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---- The following is a long missive that has been nailed to the door of the Greynor and tacked to the rail cart doors. ----

During the evening hours of Sunderday, a necessary action was taken that is largely known by now. In the interest of transparency, the incident is reported in full, from the start, as follows.

The Formist Kopii Grey was attacked by a plagued replica in the guise of Gael Dugald months prior, leaving him with a blight sickness housed within one of his eyes. We can confirm now that the replica of Gael was able to implant a parasite of the Entity's creation. The situation was closely monitored over the coming weeks. The Parasite spoke with Kopii while he slept, and at times proved capable of controlling the Formist's body in his sleep. Leofaren Venna acted as overseer and warden for Kopii during the night for a long period of time. Kopii was kept in the citadel under Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek's supervision. During one overnight study involving Leofaren, Kopii, Charles Kane, and myself, Elizabeth, Kopii was witnessed to have woken up in the night and look at us. In this state, his lack of control and influence was noted by the absence of his soul. Creatures of the entity do not bear anima, nor do the replicas such as those of Gael, Olive, and James, and nor do those who have been overtaken by its control, such as Sophia Dugald when the sickness fully took her.

During this period of observation, the dreams and conversations with the creature continued. It appeared to Kopii as a hulking mass of meat, as was told to me. It showed curiosity in the people, and in the Arcane. Kopii Grey gave it full access to his knowledge of Formistry and taught it how his magic worked. What else it was able to extract, even without Kopii's awareness, is as of yet unknown. What it was taught with Kopii's direct aid is as of yet unconfirmed.

It was near this time that it was discovered that the eye was resistant to all forms of conventional cure. It did not present itself as a sickness, so it could not be purged by arcane, alchemical, or divine means. Discussions between Kopii, Leofaren, Ater, and myself occurred at several junctures to discuss the removal of the eye. The Formist Kopii agreed to such action being taken, however, there were other avenues that we pursued first to avoid the physical harm that necessitated. One theory, stated by the Cogimencer Nikolche, was that entering another realm severed any mental connections that Infected individuals exhibited. To avoid the invasive surgery, we first went to the Nether with Leofaren, Kopii, Charles, Jaden, and myself. To our disappointment, this did not kill the parasite itself and the mental connection continued. I offered to help with the surgery, and Kopii even directly approached Ater to seek its removal.

However, other threats to the Isle took the majority of attention. It is through our own negligence that it was allowed to progress. On Townsday, I was approached by Kopii in confidence. He divulged to me that the creature within him that he continued to call Tennebrae spoke with him still. It had grown in strength, from only speaking to him during his sleep cycles, to speaking with him throughout his waking hours as well. He admitted that he made a pact with the Parasite. The Parasite made claims that it had been separated from the Entity long enough that it was Its own being, completely autonomous. The parasite made claims that it wanted to see the Entity dead because It wanted to consume and Blight the world, while the parasite just wanted to live its life unharmed.

The accord struck was such that it would not overtake Kopii and would allow him to remain himself. It would not harm Kopii, or Kopii's friends mentally or physically. In exchange, Kopii was not to remove the eye. As well, Kopii agreed to answer any questions it asked and it would answer any question Kopii asked. And thus, Kopii agreed and no longer wished the eye to be removed. After the bargain was struck, the Entity used Kopii as a vessel (through his granted permission) to speak with another Formist, Leofaren. It offered to take Leofaren somewhere to show him more about what the Entity truly was, to which Leofaren agreed. Leofaren was taken west, by a Blight Creature. He was shown the vastness of the creature, and upon returning to Linlea, showed the glowing iris found in the others that had been stolen by the Entity. Leofaren now bears a compulsion and a feeling for something in the west, which is suspected to be another bastion of the Entity. Perhaps what lies west is a trap, or it is its true resting place. It should be noted that Leofaren willingly spoke with the Parasite and willingly left with a Blighted creature and that no notable harm came to him, aside from his alterations and glowing irises.

Regardless of willingness and apparent goodwill from the parasite, this deal and resulting actions were great cause for alarm. Kopii had already taught the parasite and the Entity it is attached to how Formistry worked. As well, the Entity is a known manipulator and liar. It created replicas to blend in and deceive mortals, to our harm and detriment. It used its Blighted creatures as spies. It attempted to lie and manipulate directly through its generals and through its creatures capable of speaking. It enjoys harming, and its vast malice has been noted a dozen times over. It is understood that Kopii believed he was in control of the situation. It is understood that he believed this Parasite would uphold its deal and show restraint. It is understood that Kopii believed that this Parasite had become separate from the Entity. It is understood that Kopii had no malicious intent, nor intended harm for anyone on the Isle.

