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= Starfall Rumors =


Events come and go, and the next arc in Altera's story comes. How will you remember it?
How will you write history to reflect it?


This thread will be where IC information that can be acquired through the rumors thread will be stored. As other rumors pop up, this will only be something to keep things organized so folks don't have to go through pages of rumors to find some snippet of what's going on.
Rumors related to the events of this campaign will be posted here and on the regular rumors thread here.

Rules are the same as the original rules, pasted here:

  1. No spam, OOC comments, or irrelevant replies. Anything derailing in nature will probably be deleted. There is a jokey OOC rumors thread {here} for that sort of thing.
  2. Posting here means that it is fair game for the rumor to become common knowledge.
  3. You cannot post a rumor for the purpose of metagaming. For example, if your character dies, you cannot start a rumor to implicate your character's killer.
  4. Remember these are just rumors and you cannot use it to replace actual roleplaying. You can say you burned down a temple, killed a city's guard, or knitted every resident of a city a sweater. But if you did not roleplay it out, then it is truly just a rumor.
  5. Rules may be added as we go.