Poster Stories that the Watch can use help with.


The Artisan
OOC: There are some matters that I just don't know who to send a convo to ask them if they are willing to do a small interview.
These matters I'd like to put up on a poster, so the people who might know something about it can tell me.
It's an easy to use thread; look at the subjects, if you know something about it and would enjoy being in the newspaper, comment below and I'll get in touch.
I will only bump this thread when a new topic arises. This way the thread will appear on the homepage again and you can check out if it's something you like to report on.

*this poster hangs in the major cities and is constantly altered. When enough information is gathered, stuff is crossed out. When new info is needed, stuff is added to the list.*

The Adventurer's Watch pays 200 radiants for each piece of information they require and we are currently looking for people to interview on the following topics:

- The Watchers stopped watching -
Or so it seems. Whoever knows more about the reason why the birds are no longer watching us, please come to Linlea's tavern to talk! Theories are allowed too!

- A fort is being constructed near the Compendium.-
Anyone with information on the going ons at the site is invited to share it with Kublai! We can use a man on the inside to tell the public more.

- The Black Company -
There hasn't been much talk of them anymore recently, who knows what has become of them?

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