Ruu's Art Train [noodie warning]


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Uhm, I'mma start posting my art here
So I often draw all my characters, including ones that I RP with or fanart
Cause.. I get attached to characters pretty quickly..
And I have to like- drawing them.

Yeah. So I did one of Isabell and also did a few progress pics too
This is how I draw v v v

Isabell M. Goodman (My Char)

I seriously think I could of done more work on it- but I couldn't be bothered.

Progress Pics:
Here are some other draws:

Actually, these are RP characters of mine.
Ruvyn! My hyper, happy Fire Elf.

Aife. Yeah she's a Bird- well, More like griffin on two legs?

This one is Maple, she's 10 years old

Gah, I need to draw more of my guy characters .-.​


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These are great! I really like the Maple one. Seems like a fun and mischievous type kid. :)