However, after recent attacks and infiltration from the Entity, such trust cannot be placed in a creature whose origin is the Entity that has killed so many of us, infected hundreds, controlled so many of us, and mutated so many creatures into its abominations. Despite its claims to be separated from the Entity, it still managed to arrange control of a Blighted creature for the transport of Leofaren. A decision needed to be made, whether to trust that this Parasite that had only grown stronger, and that had been given sensitive information already, would not take control of Kopii at Its own whim and harm those on the Isle. It remains a possibility that no harm would have come to any of us, but the threat it posed was more than myself, my brother, Leofaren Venna, or Lady Ashna Kov'Gra'Sek were willing to take. Even Leofaren, who willingly left with it to try and learn more about our foe, agreed with me during a visit on Townsday that he was not comfortable with the Parasite remaining within his friend.

Lady Ashna gave her blessing on our mission to speak with Kopii to convince him to remove the eye. Kopii is beloved by many and a dear friend of mine, but all of us worried about the influence he was being placed under. Leofaren agreed to help with the removal of the eye, knowing that we would not kill Kopii and had no intention of doing so. However, the threat needed to be eradicated entirely given its increased control, and it was made clear to the parties involved that an ideal scenario involved Kopii's compliance and agreement to forgo his pact. However, the eye would be dealt with regardless.

Upon approaching Kopii, attempts at diplomacy did not work as he insisted that he was in control and could handle it. He refused to agree to removing it, with claims that It would harm us if we tried to remove it. At this point, his eye began to move of his own accord and the Parasite began to make itself known to us in the room. Kopii was actively speaking with it in his mind. Charles beckoned the sentries to Kopii's door, to which Kopii replied with locking them out to prevent them entering. This was viewed as hostility and blocking our chance of escape, and given the eye's active state, it was uncertain how much influence or control it was using over the Formist. Sir Podric burst through the door, at which point Kopii fled in order to protect the creature within him and himself. It is unfortunate that during this altercation, one of the sentries expressed a greater threat of harm than was intended, but he was halted by the Formist Gilligan that had been lying in wait underneath a trap door to aid in Kopii's escape. Jaden and Joseph of The Rangers gave chase immediately, followed by myself, Charles, and Leofaren. Ater was sent immediately to inform Ashna that Kopii had refused the extraction and was loose with an uncertain amount of self-control. Kopii attempted to lose his pursuers through way of his magic, but the Evicists were able to catch up and subdue him. Due to his decision to flee and attempts to fight us in favor of his Parasite, the decision was made to perform the surgery immediately under Leofaren Venna's hand before Kopii had the chance to come to consciousness again, or before the Parasite decided to control his body.

The eye was removed, which revealed a large blackish tumor that had attached itself to Kopii's nerve. The growth was immediately burned to prevent its further control or influence of any other parties. Kopii Grey was immediately taken to the hospital to begin recovery and recuperation. With the help of other Formists, the eye will be regrown and healed. Kopii Grey is an asset to the mortals of this land for his efforts in spearheading arcane research, organized healing, and widespread cures. Every effort was placed into preventing an altercation, such as attempts to sever the connection in the nether, to the agreed removal up until the point he made the pact. Even after the pact, discussion and diplomacy was pursued in his home to convince Kopii to change his mind. Escalation only occurred after the eye became active and Kopii prevented the sentry guards from coming into the room. In the end, the threat was neutralized after a brief chase, and the Formist was freed of the creature that been implanted within him.

It is my regret that the eye was not removed before the deal was struck, and before it had grew in strength. It is additionally unfortunate that Kopii would not agree to part with his uninvited guest, despite his previous willingness before it had grown stronger. But the removal of the Parasite that the replica Gael had implanted was a necessary course of action. From here, we must look to the future to eradicate any further presence of the Blight and the Entity's creatures. Our people have made great strides in clearing the land, and thanks to Leofaren and Kopii, we as well have ways to heal the soil and the water itself.

We must continue to work toward a future that is free from this invasive threat. A world that is our own and beyond the meddling of the malice brought by this Entity.

Countess Elizabeth Kane
Countess of Eastwatch​

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