The Pyre of Arthorius I


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The mourning bells are ringing to herald the death of of the First Imperator, Arthorius I du Lavoyard. All are invited to attend the sombre remembrance of a loving father and political figure.

The pyre will be held within the Abbey of the Lyserium, within the grounds of le Havre.

Classification: Moderate
Where: le Havre Lyserium Abbey. Straight down the road from the docks.
Whom: All whom wish to pay their respects.
Priests: Emperor-Regent Barthelemy du Lavoyard, and Archbishop Elias Beaumont
When: Monday, January Nineteenth. 1/19/15

PST - 16:00 (4 PM)
CST - 18:00 (6 PM)
EST - 19:00 (7 PM)
Tomato's Australialand Time - 10:00 (10 AM)
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If you guys need any help Priest wise, give me a shout I just recently made a new character that is a well, lets call him a monk.


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I will try my bestest to be there tomorrow, even if Anastasia can make a short appearance. I got a pretty hectic schedule and tomorrow wasn't the bestest time, but hey, death is death and I'll try and make it.


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As top percentage heathen I will of course visit just for shit and giggles.
Also timezones are pain just give us a countdown clock


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I assume friends of Arthorius and foreign noblemen that had good relations with him can also present themselves, if anyone wants to!


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Means 1 am for me... I'll try to be there if I manage to stay up until then*sets alarm*

Edit: Nvm 12 00 has to be UTC+1 already oO Dracon confused ><