The Bloody Coin


Lord of Altera
After witnessing many violent attacks, muggings and murders.
A man name Kyro, decided to make a difference. But after serving as a guard he realized that many
things should be done differently when it comes to such crimes. He believed that people should not be held inside dark cells. He believed that criminals must be dealt with, severely and merciless. And thus, an organisation emerged from the ground, known as The Bloody Coin. This band of mercenaries, thief's and con-artists are here to make a difference for all the citizens of Altera. No matter what the job is, how difficult it may be, if you have the coin, then they will take and finish the job. "In the name of Jax, The Bloody Coin will finish the job!"
After many months of hard work and completing jobs. The Bloody Coin now is made up of six fighting members, these people all work together, and complete their jobs to perfection. Every day The Bloody Coin grows, bigger, faster and more efficient.​
RP: To help and serve any who require help, to insure clients safety and that there demands are met. The Bloody Coin is always open to help every citizen who requires it, be it race or beliefs. They will always be there to help.
OOC: To help bring all mercenaries together, give people jobs and income and to help create a healthy community.​
Politics: The members of The Bloody Coin are not affiliated with politics, they do not take sides in any political debates unless they are paid to do so. Certain nobles in RiddlePort have ties with certain parties and people in Altera. Since The Bloody Coin is located in RiddlePort, it follows all rules of RiddlePort and is affiliated with all of RiddlePorts ties agreements. This means that certain jobs may be prioritized over others or declined because of these ties.​
Religion: They follow the teachings and beliefs of there god Jax, however, this does not impact on who they can do jobs for, as Jax is a god about money.​
  1. Always listen to the members advice about the job.
  2. Do not tell them how to do the job unless you have specifics about the job or if they ask for your help.
  3. Always make sure you have the money to pay for the jobs.
  4. Be respectful towards the members.
Location:The Bloody Coin is located in the far east side of RiddlePort in front of the Town Hall. To get to RiddlePort take the ship with the black sails from the docks in Port Silver.
Inquires: If you need to hire one of the members you can either, leave a book at the HQ in RiddlePort outlining what the job is, what you need done and who it needs to be done to. Or speak to one of the members in RP about the job. If you believe that the job was not done properly (RP wise) please contact Goldtalon101 or NoaMarwhal about it.
Applications: If you would like to join The Bloody Coin you can either, post a reply with these headings.
Weapon Choice:
Or you can RP with Goldtalon101 or K9_Diarmuid and we can recruit or deny you based on your character. (Players who use the headings will be more likely do get recruited).

Guild Master:
Second in Command:
The Volonwer Guards​


Triangles are my favourite shape
Retired Staff
Name: IC: K9_Diarmuid Rp: Elrohir Ancalimé Engem
Skills: He is a master Apothecary, as he was the potion brewer and medic on his old Pirate Ship. He is an expert at Archery, Agility and Stealth. He is an excellent thief, but he hasn't learned how to pick a lock. He doesn't know how they operate and hasn't had the chance to mess around with one (yet) He is also decent enough at breaking himself and others out of jail, as he has proven beforehand. He wont kill someone though, that's what the assassins guild is for. If you want someone dead, go there, that's his argument.
Background: Soon to come on the forums but I don't want to reveal any OOC without the character post.
Weapon Choice: His bow, sung from the Hometree called Bianca. He also has 16 daggers called The teeth of Kor'og. These are all the length of his hand, from tip of middle finger to wrist, exactly that measurement to suit his hand best.

If you want to know more, just ask.



Lord of Altera
Name: IGN: minerman375 RP: Zoren Halfdawn
Skills: Quiet while moving, can use a sword fairly well, can survive off the barest essentials.
Background: Zoren got killed by an Icecloak a while back and got resurrected. After revival, he lived in the mountains near PS and survived there for around 3 years.
Weapon Choice: His main weapon is a long, black sword called Death's Abyss.

If any more info is needed then I'd be happy to give :)


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Name: Silveria Haizea
Skills: very fast
Background: Her father worked for the coin before he died, silveria is following in his footsteps
Weapon Choice: Twin-Daggers


Lord of Altera
Rianna Jinx
She Is fast, and knows how she can bend others to her will. She is really good at using one handed swords, the Longsword his her favorite.
Ria grew up around roughness and hard luck. Her father was a Pirate, and she eventually became recognized as a full part of the crew. She Is charismatic and likes to think she is charming...
Weapon Choice:
She uses One handed weapons, she currently has an Old Longsword given to her by her father, and a five Daggers on her belt. Her Aim is decent enough to get the job done.
Although I am already semi in.. I decided to make one anyway :D


Loyal Servant of Altera
Name: Norval Livvion
Skills: Norval is a skilled hunter and scout since birth.
Background: Norval specializes in hunting and scouting missions, but when it comes to hunting he rarely misses his mark.
Weapon Choice: He uses a hand crafted bow, the bow has been handed down through his father's family for generations. And hopefully many more to come.​


Lord of Altera
Name: Oppeg Blondbeard
Skills: A great offensive fighter, can withstand a few blows more then others also. Not as bright as the rest.
Background: He is a dwarf, not those stupid dwarves that spend all day in the mines to give all the gold to their "kings", but a dwarf who would much rather earn his gold with war axe in hand.
Weapon Choice: A war axe and some throwing axes.