happened)

If your character isn't mentioned and Rowaldin and them have met, please tell me!

Relevant Family Members:
His father is the reason he enjoys the nature so much.

Romantic Interests:

Trusted Friends:
Fiena Downing: My one and only best friend. One time during one of many journeys with my horse I stumbled across her fending off two bandits. She had successfully knocked one unconscious but it was an unfair fight. The second bandit knocked her out and was about to deal the finishing blow when I decided to jump in. I usually don’t engage in combat but I would never witness someone get killed off in an unjust battle. I had the power of surprisement on my side but considering I have close to no experiences in fighting and I only had a knife it was a tough fight. It was out of pure luck I stabbed him and watched him fall down. I was injured, but I grabbed Fiena and got back on my horse to ride away from the bandits. I went to the closest hospital and got her nursed back to health. I checked on her regularly and then we became friends.

Rai: I first met her when I entered her tavern to buy me a meal. She left me a good impression with her art and intriguing personality. I’d like to get to know her better. Rai has become a close friend to I in Astrum. We share a lot of common interests. Our dynamic is exquisite. I used to think I was weird but Rai has... proved me wrong by being more peculiar. Thus, she has my respect. I have learnt that I can turn to her to talk about anything and she'll be there for me. I hope she thinks the same about me. On another note, I don't think there is anyone who doesn't like her. Rai is always there for me, and I'm always there for her.


Valtae Dur: I haven't talked much to her yet, but relations take time. Once I started talking to Val we quickly developed a friendship. I helped her (or rather, accompanied) her with a delivery and then we went out for a drink. A few days later she helped me with a project, together with Rai.

Drew Swift: I met Drew when Lina invited I and Eoghan over for tea. He's the Captain of the Guard (Impressive!) and a kind elf. He seems like a great person for being a captain. I have lost count of how many breakfasts and dinners I have eaten at the Swift household, and I'd like it to remain that way. Drew's hospitality is one that far outmatches anyone's I've ever seen. Drew is a funny person, I had a drinking game with him (I don't remember which one of us won, I don't remember anything from that night.) and I feel that's a smaller proof of our friendship.

Friendly With/liked:

Cecily Swift: Astrum's bard! I only heard her play a swift tune but I can't wait to hear more of it. I'll definitely pay more visits to the tavern to hear from her.

Lina: A sweet child I met at the same time I met Eoghan. She seems shy but kind. After a whole lot of talking she invited me over for tea which I so thankfully agreed on. At one point in our conversations I accidentally upset her by bringing up her biological parents and I have to make up for it in one way, but I don't know how.

Loose Acquaintances/neutral:

Luné Tekton: He gave me a market stall. That’s about it.

Adrianna: The only thing I really know about her is that she’s very happy about Rai’s and Luné’s marriage.

Eoghan: A guard I met the other day. He seems friendly. I gave him a rose to thank him for guarding Astrum, I hope he appreciated it.

Theodosia: She and Drew appears to have a close relationship. We met in Drew's house but she never told me her name as far as I can remember. She just gave me a handshake and nodded. She then proceeded to accidentally bite Drew's hand. As much as I'd love to know more people around she just made me uncomfortable. It was an odd introduction and I think I need a new start with her. Ever since the incident with Jackdaw and Theo my respect for Theo increased. I'm excited to see what else she has to offer.

Haldir: Lina's boyfriend. I don't know if it's official yet but in my eyes they're practically together. I like him, he's a charming young man that can go far.

Disfavored Individuals:

Jackdaw: Her attitude was highly infuriating. Her sole presence triggers me. Why is she like this?

Hated: Hate is such a strong word. (aka N/A.)

Wary Of:
That elf who laughed at him in The Kraken’s Culling. He got so upset and I’m not sure what I did wrong.

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I don't have any pictures of him yet, but that'll be fixed eventually. o3o
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