{TBA 4 :30 PM: Moderate} The Passing of the White Wolf


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Posters are strung up anywhere it is allowed.


May the Grey Lady Bring Eternal Rest Upon the Soul of Star
For The White Wolf has Passed into the Underworld

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A Full Funerary Procession is to be held in Astrakhan.
All those who were her friends or family may attend to honor her memory.
As Tradition demands, the Funeral Service will proceed as follows:

  1. Noon of Burial Date: A general Wake (closed casket) where the body will be presented in the Home of Carling Herennia, Mater Tou Thanóntos. All who wish to enter the house must receive a cleansing from the priest on site, and must cast aside any items they are currently carrying. Funerary games will be presented, in which mourners may partake in, these will include javelin-throwing, chariot-racing, and poetic eulogies to the deceased.

  2. Night of Burial Date: Offerings to the Grey Lady and to the deceased will be burnt.
  3. Midnight of Burial Date: The sarcophagus is to be processed through the streets by Star's family or close friends. The streets are to be emptied of all non-funerary activities and swept thoroughly, to allow for a smooth procession. Priests will be cleansing the streets with incense, forming the head of the procession. Pamphlets containing traditional funerary chants will be handed out. Star will be put to rest in her tomb, where a general eulogy will be held. A Mourning Banquet is to be served.

    As Tradition demands, we ask that guests to the Funeral take these measures the day before the Ceremonies.

    1. Fasting: Fasting purifies and strengthens the soul so that those who take part in such a sacred Ceremony are clean of heart and mind. We ask that guests come to the Ceremonies having fasted at least six hours before the day of the festival, unless it is against one's faith or unsuitable for one's health. The consumption of water is allowed. Furthermore, fasting does not just mean abstaining from food, but of all sinful activities such as but not limited to: gambling, fighting, drinking, the usage of recreational substances, and swearing.

    2. Bathing: While the body's appearance does not always reflect the purity of one's soul, the physical form is still impure. Therefore, to bolster the spiritual cleanliness of the Ceremony, we ask that guests come thoroughly bathed.

    3. Attire: Formal wear is mandatory. Black funerary togas will be given to all attendants.

    4. Behavior: This is the remembrance of someone near and dear to many people. Grieving is natural in the form of crying, silence, or laughter; and it may come at varying levels. The disruption of funeral ceremonies (the opening of the casket, interrupting the priests, etc) is not acceptable however. If you have disdain for Star and you do not believe you will be able to comport yourself in a manner considered appropriate, then we ask that you do not come. Violence, profanity, and jeers directed at the deceased or to those close to the deceased will be met with the violator's swift removal from the area by the lictors.

    Funeral Chants

    In the Asrakosian tradition, priests will call out to the dead or to the Gods, some of these chants have responsorial elements that are to be said by the loved ones of the deceased. Responses will indicated for those unfamiliar with the process.

    Mourning Banquet

    After Star's soul has been sent off to the Underworld, our Earthly fast will have ended, as she will be able to consume the Nectar and Ambrosia with the Gods. The foods served will be Star's favorite, so as to honor her memory. Funerary dishes will also be served- black wine, sprigs of parsley, and the meat of an animal sacrifice.

    OOC: So, Star's dead. Her things are going to be locked away in an undisclosed location and her body will be set in a shrine. We'll need people to play a priest of the Grey Lady, and people to play Lictors- ceremonial guards to keep troublemakers out. Also, if anyone can help me provide proper Latin/Greek funerary chants with their English translations, that'd be great!
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hey this is happening the day that i go our for ramen for my birthday! Gar will be yeeting of sadness


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Hey guys, I have a lot to do today, so I’m going to have to postpone the funeral event till I can find a suitable date. Sorry :/