Some art huhu (noodity warning)


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edit: i dont update this post anymore, i apologise but theres like 50 pages now lmao

heres something from march2016:


i do the drawr and then i post it

also, dA:
also, tumblr, since it feels better posting sketchy stuff there:

Note: Now just posting sporadically! Keeps things dated an organised that way instead of this first post of chaos. :heart:

Sep 21:

Nov 4:
(yeh i took way too long, talk about no motivation)

Nov 11
Aewin and Sophieeeee

Nov 13
Nov 17

18 Nov

Nov 24
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Secretly Niah
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LOL. I watched that whole thing... xD;
Posted a 30 minute doodle of Lagertha from Vikings. God I love that show...


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If you ever need something to draw... hit me up...

I love your work, its wonderful please keep it up i enjoy looking at it!